Ang Thong National Marine Park, Thailand

Full Moon

After a whirlwind of planes and airports this month’s we’ve landed in Koh Samui, the third biggest island of Thailand. We’re officially avoiding a Sydney winter and chasing the summer around the globe.

Even though our trip coincides with the famous full moon parties on neighbouring island Koh Pha-ngan, that’s not why we are here!

Like Ibiza, these islands have two sides – a very loose party side and a tranquil wellness side.

A short boat ride will take you out to the incredible Angthong National Marine Park. It’s 42 rocky islands clustered in the sea, and they’re quite spectacular.

The Thai people are incredibly hospitable and their cuisine sensational.

There’s no surf here, but I hear Sydney has excellent winter conditions today and 3-4 ft.

Our Koh Samui trip was well organised by The Luxe Nomad (they have villas all over the globe). We’re staying in an enormous beachfront villa that could hold 3 families.

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Check out some of Mallorca's top beaches

Friday Entertainment

It’s Friday and an early morning appointment didn’t allow me to shoot at sunrise – so I snapped a few during the middle of the day. Icebergs was sparkling clean and producing some serious blues. The surf is flat anyway… And so…let’s watch a 2-minute movie from my recent trip to Mallorca hey? Some incredible […]

Winter Quiet

It was a tranquil morning down the beach — not many people on the sand, promenade or in the surf. It looks like the cooler temps overnight kept everyone in bed. The skies filled with colour as a thin high cloud did its thing. The swell has dropped out. I saw waist to chest high […]
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Winter warmth coming over Ben Buckler. Bondi.

Clean Closeouts

It was a shame the tide was so low for my photos this morning (0.5m at 8:40 am). The conditions were clean, crisp, offshore and head high. It will improve a lot when the tide kicks back in…I hope. It is offshore all day long, so plenty of time. Have a coffee, and enjoy the […]
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Chris Friend, give him a little face, he'll rip it


It is much smaller today but much prettier. The sun was out, thankfully, as it’s a bit frosty sitting on the beach without solar power. I saw some fun Bondi runners at 1-2 foot range. The banks are sweet so you can flick out the odd turn. It’s far from pumping but definitely surfable. The […]
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Slotted! Blake Thornton


After being in The Med for a couple of weeks, it’s so nice to see the ocean doing its thing! Waves. Hollow waves. Fun head high waves. The past few days have been very fruitful for surfers. The weather is overcast, rainy, grey, but you can find waves in Sydney today that will curl over […]
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Icebergs, Squad.


Whilst I was sweating it out on Ibiza’s beaches this week everyone was banging on about how epic the surf conditions are back in Australia and that I should rush back. I’m back! Shoulda been here yesterday I am guessing – because the beach this morning was less than inspirational for photography and surfing. Onshore, […]
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Palmanova Beach, Mallorca

Tours de playa

So our little Spanish Balearic Islands junket has come to an end. In 8 days we’ve seen so much, so many beaches. I am by no means an expert on Spain, but I have a lot of emails requesting info and thoughts of a Mallorca or Ibiza holiday. Mallorca Awesome island, a lot bigger than I […]
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The enticing waters of Formentera, Spain


Yesterday I met Formentera. All I can say, I will be back. Formentera is a small island hanging off the south of Ibiza. A little speed boat will cross over the 6km ditch…and then you’ll see some of Europe’s best beaches. For me, the water clarity, and unique electric blue colour was mind-blowing. It’s similar to […]
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Es Vedrà, Ibiza. UFO base? 3rd most magnetic area on the globe?


When I was a teenager, I was a raver. House music was doofing out of my car, and I worshipped Paul Oakenfeld. Back then, Ibiza was the mecca of clubbing and trans-house. I dreamt of partying here. Then the TV show ‘Ibiza uncovered’ came out – portraying the island as a Kutaesque filthy hole with […]
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Swimmers paradise, Calos De Moro, Mallorca, Spain

Paradise Found

Along my 20 year odyssey to discover the perfect beaches of the world, I’ve visited hundreds, if not thousands of pristine locations. For weeks I’d been Google-Earth-stalking one beach in Spain, that just looked too perfect on social media. I even chartered a helicopter to take me there as soon as I arrived, but the […]
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Cala Pi, hidden from the winds


Ah yes, the Balearic Islands off Spain…summer paradise. The watercolours of some bays in Mallorca are off the hook. They don’t appear real. I read an article that the seabed of the island is rich in Cynical Posidonia, an alga that oxygenates the water, making it much more transparent. Whatever is going on here, it works! […]
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Cala Deia, Mallorca, Spain - the swim spot

Deia Dayz

We drove to the west side of Mallorca, crossed the mountains rolled down to the bay of Deia. Wow. It’s out of the wind over there and the coves (Cala) are pure glass and swimmable. The watercolours are off the hook on this island. Mallorca is bigger than you think – 100 kilometres x 100 […]
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