Ross Jones Memorial Pool


Sydney is flat, so I decided to visit the (typically) flat water beach of Coogee.

Coogee is an Aboriginal word, but Google is telling me it has a few different meanings. 1 study on the name ‘Coogee’ refers to it as the “Smelly place” due to the rotting seaweed on the beach. Another search reveals it could me “Body of water”.

No weed on the beach today, just loads of early risers enjoying this supreme spring morning. What a cracker!

Today’s water temp is 19.2°C – not too bad really. Abundant sunshine and pleasant day ahead with a maximum of 22°C. Westerly winds of 16 knots – that’s the perfect wind for our beaches – it makes the water a crazy blue colour.

If you’re hunting waves – Sunday, is looking good.

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'Bondi' - aboriginal for falling water

A Beach Day

There’s no doubt about it, today is a beach day. Exquisite conditions this morning – a warm start, no wind and invigorating cold water. Not Siberian water temps – but cool. The waves have dissipated into knee cappers. It’s probably even too small for beginners. Go swim. For the record, that wasn’t me flying in […]
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The start of today


What another magic spring day outside as the mercury creeps up to 27 degrees. The water is frigid, I got an icecream headache after my first dunk. Yesterdays howling northerlies reeking havoc with our water temps again! This morning we have grooming westerlies and a small NE swell. At East facing beaches, there are waves […]
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Oh boy, wanna be inside that thing


We’re set for a brilliantly sunny, warm, spring day as we head towards 30 degrees. It’s so nice outside, enjoy it, as winds will be stronger later and a chance of a thunderstorm tonight. The water was cold. It’s always cool after days of northerlies. We’ve got a NE swell in town, I didn’t see […]
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Tom Cole, snug inside

Fresh Coconuts

There are fresh coconuts on Bondi Beach today, all the way from an idyllic pacific island. Damn that southerly blew hard last night, nearly lost our boards as we exited the ocean. All that southerly kicked up some swell. It’s definitely not pumping, but surfable. We haven’t seen waves in ages, and ages. So I […]
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North Corner, hive of socially spaced out activity this morning

Working @ Bondi

29% of Australians have been working from home in the last quarter (Source: Roy Morgan 14+). I know many have enjoyed being out of the city; surf at lunch, run at sunrise, so much more time in their day. 2020 is going to go down for many things, it’s also the busiest I’ve seen the […]
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Olé! Sharing up at the North End

Warm one…

A couple of really warm days ahead with north winds – twenty-five today. Such a good opportunity to take a swim – but – damn – that water is cold. Watching peoples faces as they enter the water was entertaining… The banks are diabolical. I’ve said that for a few months, I know, maybe with […]
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Hello sunshine! Good looking morning to be down there


The swell has finally returned, sunrise colours are back also. It was a pleasant morning down the beach – kinda warm too. After days and days of flatness, there’s a rideable wave at Bondi. It’s around waist to chest high on sets. Winds are NNE around 18 knots causing some surface disturbance. Project Blank are […]
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The Hawkins Family Dance, North Bondi


It’s tiny but nice. A 5:40 am high tide was concealing any goodness, as waves trickled to the shore at 1 foot. North Bondi had a kids/mal/foamie wave every now and then – don’t get too excited. It’s super sunny, and warm – now get excited. Go for a swim. You will feel great. Get […]
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Drifter, Bronte Pool 6:30am

Swim holes

I toured most of the beaches of the east this morning, I didn’t see a wave break with a human on it. Now that is saying something…needless to say, this week has been lacking in waves for surfers around here. A lot of grumpy people because of it! Let’s hope next week is more fruitful. […]
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Now that's a hose. Thursday, pool cleaning day

Run of the mill

Firstly, congratulations on making it all the way down here to read today’s informative, factually sometimes accurate Aquabumps update. It’s kinda a vanilla morning which nuisance onshore winds. It’s not really surfable, definitely swimmable and kinda hangable – with a slight chill. It will be onshore until tomorrow afternoon, which will be a welcome treat […]
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Last night, a colour fan over the city


It’s not a pretty picture down the beach. The wind is up, the kitesurfers are out, the rain is about to start…catch my drift? For the past eight weeks, I’ve gone on a photography spree around Sydney. Spending all this time around home has been an excellent opportunity to get to know this great city […]
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Making tracks


When Sydney weather turns on everybody is in a good mood. Loads of people flocked to the beach for a sunrise swim. Pleasant, wasn’t it? A sunny day with 24 degrees ahead. Water is still fresh. Waves – zip. Nada. Flatness. Pancakes. NE winds ahead of tomorrow’s south change – which is when the rain […]
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