Morning date in the waves, Bondi 7am

Steep change

It’s gone from a glorious winter sunny morning to cold and overcast. The wind has arrived and is letting rip in Sydney, circa 25-30 knots. Forecasts reveal a steep increase in swell, from 1ft to 8ft overnight. That is quite exciting. Everyone loves a big tanking swell. I saw heaps of whales splashing around just […]

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Boom! Nice colours for a short moment this morning

Red Light

After a very dark, cloudy morning, at around 7 a.m., we were blasted with red light rays – it was spectacular and unexpected. Light is everything, freshening up my regular subject – Bondi. Coincentently, the waves were cooking this morning. Multiple peaks hosted 3-4 footers at sunrise. Everyone was on for hump day, scores of […]

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It's huge today, huge! North Bondi


It’s huge. I saw three surfers paddle out at North Bondi, weaving in between sets, to try to score a wave at South Bondi without success. There’s just so much going on out there, water moving everywhere you’d need a ski to fling you, I reckon. Wait for it to calm down. How big? Well, […]

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Byrnn, about to get crunched


It’s smaller, sunny, and crunchie. A shallow South Bondi was on the “mini tube” setting for tiny humans. The froth levels were high, as 25-35 kilo tykes dominated. Been outside, nice, isn’t it? Sydney at its best. It could hit 24 degrees today before going bad with rain, rain, rain and a whopping swell on […]

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Put the foot down and pray


It’s pretty frustrating out there on the lower tides. Basically, you paddle into a set and pray it stays open for a bit before exploding on the shallow banks. It’s a board breaker and claimed Glynnie’s board before sunrise. It’s a shame, as it has all the ingredients of a cooking day: sun, swell, and […]

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Early morning thunder, Bondi


It’s the first cold morning of the year as the mercury drops below 12 degrees. The strong southwesterly bites deep, especially when exiting the ocean in ya togs. There is a lot of swell with waves breaking well overhead high. The lineup was relatively empty, with just the Dutch Olympic Surf Team out and a […]

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Zygi Mann mad about the laid back today

Onshore Flow

The onshore pattern continues today and will hang around for days to come. Earlier, the winds were light so that you could find the odd clean face; now it’s 11 knots onshore and probably a tad junkie. Waves broke around head high, few rip bowls littered up on the beach. Quiet morning at Bondi, the […]

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Hip hip hooray, the sun came out this morning. Bondi 7am

Suns Out

Wasn’t that a relief, a morning of glorious sunshine after all the constant downpours in Sydney? The forecast is calling for another week or more of rain, so I really hope you got out, as it’s now raining again. Surprisingly, the waves were good, head high and clean. The junior Dutch surf team was out […]

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Paddleboarders dominated the south end today, 7am

Hello Bondi

I’m back in the hood and enjoying the glorious sunshine. Lap it up my friends, as starting tomorrow, the weather will decline into showers, and from Friday onwards, it will be super wet! A pink hue surrounded Ben Buckler’s pre-rise as unsurfable 1-2 footers shut down—straight as a ruler. Several people tried to negotiate the […]

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Swell is big today, thundering out the back. Bondi 7am

Abrupt Chills

And just like that, the switch has been flicked; we’ve got chilly mornings with large southerly winter swells. Bring out the jumpers from storage. Bondi was relatively empty compared to a few weeks ago. Two surfers were out, but there were not many people on the sand. The waves are 6 feet solid, maybe bigger, […]

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Luke Adam, blasting

South Chump Change

As I write this, a south change is moving from stage right. It’s bringing wind and waves – lots of wind. Tonight expect SSW 30 knots plus. The wave energy will ramp, and tomorrow, you’ll see conditions similar to last Saturday’s 8-footers. It will be very messy with all that wind, but interesting nonetheless. Have […]

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Tuesday sunrise, warm water, pinks. Bondi 6:55am


The Easter break is over, and the Bondi sunrise colours resume. It’s a beautiful warm morning in Sydney as we head to a top of 29 degrees. There is a high chance of rain today, with tiny surf. It will be tiny all week until a big kahuna swell arrives over the weekend. Bells are […]

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Light building wrap, Bondi

Autumn Light

Autumn light is a photographer’s delight! There’s something special about this time of year when the sun tucks around the back of Ben Buckler, the morning humid haze has gone, leaving crispy, clean, warm sun rays to illuminate my favourite subject—Bondi! There are waves, head high on sets, gentle NW winds and a clear sky […]

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