Rottnest Island, Basin, WA

Blotto @ Rotto

My fascination for the ocean begun in Perth, it’s where I was born. Rottnest Island is an island just offshore from Perth. It’s actually the main reason why Perth city doesn’t have great waves as it acts as a swell barrier for the city. This is why you need to drive down south (Margs) or […]

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City Beach (Perth) never looked so good


A quick stop in Perth Western Australia proved quite fruitful. An NE swell is in the Sandgroper City and there is plenty of peaks worthy of a surf. City Beach, of all places, had pretty incredible little hollow rights off the groyne… My fascination for the ocean began around here in Perth. As kids, we […]

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I’ve arrived at the pearl farming town of Broome today. Some 2,200 kilometers north of Perth and completely the opposite side of Australia to Sydney. It’s summer here…yep…thawing out in the 32-degree heat whilst checking out the main beach, Cable Beach. Cable Beach was named in honour of the Java-to-Australia undersea telegraph cable, which connects […]

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Trigg Beach

Today’s Aquabumps comes from the other side of this big island, Trigg Point, Perth – Western Australia. Trigg beach is famous for being one of the most busiest surf breaks in the world. The beach is massively long, and flat, and the banks are usually dead straight to match – but the little corner pocket […]

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