They say it's coming, really? Not showing much


Good morning crew. The beach is all quiet, no waves, clouds or people this morning at sunrise. They say swell is coming, but the forecasts lately have been very inaccurate. I wanna see it before I call it. Yesterday they couldn’t run Boardriders due to lack of waves. This video is funny, commenting on the […]

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Dude what globes you using? They're bright. Tamarama


Quite confusing what to wear in the mornings, the weather has been all over the shop. This morning at sunrise was teeshirts only. Small confused north wind swell is in town, the odd 2 footer. Nothing special. The biggest news of the day is that it’s gonna heat up to 25 degrees – beach weather […]

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Rush hour, Bondi sunrise

Circular Swim

A really fun morning of waves, but enormous crowds trying to get a piece of the action. Crazy. 5 x unpredictable missiles per wave – very scary! I’m glad I made it out of there alive. Some really close shaves. I spent 90% of my morning swimming against that South Bondi rip, making it hard to […]

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You'll be waiting a while fella.

Clear Skies

Clear skies – happy dayz. What a terrific run on exquisite weather. Waves – tiny peelers, knee high ones. Logs only. Winds – calmed down overnight. For all you soft sand addicts – this years Blooms Bondi Barefoot soft sand race is happening right here in the hood at Bondi Beach on the 24th September. […]

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We were given a little treat this morning...Bondi

Sky Show

First up, let’s wrap the week with a tiny 1-minute video called ‘PLUME’, all shot this week, around here. C’mon, you’re not that busy that you can’t watch 60 seconds of waves…taking your mind elsewhere. Ok now, let’s talk about this morning…it was such a weird one. It looked way too cloudy to have anything […]

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Energy less, flat, micro


Well, it’s not exactly J-Bay. About the only thing we have in common with J-Bay today is shark sightings. Bondi is pretty tiny, micro, minuscule. Clean though. J-Bay on the other hand was pumping yesterday. How good was it? How about the day ending with yet another shark in the lineup? (Julian Wilson may be […]

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Not sure why this big ship came in so close today

Winter Light

In Winter the light is so much cleaner, crisper. In Summer we seem to get this hazy light, like a blurry filter over everything. Nah, not now. Not in July. I see crispy clean warm colours, everywhere I look. Anything looks good in this light. Anything. The Corona J-Bay Open is firing. Here is my […]

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Bronte Pool, as quiet as ever this morning

Lucky 8

The number 8 is considered very lucky to the Chinese. Pronounce ‘Ba’…similar to ‘Fa’ which means making a fortune! This morning was 8 degrees down the beach. A very r-ucky morning indeed! A wealth of sunshine, windless beaches and warm water. All we need is swell. Great conditions for my six-year-old son. Come on Huey! Throw us […]

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Morning swims @ Bondi Beach


1st up…It’s Friday so I’ve made a 1 min film clip of the week. (mostly shot this morning). Yeah, it’s cold outside. It’s surprisingly warm still in the water. The only hard part is getting into a damp wettie in the dark and sprinting across the icy sand. The rest is a breeze. Our London […]

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Da 'bergs on da low tide


An almighty thick cloud blocked our light for most of the morning. There was lots of waiting around, waiting for it to come good. Around 8am it did just that. Golden light burst across the Bondi bay from North. Nice! Waves – yes, we’ve got head high closeouts. Some of Australia’s finest closeouts can be […]

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All yours


We’re moving into that winter phase where the beaches are empty in the mornings. It’s like a ghost town. Especially after a sunrise rain squall, everyone just goes directly to work and skips their morning beach visit. The surf is quite lame. A flimsy 1-2 foot suitable for the beginners. Tomorrow afternoon there is a […]

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Wanna surf Bondi on your own amongst 3 footers, read no further and best paddle out now. It’s not incredible as the early morning high tide put plenty of wonk in the faces. But it is all yours. Couple of things to note about this week: – In general, there will be waves breaking all […]

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Ice Ice Bondi

Yep, you can now ice skate right on the sand of Bondi beach. The rink is up and running for the next 2 weeks as a part of the Bondi Winter Festival. A nice little morning with fun 2-3 footers in the corner. The wind has gone offshore and a corner rip was puttin’ some […]

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