Large pod in Bronte/Tamarama all morning putting on a show

Dolphin Show

The talk of the morning around Bronte and Tamarama was a very large pod of Dolphins frolicking in the morning light. They were having a great time pleasing the morning walkers.

Waves are bigger, messy and not ideal. Bondi looked junkie, and with cross-onshore forecast, I’d pass. Bronte has some lefts back into the corner, but it wasn’t lining up perfectly.

It was brilliantly sunny for a moment around 7 am, patchy now with chances of showers.

Aquabumps Groms raised $10k for Surfaid, and we won the surfing. Yep, we won. Can you believe it? It was a seriously competitive crew with plenty of stickered boards, but my Groms and Will roasted the line-up. Thank you so much to all those who donated; the boys are beyond stoked.

159 people donated, and the winner of the $1500 artwork from Aquabumps is…

Drum roll…

Intense suspense…

More Drum roll…

See the online draw here.

Corinne Habel, congratulations, you’ve won a $1500 artwork from Aquabumps. I’ll be in touch.

:: uge

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Early morning thunder, Bondi


It’s the first cold morning of the year as the mercury drops below 12 degrees. The strong southwesterly bites deep, especially when exiting the ocean in ya togs. There is a lot of swell with waves breaking well overhead high. The lineup was relatively empty, with just the Dutch Olympic Surf Team out and a […]
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Golden Hollows, Bondi 7am today

Cup Day

The Bondi SurfAid Cup is currently on down at Bondi, and there are plenty of waves and sunshine. There are few shots from the actual comp because I’m in it with the groms as their mascot. Thank you again so much for all your support and donations. The Aquabumps groms raised 9k for Surfaid, which […]
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Joccy right in the pocket, Bondi 7am

Lil’ Bumps

Our fantastic run of swell has come to an end, and today’s swell is smaller yet still surfable. Clean conditions at sunrise under very dark, cloudy skies. A massive pack of hungry 20-30 kilo groms out, feasting on anything moving into the bay. The little ones have such a good time in the water – […]
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Peekaboo with Willie, under the thick lip. Bondi 7am


Autumn in Sydney never fails us, a constant supply of swell and some really curving water at South Bondi. Sets broke over head high, crowds were hungry and the water reasonably warm for this time of year. The day began dark under threatening dark skies, but at 9 a.m., it cleared for a glorious sunny […]
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7:30am today. It's really here, URBNSURF Sydney is open

Pool Party

I found waves of the chlorinated variety this morning – yes – the long-awaited URBNSURF Sydney is now open at Homebush Olympic Park! Phoooar. Before URBN Sydney, I had never surfed a wave pool. They’re fascinating. You can’t stop hooting at iridescent blue nuggets pulsating from the top corner as you enter the gates. The […]
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Jetty's a perfect size when the lip throws.

Nug Farm

There’s a massive high-pressure system smothering Australia right now. I’m told it’s stubborn and won’t move on, blocking change (that sounds like my tykes). The pressure pushing down on the ocean is also creating very low tides. Weird huh? I won’t mind this rain period moving on, though… One of the benefits of the current […]
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One of Bondi's most underrated slayers, Luke Adam


Nothing is worse than donning a wet wettie in the dark before sunrise. This persistent nemesis onshore rain pattern seems stuck over Sydney – and won’t push offshore. Nonetheless, there are plenty of waves this morning in the chest to occasionally head wide variety. Huge pack of groms up early, feasting before school. Currently, the wind is holding off […]
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Zygi Mann mad about the laid back today

Onshore Flow

The onshore pattern continues today and will hang around for days to come. Earlier, the winds were light so that you could find the odd clean face; now it’s 11 knots onshore and probably a tad junkie. Waves broke around head high, few rip bowls littered up on the beach. Quiet morning at Bondi, the […]
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The doors to the ark


The ark doors have flung open, and we now walk out into the sunshine, a little dazed and confused. What’s this? Clear skies? Nooooooway. For how long? Looking at the charts, it could turn any minute now, so enjoy a coffee outside. The southeast winds are howling 20-25 knots, and Bondi is a 4-6 foot bay of […]
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From where you'd rather be! This isn't Bondi today


Several times today, I thought there would be a break in the rain long enough to perform my morning rituals and capture Bondi Beach.  Yeahhh,Nahh. This damn rain just won’t let up! I thought we were out of Nino, Nina, and Nonna. Surely! We’ve been tossed into Winter (unwillingly), and I’m currently browsing airline websites looking for […]
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Hip hip hooray, the sun came out this morning. Bondi 7am

Suns Out

Wasn’t that a relief, a morning of glorious sunshine after all the constant downpours in Sydney? The forecast is calling for another week or more of rain, so I really hope you got out, as it’s now raining again. Surprisingly, the waves were good, head high and clean. The junior Dutch surf team was out […]
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It's not all 22 million dollar apartments down there

Grimy Bondi

People’s perception of Bondi is always postcard sunny skies, 3-footers (straight), large glamourous crowds, Bondi Rescue, outdoor gyms, and record-breakingly priced luxury apartments. Sometimes, not today. The grime is still in Scum Valley; we have stormy days, and waves are bigger in your bathtub. The beach was quiet as most started to retreat into the […]
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