Da 'bergs on da low tide


An almighty thick cloud blocked our light for most of the morning. There was lots of waiting around, waiting for it to come good. Around 8am it did just that. Golden light burst across the Bondi bay from North. Nice! Waves – yes, we’ve got head high closeouts. Some of Australia’s finest closeouts can be […]

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Ex-Bondi, Brett Anderson kicking into the morning sun. Maroubra 7am

Golden Treats

What a fantastic day to be in Sydney. Superb weather, offshore winds and 3-4 foot waves. Swell is now coming from the SE, lighting up most beaches. I bet your local had something… If you can’t get down the beach today, don’t stress. The forecast looks quite healthy for the next week. More 3 foot/offshore […]

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Bronte pool, morning rinse


It is a hot day huh? 36 degrees is the forecast and you could cook eggs on the tin roof of our Bondi gallery. The winds are ENE and the swell is nonexistent. It’s super tiny. Don’t matter, go for a swim. It’s cold though after all that NE wind. I know you’re busy, so I will […]

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Kinda a standard Bondi morning that went a lil’ like this: 6:30am, good sunrise, low hanging clouds being lit up. 2-3 footers on a fatish high tide, nice OK waves. Bit wonky and lacking decent banks. But hey…surfable. Icebergs and beach relatively quiet. Cooler times promotes a good sleep in. Water is warm, still. Aren’t […]

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Toot Toot

Aaahhhh yes….these are the mornings. The mornings where it’s beautifully warm both in and out of the water. There’s a little pulse of swell and a right hander worthy of a surf. It’s just a fantastic time of year, agree? You should really pop down for a swim. :: uge

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Power groms

A pack of groms owned Maroubra this morning. About 8 of them. All sub 30 kgs each. They can paddle into a ripple, pop an air, high five a mate then kick off. Heckling is constantly broadcasted from the channel – it’s awesome. I can’t wait for my little men to get out there. OK ‘nuf […]

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Take at look the photo above…that kinda sums up the beach today. Mush burgers. The wind is howling and we have isolated showers. You’re not really missing anything down here on the beach. Feels like winter. Do some work. Have a cup of tea. :: uge

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That pre-sunrise offshore wind has a bite to it – duzzzinit? Another cold morning dropping to 6 degrees. The air is super clean and super crisp. Colours seem to pop in this winter air. I like that. We have a long period dead south swell in town. South facing beaches would be attracting 3-4 footers…inconsistently. […]

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I wasn’t sure if it would be pouring with rain or deeply overcast this morning. Surprisingly…it was neither. Golden hues welcomed the day after a steamy night…felt just like Singapore. By 8am the cloud cover won the battle and is here to stay. Waves – nothing of significance to discuss. I saw weak waist high […]

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