Lil' Pete (now big Pete) is our local aerial master at Bondi


The waves had shrunk overnight, and there was a semi-closeout shorey at the south (1-2 foot). It wasn’t inspiring to surf, but the groms make it look good. Especially Blake’s shredders.

A rainy day ahead – but the good news is that Sunday looks dry for the City to Surf fun run. In the good old days we’d host a massive street party to celebrate C2S – sorry, not this year. Pop into the gallery though…151 Culrewis Street Bondi Beach – not far from the finish line.

Avagoodweekendy’all. :: uge

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Bondi 7:00am, hiding under a dolphin


The bad news is that I totally missed today’s early pink sunrise. I saw it blossoming as I raced out the door. As I approached the beach, someone swiftly turned down the saturation dial and it returned to dark grey skies for my arrival. Bugger! Not even pink crumbs…just 50 shades of grey. I’m still […]
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Chris, he's on Aquabumps everyday. Lucky guy


It’s chunky but not that great. It’s surfable but lots of hard work. It’s cold, but Surfline still suggests boardies and a vest will do (dreaming). On this very wintery Wednesday, we have some light showers, 17-degree water and a pretty deserted beach. There were some surfers out towards the north whilst south Bondi continues […]
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Flyboy Petey Kavanagh in morning shoreys

Happy Mondays

Mondays are the quietest days at Bondi, especially when it’s cold. We had some rain earlier – that seems to have passed, thankfully. As we talked about, the swell is up, and there are 3-footers with an odd 4-foot set out there. It’s pretty junkie and confused but surfable. The banks are pretty weird at […]
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Nils, back for Eurotour

Chaotic North

I risked my life venturing North of the tower this morning with the Wildlings. It’s Australia’s most dangerous surf location – the treacherous North Bondi – a spot where absolutely anything can happen. Riders go right on lefts, 10 Wildlings per wave, loose (10ft) boards in every direction – I’m on amazon now looking for […]
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There's those pinks I was talking about.

Flat Spell

This week has been the longest flat spell of the year. La Nina brings rain but also plenty of swells. Not this week – we’ve had very little to ride, and some of you may be getting a little twitchy. How warm was it last night and this morning? – weird huh? Spring coming? Kinda. […]
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Nothing stinking about this ocean pool gem at Coogee


Uncle Google reckons the name Coogee has derived from the Indigenous word ‘koojah‘, which means ‘bad smell’ or a ‘stinking place’. (I’ve got two little ‘koojahs’ running around my house!). The pungent smell was from the piles of seaweed on the shores of Coogee. No smell down that way nowadays…just sunrise community ice baths and […]
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Very rare to see the ocean this calm.

Lake Bronte

Ah, now…these are winter mornings that I remember! Cold mornings, clear skies and windless calm. What a cracker. Loving a break from La Nina. It is rare to see the ocean so calm as today. It’s flaaaaaaaaaat az. I’m talking nada, pancakes, ironing boards – the lot! Bondi was the only wave on offer, and […]
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Dribble from the pack, North Bondi


In between morning showers, I ducked down to Bondi to see what was happening. Not much! Waves are tiny, half a foot to a foot. Winds were light, and the sun smothered in clouds. It’s chilly, and I bet there’s snow in dem mountains. Tomorrow is a fine sunny day, like this afternoon. No waves […]
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Bronte hollows, this morning around 7:30am

Duke of Bronte

I once lived on Bronte Beach in my early twenties. Loved it. Back then, it wasn’t as fancy as it is today. I lived very close to the water’s edge (I could through stones in it from my sunroom). When the swell was big it would keep me awake at night. It’s a tight bay […]
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Pete Kavanagh, backing one out


At a glance, it had all the potential to be a good day for surfers. Sun was out, offshores are on, and there’s a heap of south swell. Typically this would mean putting the out-of-office on, and getting wet…but…it’s just not happening. I saw very few quality waves ridden. Maybe it’s tidal, maybe it’s the […]
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Feathering, Bronte


A fresh start to this Wednesday morning. That offshore SW wind bites through any clothing…brr. I love living in a city where people swim all year round, no matter how cold. The swell is up; big spike in the south swell (4-6 foot). I didn’t see many waves ridden, though. Just didn’t seem to be […]
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North Bondi Retro


It was pretty dark and ugly at sunrise; a rainy front dowsed Sydney again. Good morning for a sleep-in…tools down. Since arriving at HQ, the sun has come out, the winds are offshore (W), and it’s turned into a nice day – what the hell? There are head-high waves from an east swell, better suited […]
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