This is how I feel about today, give me more! C'mon!


I’d like to talk about all the amazing things I witnessed down the beach this morning. That the waves were proper pumping, the light was incredible and how I couldn’t stop taking photographs.

Unfortunately that’s not gonna happen… it was a vanilla onshore kinda morning with very little highlights for us to discuss. In fact I would put the surf in the horrible class, and only one lone wolf ventured out to get blown back into shore.

Wait for it to clean up – that’s the moral of the story!

Back to work – chop chop!

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Best fishing at dawn


On paper, we’ve got all the right ingredients for a great surf day. Offshore grooming winds, 4-5 foot south swells, sunshine…quieter Autumn crowds…so why aren’t I frothing? I just can’t seem to find anything pumping around ‘ere. The swell seems a little random, and junkie. The early morning high tides are fatting up any workable […]
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Grom steals a wave

16 seconds

We have a 16-second, chunky south swell in town today. It’s come up a lot overnight. Bondi wasn’t really handling it (no surprises there) but if you have a hunt around you’ll find something. Protected corners are the better options. Winds remain perfectly west – great for a lot of surf spots in Sydney. The […]
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Men on a cliff and some dude going left

Burning Orange

Crispy clean autumn morning. The horizon was clear of cloud so first light at Bronte was incredibly gold! A welcome sight. Maximum of 22 degrees today. There is a head high south swell in town coupled with favourable west winds. West winds are always cold but best for Sydney surfing. Swell is on the way […]
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Good start to the week, Bondi Beach


Real quiet morning down at Bondi Beach Australia. I think the cold mornings put many off. Even the hardcore regulars were absent. Small closeouts on offer – not really anything substantial to write about. It will double in size by tonight – now that is exciting. Thank you for donating to our SurfAid Cup team, we […]
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Blake Thornton belting this one


It’s a lot cleaner today than yesterday and looking fun. It’s not exactly pumping, but I would say you’d find a few gems. Swell is hanging in there and breaking around head high at most beaches of the east. The sunshine is out and it’s here to stay for nearly 1 week. SO GOOD. It […]
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Not much doing down the beach this morning

Early Onshore

There was a promise of good waves this morning but I think the early onshores ruined the show. By 1st light, the Southerly has junkified most 3-4 footers at Bondi. Only a few hellmen paddled out – it looked terrible! Today is the last day you’ll hear me asking for a donation to my Aquabumps Surfaid […]
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Green Light

It’s affirmative, green light. Swell is big and the winds are offshore.  The seas still need to settle as this morning was pretty random, rogue & raw. Somewhere would be pumping right now, I am not convinced the Eastern Suburbs is the pick of the spots…drive! The water is colder and I’ve just received my […]
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Stormie getting pounded


There’s a storm in town and it’s been running amuck. Plenty of rain yesterday and the south swell machine is on today. Waves are around 4-6 foot at Bondi. It would be a helluva lot bigger if the swell wasn’t so south, kinda sneaking past Sydney. Tomorrow and Wednesday have the swell direction tweaking a bit […]
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Day at Bondi Aquabumps Google Pixel Film Play


One word…cold! Temperatures plummet as we head into a cold weekend. This storm will bring in a big south swell on Sunday/Monday. Boom! Summer is officially over and fond memories of those baking hot beach days slip into the horizon. It sure was a hot one. Watch this short film made entirely on my phone. […]
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Aninna loving these early morning colours


Yes, another cracker sunrise for this week – our third. Makes my job a helluva lot easier when the skies are ablaze with colour – basically, I can point my camera in any direction and shoot – and the images come up trumps.  For those non-morning people, we only usually get one cracker sunrise per […]
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Frankie, fresh switch jive. Bondi Beach

Bondi Points

Bondi is doing it’s best impersonation of Noosa Points at the moment. It’s great if longboarding is your thing. On a shallow bank, there is a very slow peeling knee to chest high wave. It’s offshore so the surfaces are clean and the sunshine is being very kind to us. Sound good? Well, keep reading, […]
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Sometimes the magic is right behind me


Bondi Beach was looking like St. Tropez at sunrise with a 32-metre superyacht ‘Mohasuwei’ in the bay. Why were we graced with a superyacht this morning? Bill Gates was in town and heard sunrises at Bondi are best. The Royal Commission wanted to check out the bank situation at Bondi Beach, first hand. A Mentawai […]
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