Bronte SLSC board paddlers lighting up at sunrise


My morning unfolded a lil’ like this:

6:00 am – Surf check at Bondi – nada, zip, flat-a-rama, pancakes.

6:30 am – Decide to wander over to Bronte, just for a change in scenery. Shoot. Nice light as the sun rose late behind some cloud. Bronte Pool back open and very empty (1 swimmer)

7:00 am – Head back over the hill, what? Bondi has a wave. Waist to infrequent chest high peelers. Wow. Shoot. Get FOMO as only 2-3 guys out. Chat to about a dozen morning regulars.

7:30 am – Go home, take kids to skate bowl (we live there now). Check surf – all gone, nada, zippo.

:: uge

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