Unleash, Byron Bay


The ocean looked hectic and confused this morning. It was meant to be mental big, like 8-10 footers, but apparently, the low changed direction and resulted in multiple swells, all at once, from a few directions and only 4-5 foot. Hectic. I was in my car with wet weather gear, ready to go north, no […]

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Kyuss King (I think). Shacked at Lennox


There’s a heap of chunk to the bump today. It’s wild. Up here in Byron there’s only a select few breaks that can handle such large swells (that also have protection from the howling winds). Since last night my phone has been lighting up with msgs from frothing man grommets, wondering where to surf in […]

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The Pass, Byron Bay - an icon

Cape Calm

Like most of Sydney, I’ve driven north to Byron. It’s busy here. It’s a combo of COVID hangovers, school holidays and some pretty tasty mild winter’s weather. The swell is small; The Pass trickles in at around 0.5 to 1ft – head high for my son Spike. Conditions are gonna change – as an intense […]

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Dec 19, 2019 Those smokey mornings sure looked pretty (sometimes)

Loo Paper

The beach was deserted today. It was kinda weird as I saw waves in the waist to chest high range that were surfable/contestable. Not a soul from The Tower to Icebergs…hmmm. Did the rain scare everyone off? ‘Cause it’s been steadily coming down all morning OR are you all queuing up for dunny paper at […]

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Fanging down the line, finless


The Arakwal called this meeting place ‘Cavvanbah‘, which was the name of the settlement until 1894 when it became Byron Bay. Captain Cook originally named Cape Byron after Admiral Byron, not after his nephew the poet Lord Byron. Byron Bay enjoys a subtropical climate with hot, wet summers and mild, dry winters. It’s mild, temperate climate makes it a perfect joint to hang out for most of the year. […]

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The Cape Byron Lighthouse

Byron Charms

Just mention the word ‘Byron’ and you’ll get a reaction from people. Words like ‘busy’, ‘lost it’ ‘exquisite’ and ‘paradise’ come up a lot. Some people adore the place, some people loathe it for its hustle. I’m here in peak season, yeah there are people around (lots from Bondi), it’s got young energy, but the […]

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The Pass, Byron Bay. Since the 60s this has been a longboarders heaven.

Da Pass

It’s been nearly four weeks since I’ve picked up a camera. Let’s call it a digital detox + long service leave combined. I’ve been posting up this daily Aquabumps thing for nearly 21 years now, so a little ‘tools down’ really freshens things up.  I’m going to surface here, beautiful Byron Bay in peak summer. Yes, we’re back on! […]

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Log-heaven, The Pass, Byron Bay

A Day in the Bay

Cheer up. Slow down. Chill out. Yes, I’m in the herbal regions of Byron Bay today. The most ironic thing about Byron is that it’s manic – it’s busier than Bondi! The most easterly point of Australia juts out into the Pacific – with an enormous bay on one side (Byron Bay). This unique setup […]

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