Family swim, Clovelly

Sans Sand

A beach without sand (sans sand) is Clovelly Beach! Clovelly is a narrow bay situated North of Coogee. It was actually called Little Coogee until 1913.  During The Great Depression, Randwick Council filled it up with concrete to make it more accessible for swimmers – and – provide work for the unemployed in dire economic times. If you don’t like sand or waves – this beach is for you.

Swell is on the up. At sunrise, you’d struggle to find a wave. Bondi had neat 1 footers around 8am but tonight you’ll find head high sets at East exposed beaches. This weekend is gonna pump with large surf forecasted for Sunday.

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Bronte, hued and relatively quiet this morning

The Cutting

Mostly a grey morning with a hint of colour. Not really any surfable waves, a small crumble at Tamarama, a log 1 footer at Bondi. You’d be OK if you hit the snooze button and slept in. The good news is there’s swell coming tomorrow which will build over the next few days. It’s all […]
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Bondi Beach, earlier today, firing up


The forecast was for rain this morning. I wasn’t expecting much of a sunrise…and thought it could mean a lazy sleep-in (rare for me). 5:15 am I could see through the blinds that the weatherman had it wrong and the skies could fire up into a blaze of colour. It’ was pretty good! See my Instagram time-lapse, […]
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Summer silly season is here! Bondi kicking it up gear on the weekend


You can feel the change coming. The southerlies were in early and rain is due tonight. After a week of sunny beach weather, this week is looking quite grey. Tamarama was full of fish at sunrise, and all the surfers were called out of the water by the Drone Shark App Spotters. Four sharks were feeding […]
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My little fella Jet (7) stoked on his new view.


There is something very rewarding when your children start to show interest in your passions – like surfing + photography. My little fella came out this morning for a few tandem slides with old mate Joel Pilgrim from Waves of Wellness. He’s 7 and can surf on his own these days out the back, but I […]
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Berg's sunrise, before opening and filling

Circadian Rhythm

They say getting up early and exposing yourself to first light, the warmest light of the day is good for your circadian rhythm. It kicks your body clock into gear and helps regulate your sleeping patterns. I’m actually writing about a topic I have no real knowledge of so let’s just leave it at that! I […]
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The good old Bergs


It’s onshore and surfable. It’s grey and warm. Nothing special, just a stock standard Bondi morning with junkie 3 footers. Apparently, it’s gonna disappear fast, so the morning sess is best. Born out of one man’s passion for the ocean and handmade in his garage – the perfect gift for every ocean lover. Spend more […]
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Outback, Bondi Beach

Morning Salt

Good morning. It really was a good morning down the beach, earlier, but cloudy now. A small shorey had some pockets on it – I’d surf it – but there was a big crowd up early. Yesterdays shortlived 3-4 footers have faded, as we wait for the next swell  – due tonight. (yes, bonus!) My mate […]
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Bondi - very busy yesterday


Oh boy, that was a big weekend around Bondi. Whenever the hot westerlies blow off the desert it feels like the whole of Sydney hits the coast. 35 degrees yesterday – and then POW! – the flanking violent southerly hit town with a bang. Fortunately, it’s gone back offshore and it kicked up some 3-4 […]
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North Bondi gold plated

Golden Fridays

G’day. What a day! The surf and weather have aligned to give you a great excuse to get down the beach. I kinda blew it though, I didn’t realise the swell was so East and Bondi isn’t cranking, like other exposed east facing beaches. Bra, Manly, Whale, Narra, gosh…the list goes on, should all be proper […]
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Home. Looking at this, a lotta people live here!


It looks like we’ll hit the quota of 120 millimetres of rain today! Oh man, it’s bucketing down. Think of the good side – the Bondi Parking Cops won’t be patrolling, the garden is loving it and I’ve put my car out on the street for a free wash. The downside – I just can’t […]
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3 lucky girls enjoying the sunrise burner

Fiery Start

A storm is coming! Enjoy today as it’s going to be mostly dry (but cloudy) –  at midnight tonight it will pour, and pour, and continue for two days. We could get up to 120 millimetres! Bring in the washing, fertilise the garden, clean out the gutters…Sydney is going to get a good rinse. Today we […]
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Pool light play, Bergs


Plenty of swell, just too much onshore wind. Bondi was a blown out mess after an early southerly arrival. You need to seek some cover – something like Manly. We’ve had a good run of swell – the weekend was pumping and today it’s a new swell (4-6 foot). Wait until it calms down a […]
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