Oh boy, what a difference 24 hours makes


Sydney weather is like a wild ride on a rollercoaster. Belting hot moments flanked by smothering southerly cool changes. Repeat. Hot/Cold. Calm/Windy. Repeat.

Last night was stinking hot – it felt like Singapore. One helluva thunderstorm at dinner time. This morning, howling southerly onshores, 1-2 foot NE swells, empty beaches.

You’ve heard me spruiking our gallery wares for your potential Christmas gifts. Yes, it’s our busy time. This year is different, we’re super organised!  We’ve got a huge range of in-stock, ready to ship, have it now-now-now artworks and gifts. Just click here and you will see what you can get in time for Xmas, pronto!

:: uge


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