At precisely 2:34 I took this photo, with sunshine at Bondi


I’m not gunna talk about the weather. That’s all everyone has been discussing this month. I know, I know, it’s weird. Waves – yes, we have some. It’s a junkie 3 foot, but surfable. Some decent rip bowls at Bondi. The southerly arrived with the swell – making it a little bumpy. Yesterday morphed into […]

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Sensational morning down the beach, go for a muggy swim


We’ve got a gap in the storms, it’s all nice and still (and not raining). Savor this moment. 19 days of rain out of a possible 22 for March. It bucketed yesterday after we last spoke, again. I believe it to be cloudy but dry this afternoon. But who really knows? The waves are tiny, […]

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Ignition, Bondi Beach this morning

Outta the Darkness

Today we’re getting a little arty – get your french berets on. On 1 foot days with dark overcast skies, that’s just what you do…slow shutters, grain, grit and logs. It’s not pumpin’ but it sure is humid and muggy. Not really how I remember autumns. Good old Henry Crouch, he’s been reading Aquabumps for decades. I […]

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About the only sunshine I saw all morning

17 out of 20

It’s rained 17 days out of 20 this March in Sydney. This could be the wettest Sydney March on record. I hope your garden is thriving. Mine is. It’s actually just started raining again, as I type these fine words. Some activity ideas for a rainy day: Watch the Quicky Pro at Snapper – tick, […]

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Bondi Beach rentals


Today I am gonna take you around the world…via a heli. It’s pouring with rain in Sydney and I’m nestled into my cubicle digging through archives. I reckon if I stopped shooting today, I would have ‘nuf images to still show you something, every day, for the rest of my life. Don’t worry, I am a […]

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Perth Standlick, South Bondi, 7:45am, finding rampage


Volatile weather at the moment in Sydney. You just can’t predict what’s next. Last night we had some very heavy downpours. At sunrise it was pitch black and drizzly. Then, around 7:30am it busted out into sunshine?? Waves – yes, it’s bigger today with a few little sections. Windy – yes, that too. Looks like […]

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Bondi Beach, Skies lit up like a Christmas Tree

2 in a row…

What, not two in a row? Yes, the sky lit up again this morning, like a Christmas tree. I gave up on it, thinking it was just going to be a sky of grey – when clouds parted and light erupted. I am quite liking the late sunrises – you don’t have to get up […]

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Andrew with a back drop of pinks


It’s always interesting hearing feedback on my photography. Sometimes you’ve got to be thick skinned, especially when someone walks into one of our galleries and goes “Aw, it’s all photoshopped, the skies can’t possibly be that pink…” pointing at a Bondi sunrise shot on the wall. Well today, I dedicate this post to the non-believers. Today […]

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Cronulla 9am Jack Irvine, setting a line and made it


I like Cronulla. It’s a good Aussie beach suburb. I spent a bit of time down in ‘The Shire’ this morning. The people are just so damn nice, every says G’day. Cronulla, a surfing reserve, also hosts some of the best barrelling, slabbing reefs in the country. They’ve got a setup for every condition which is […]

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