Watch our latest short film all shot on my phone


Firstly, it’s Friday, so yes, I have a little film from Avalon for you all shot on my Google Pixel 2 phone. Watch

Secondly, Bondi has waves. Yes, surfable conditions are upon us! (1 to 2 foot) A vast, frothing, wave deprived crowd are all over it as well. Even with those super cold devil west winds, the crew got up early and piled onto the left bank. Oh boy, it was anarchy, no rules, no waves unridden, minimum of 4 surfers per wave. Every man for himself! I had to have ‘time out’ and sat on the inside of the right, where it was more peaceful.

An enormous, mongrel, massive swell will hit Sydney Sunday night to break this swell drought. I’m talking 10 foot. The new swell will be flanked with 30 gruelling knots of SW winds – oh boy, it will be cold.

Have a fantastic weekend. We’ve taken down the Underwater Ballet shots and have installed a new Winter Edit 2018 in the Aquabumps Gallery Bondi. Fresh pics, shot over the past coupla months. Pop in.

:: uge