Jesse Botella, scoring gold this morning at Bondi


These autumn mornings are like a magnet to ocean lovers, especially after our dud summer of unending rain. Scores of frothers (including my whole family) snuck down in the darkness to immerse in the sublime autumn conditions.

Strangely there are waves – I must be looking at the wrong swell charts ’cause I swear the forecast was for flat to dribbly surf. So there’s a head high set out there this morning!

The nemisis rip in the south was making swimming hard; staying in the right spot of the lineup was pretty impossible unless you’ve dropped anchor.

The groms were in force – a huge morning pack, leaving few waves unridden.

Have a fantastic day. It’s raining from Friday to next Wednesday, SO maximise, put the out of office on. You deserve it.

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:: Uge (said Yooj)

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Bondi traffic, this morning 6:55am

Below Sea Level

Another sublime start to the day as waves continue to dribble into the Bondi Bay under a sunny sky. The surf appeared a little bigger than yesterday, surprised as I thought the charts said smaller today. A welcome treat for those that wandered down. Offshore breezes really cleaning up the water, dive right in! :: […]
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Nice day huh? Dive right in. North Bondi this morning


[ puhl-kri-tood-n-uhs, –tyood– ] adjective physically beautiful; comely. Today is a good looking day! It looks even better after 6 months of rain. Waves were small, suitable for super-groms under 35 kilos. Not a breath of wind, solar galore, let’s party. Put the boards away, it’s gonna be flat for days. End of the week […]
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Smith's Lake paddles


With a wet day ahead – it was a nice opportunity for me to take you to a sunnier time on our travels to the Mid-North Coast, with @visitNSW. A 3.5-hour drive from Sydney will land you in open space, long stretches of white sandy beaches, lakes and some of NSW’s grandest and tallest trees. […]
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Tommy Mackay blowing up. Bondi 7am


Not the most impressive morning of the week – windy, grey, dark and sloppy surf. Not many people down the beach, plenty slapping the snooze button. 15 knots of dead easterly winds were corrupting any waist to chest high waves available. North Bondi looked cleaner, as Ben Buckler provided a little bit of shelter from […]
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Fred Carmody, backhand whips

Grom Squad

The sun was out and the groms firing. There are head high waves (double head high from some tiny groms). It was pretty straight and a little junkie, but contestable. Offshore earlier, onshore now. 80% chance of showers today. We’re hiring an Artwork Production Assistant in the Bondi studio. It’s a casual position, 10-25 hours […]
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Fly away - where'd you go? LHI?


Our short fling with glorious sunshine is over, we’re back to the damp and dark version of Sydney as we enter a week of rain. I know, I know, breathe, we’re all over this rain but there’s not much we can do about it! I bought gumboots yesterday and Bunnings finally got their supply of […]
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Struggling to even make Icebergs look good this morning


Bondi has returned back to its La Nina grey self, unfortunately. This morning it was still drizzling and the skies were dark. A few little waves for the groms but nothing spectacular. You’re not missing much today…yawn. Tomorrow, well, tomorrow I’m expecting glorious sunshine and grooming offshores. Now ya torkin! Tomorrow you REALLY should pop […]
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The Aqua-chunk, Bondi 7am

Golden Bondi

The golden autumn light illuminated the hollow shorey at Bondi this morning. It was clean, waist to shoulder high and thumping on a very shallow bank at the south. Being selective was key – many closing out. It’s is a beautiful day, 25 and sunny. Make the most of it before a late shower arrives. […]
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Shark dive, four miles out anyone?


This island suits my touring style – action-packed! I’m not much of a ‘read book by the pool’ kinda guy – I need plenty of activities to keep me going (I’m pretty annoying to travel with – ask Deb). There is loads to do here; shark diving (amazing), snorkelling on coral reefs in the lagoon, […]
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The view from Malabar Peak is pretty sensational

Lord Howe Island

‘Just paradise’ is the island’s tagline – pretty spot on! It’s hard to believe this tiny tropical island in the middle of the Tasman Sea is a part of our NSW state – just 780 kilometres from Sydney. I also can’t believe I haven’t been here before! Lord Howe Island was forged from fire seven […]
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Finding a wave at Bondi is a competitive activity


After so much rain it’s nice to see a bright sunny morning down at Bondi. These mornings are a rarity this year, it’s been a shocker. Unfortunately, this glorious weather will be short-lived, as there’s a chance of rain and thunderstorms later tonight. So – live the now and go for a swim – it’s […]
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Darren behind bars and finding his morning left, Bondi 7am


The swell has dropped a couple of gears and finally, waves are surfable and not closing out straight. I saw bumps breaking in the waist to chest high range – clean too, as there was barely a breath of wind. No sunrise colours today, just a bit of rain and Turneresque cloudy skies. We’re heading […]
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