No reef required, just an abrupt shorey at Bondi this a.m.


It’s 8:30 am and this could be the earliest Aquabumps daily email ever sent. I’ve already swam for 1.5 hours and shot plenty for you. Bondi has some today. The swell is still alive and kicking, Bondi was breaking far out the back but I was more focused on the violet, abrupt shorey opportunities. It was […]

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Brighton Boulevard Retro


Yep, right on schedule…that smotherly hit yesterday arvo cooling things back down after peaking at 38 degrees. Hot wasn’t it? All stormy and grey down the beach this morning. Onshore with 0.5 footers. Today is not surfable but definitely swimmable – the North End had a little protection from the onshore wind. The next good […]

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Marooned on a remote island called Ben Buckler


Hello. Hola. Bom Dia. Ciao. I hope you’re loving this exquisite weather. Delightful ain’t it? Bondi stepped up a gear this morning…it was crazy packed at sunrise. We have visitors from all over the globe ducking down the beach to get a glimpse of our famous sunrises. Ok, some were still out from the night […]

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S.U.P. domination in 1 footers


One of the best things about my ‘job’ is that I meet around 4-5 new people every day down the beach. As you all know, Bondi is one helluva popular beach and there is a constant flow of people, all year-around. We get all types from all walks of life. Yesterday I was talking to 1-year-old […]

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The famous Tamarama overhang


You probably already know this, but Tamarama, just over the hill from Bondi used to be an amusement park based on Coney Island (1906 it opened). A rollercoaster ran from one side of the bay to the other. Mad huh. Interest in the park waned and swimmers protested so it closed in 19011. Ok ‘Nuf […]

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Mr. Weetman inside wave of the day

Morning Salt

Quite a warm morning down the beach. We’re looking at 25 degrees today, that’s solid. The water is still very cool (17), so you’ll need rubber. Waves – micro dribblers. Mals or over enthusiastic man grommets only. We’ve put out 3 books. THE BONDI BOOK (just on Bondi) is $50 and available online so you don’t […]

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Retro at it's best on Hall Street


It’s pretty grubby out there. That nemesis onshore is ruffling our little 2-3 footers. Cloudy morning with very few people around – hope the sleep in was good! Not much to write about or shoot today… Weather is warming up towards the end of the week – beach time! :: uge

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Chocolate swirls Clouds


I was getting all excited about today, put time aside to paddle out and sample some for myself… on paper, it looked good, offshore and building south swell (8 foot tonight). Benny from Coastalwatch was even classifying today in the ‘EPIC’ range. So there I was, waxing my 7’2″ Rhino (thinking I would be doing […]

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Wowser, yesterday at Bondi was rammed


Well, that was a biggie. Yesterday was the perfect storm down at Bondi – Sculptures, 31 degrees and a Sunday. Huge crowd madness. Watch my little video if you don’t believe me. Today Bondi is pieced back together and all back to normal. Waves – 1 footers, not even. Winds are NNW (good for Bondi) but […]

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