Red toke, Santa Monica, California


It hasn’t stopped raining since I woke. Sydney is getting a thorough rinsing today – thankfully. It’s been 72 days since we’ve had more than 2mm of rain. Our last day decent wet was June 10! Bring it on – my garden is loving it. We should receive between 15mm and 25mm today.
The winds are still right now as I write, but around 11 am she’s gonna hoooooowwl 30 knots from the dead south. Bunker in, binge out on Netflix or maybe do some work. Sunday the winds will go offshore again.
Rather than show you 10 images shot from my car or under an umbrella of 1-2 foot Bondi, here are 10 photos from the travel archives that haven’t graced your inbox. I hope you enjoy them. Travel for me always keeps me inspired after nearly 20 years of shooting daily.
OK, later. Have a great weekend :: uge

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