Luke Adam, rail slide


A lotta happy campers are rolling around Bondi at the moment. Grins ear to ear. Why? Yesterday arvo the wind blew offshore, and there were waves to be had… I couldn’t believe how quickly the ocean when from a manky mess to groomed lines, 4-5 footers. Yeeeha! Today, it’s dropped gears and the early morning […]

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I reckon you’ve got about one month left of our current salubrious conditions before it shifts. April 7 daylight savings will end, the water will cool down…the humid mornings will have a chilly bite and you’ll have to dust off the wettie. Enjoy the now. It’s so good. Even without waves, a morning swim will […]

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I reckon you could fit a couple more. Good to see everyone going right on a left!

Happy Mondays

Mondays are different from all the other days in the week. Everyone is serious about work so the beaches are relatively quiet. It was a chilly start to the week (only 9 degrees at sunrise). The water will be a bone-rattling 16. There is some fun (small) waves about as the weekend’s swell is on the decline. […]

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The Bondi Skatepark with a new coat of paint! Fancy.

The Junkyard

There’s a little 2 foot, ok, maybe the odd 3-foot wave down at Bondi. The Sou-easterly winds are in early and corrupting wave quality. Onshore junk would be a good description. It’s surfable…and the sun has just come out properly. The waves are going to be small all week. The good thing is it’s gonna […]

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Ejector, Bondi


Heaps of swell around from the SSE. Bondi came alive this morning with a constant supply. If only the banks were better… Combo this with North winds and you’ve got a fun day ahead (especially Mondays when everyone is chained to the cubicles). Here is your brief of what you need to know: Tiny surf […]

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Yesterdays bay closeouts have gone, and it's a manageable 4 foot.

8 -> 4

It may not be 8 foot out there, like yesterday, but there is still waves to be surfed. I reckon it’s only 3-4 foot now, from the south. The NW winds are cleaning up everything – this morning is ideal for a session. Paddle out if you can. The next 7 days look small. Today […]

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Bondi beach, 7am today, 1st light and 1st wave I saw

The Big Boys

There is a new long period south swell rocking Sydney as I write this. Oh boy, it’s big! On paper, it was hard to determine what actually would happen this morning. 2-metre swell, 15 second period. It’s the period that was the X factor. I knew it would be good, but I didn’t realise it would […]

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Wild horses at Bondi Beach Australia!


The swell has finally kicked and the winds are a gentle SW offshore. Bingo! It’s starting to get a bit big for our fickle Bondi sand banks, but there’s a few worth riding earlier today. Out the back is quite fat, shoreys looked super hollow and fun. Waves in the 4-5 foot range (10am). It […]

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Tyson Millar, our gallery manager testing the waters


Ah heck. At sunrise, Bondi was looking mighty fine in the wave department. I am talking proper…proper. When I saw the winds kicking offshore overnight (SW), and all that new (SE) swell, I knew it was going to be on for the early. I have no idea why I booked a 7:30 am meeting! Nuts! […]

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It’s rare, but it does happen….Bondi has tiny tubes today. OK, they’re more like the occasion open close out, but it looked fun this morning. The grooming offshores were making it a little more organised than yesterday. It is still very cold. Smaller tomorrow but surfable for the next 7 days around here. :: uge

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Quite unpredictable down the beach this morning. The show started with rain, rain and more rain. I sat in my car…fiddled with my phone…maybe even dosed off in the car park (a lot quieter than my home without little people screaming in my ear at 5am). It was so dark even my high ISO cameras […]

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The mercury dropped out this morning to a chilly 8 degrees. Fresh! The chill kept most people tucked up in bed as the beach was quite empty, early. I saw some fun waves at Bondi, at best, head high. Right now (12:40pm) I look out the window and see cloudless blue skies boasting 14 degrees. […]

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Cosi Cosi

Things were looking up at the beach this morning. The surf conditions have improved. I saw waves around chest to head high. It was good on the lower tide – not so great on the incoming high tide (now). Some interesting light beams lately…some call them “The Fingers of God”. Always something new down the […]

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