Gold plated South Bondi and the girls getting into it


The rain has been on and off all morning, the winds are twenty knots of dead south, and the water is a cool 18. The head-high surf looked pretty junkie and uninviting – but empty. Very few people down the beach as the forecast was for rain. A great day to be productive! :: uge

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Bit big for the little fellas today. Bondi 6:15am


Gee, it’s getting bigger – a brand new south swell. Some chunky stuff in town and I saw waves around 4 foot+. Pity our temperamental banks cannot handle such energy – so it’s pretty straight, even in the corner. Super fresh morning, the phone said 12 degrees but wind chill was more like 9-10. The […]

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Me mate Kirk from Cronulla, blowing up in the right spot of light


Now we’re talking – finally, those glamour autumn days where everything is just right. The water is a comfortable 23, winds zero, sunshine is a 12 outa 10 and the waves were shoulder to head high on sets! Bingo! A huge crowd frothing over the early autumn delights – a bit too busy for my […]

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Big war ship off Bondi today


12.11.21 – PalindromeIn between rainstorms, I managed to rattle off a few frames.¬†They’re not pretty, and you probably won’t frame them, but at least you get a little window to the beach. The surf is relatively clean as SSW winds blow. Waves are around the waist to a small persons chest high. There are around […]

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Last nights Blood Moon - Arroooo

Blood Moon

I’ve realised you guys really like your Moons and Dolphins. Now I just need to somehow combine the two with a single shot of Dolphins jumping over a full Moon. That’ll break the internet. Working on it… It’s been a fantastic week of natural wonders around here. I’ve been shooting a lot, filling up the […]

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No idea why this image looks like this, but it's catching a lot of sun

Sun Worship

I muffed up this morning. I think I got too excited about clear skies and blanket sunshine. I swam out at South Bondi at sunrise with some new gear, got sucked out to New Zealand in the most aggressive rip I’ve seen in a long time, and spent most of my morning trying to get […]

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Water is still warm - get in! Bondi 7:40am


A pretty stock standard morning down at Bondi. I’ve seen plenty like this, subtle colours at sunrise, slight onshore, 2-foot waves and a busy beach full of exercise maniacs. After writing approximately 6,000 of these posts, sometimes I get a bit stumped. Today is one of those days! The next time you’ll find waves is […]

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Big crowds, big swells and big offshore winds

Viva La Bondi

The 24 hours that preluded this mornings windy southerly was epic. It was paradise; the waves were great – winds gentle, and the sun was in great abundance. Yesterday and part of this morning were mega beach days… At about 9 am this morning, a 20-knot southerly hit, ruining all the fun, but it’s not […]

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A new take on a very well trodden Bondi icon


Vi-sis-i-tood = regular change. Very unpredictable weather as we continue on our La Nina journey. It was gloriously sunny for one moment, raining on me the next. It’s had to plan ahead at the moment…washing in, out? 16 knots of smotherly is wreaking havoc on our beaches. Bondi has shoulder high mush rolling in. There’s […]

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Playing chicken with Zoey

Ladies Day

The girls were out in force this morning. Why wouldn’t you be – it’s an incredible day, with ultra-warm water and a magnificent sunrise to boot! Today is the first day of Autumn, and it’s gonna creep up the to early thirties – so if you’re working from home, like most of Australia, take a […]

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South Bondi, early rocks

Postcard Tones

What another one? Yeah, that’s right… the third morning this week with postcard tones at sunrise Bondi. That’s rare. Let’s put it this way, I’ve been doing this now for 22 years (ok, a week shy of 22 years)…and I’ve seen more sunrises than a crusty Mykonos DJ. To get three bangers in a week […]

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Bash! South Bondaka


It was one of those fine, Sydney, summery mornings. A doozy…a windless, warm, salubrious morning for a dunk in the ocean. I hope you got down there. It was worth it. Waves. Oh yeah, it’s breaking. Enormous crowd fighting over any scrap though. Waves are in the 2-foot, sometimes 3-foot range. The 9am high tide […]

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Striking North, last month's amazing sunrise


Pulchritudinous, yes, that’s actually a word. Its means, beautiful or good looking, a decent word to describe today. Another magnificent sunrise this morning – I’m having a good run. Typically Feb isn’t a great time of year to shoot sunrise, but this year is different in many ways: less haze, cooler, more southerlies, more rain…La […]

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