Lone Fisherman at the heads of Forster-Tuncurry

The Great Lakes

I spend a lot of time overseas but have found some of the best beaches are right here in New South Wales. We’re lucky to have countless bays and clear blue water (sans humans). Today’s images are shot from a short hike to the Great Lakes of NSW – up on the Mid-North Coast, only 3 hours drive.

The weather has been spectacular this week, offshore winds grooming the ocean for days and days. Haven’t seen a cloud for weeks. Yes, it’s cold at night but can’t complain about a 20 degree high during the day.

Plan to ban all surfers from North Bondi

I live in Bondi and have two small (frothing) boys. We ride skateboards or bikes to the north corner of Bondi, surfboards under our arms. We do this every spare moment we have. It’s our thing.

The north corner is perfect for little ones learning to surf on foamies. Jet is only 7, so he’s scared of the south corner where the waves are much bigger and level of surfing more advanced.

The local council are discussing the ban of surfing anything with a fin north of the lifeguard tower.  This ban would compress all the surf traffic into the south and put beginners on waves that do not suit them. Crazy! It’s like trying to teach your kids to snow ski on black diamond runs. Imagine Nippers, Surf School, kids, beginners amongst the regular large surf crowds,  all on one part of the beach. I feel it would be more dangerous than what we have now.

Read more about it here or better still, have your say and complete the official council survey.

Banning skateboards and bikes on the beach areas as well…wow! What next? My weekends are going to be very different if these new rules apply…

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