Feathering, Bondi

Sun Worship

The coldest part of the day is just minutes before the sun rises, I reckon. Especially when the west winds are blowing, wow, it’s frosty. This morning was particularly cold, my phone said 7 degrees at 6am, but with wind chill – perhaps 5? The sand was toe numbing.

The best part of the day is when the sun peers over the Ben Buckler – immediately striking warmth and that golden light that I crave to shoot. Everything looks good in morning light – even the most mundane subject matter.

The easterly swell continues to provide as we have set waves in the shoulder to head high range. Its a good looking day, but won’t get much warmer than 16.

Have a good day, keep apart, do your bit. :: uge

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Grayson Hinrichs on the morning shred


A bit of crank to the bump this morning. Some fresh East swell and our beaches are lovin’ the tweak in direction. It’s head high and clean. The WFH’s (Working From Home’s) were out in full force, Sydney’s surf beaches are rammed! I’m not just talking surfing – but anything outdoors. The surf forecast for […]
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Darren Mansfield AKA Razzle Dazzle - fine tuning the peak

Amateur Hour

I’ve been swimming and shooting with my camera for over two decades – I’m still learning things, every day. Today I paddled out at dawn with a new rig, new lens and new technique to keep water off my port – ha! – well, that didn’t go as planned seeing every single shot is coated […]
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Roman on a mutant, multi-faced - thing

Sunny Chills

It’s sunny, but it feels cold. At sunrise, it was cold. In my opinion, the ocean looks confused. Another mixture of swells, clashing and washing about. I didn’t really see any quality waves on my morning adventures. There’s a head high wave on offer, but it’s definitely not clean nor organised. For the next few […]
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Grinding 'em to find 'em


Stock standard Bondi morning with cloudy skies, 3 footers and a decent chill in the air. After all the recent storms, the sand still doesn’t look great at Bondi. Hopefully, the solid rip at South will shape something up for us – otherwise, the outer bank-to-gutter-boredom will continue. There’s a couple of banks at North, […]
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Good solid meaty section

The Early Edition

Today I challenged myself to 45 minutes of shooting and 45 minutes of post’n’upload. So it’s early! A good test for my daily routine – after doing about 6,500 of these posts – you get a solid process down. The seas have calmed and there are waves on offer in the 3-5 foot range. Winds […]
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Unleash, Byron Bay


The ocean looked hectic and confused this morning. It was meant to be mental big, like 8-10 footers, but apparently, the low changed direction and resulted in multiple swells, all at once, from a few directions and only 4-5 foot. Hectic. I was in my car with wet weather gear, ready to go north, no […]
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Camp Cove, Sydney Harbour at sunset

Inside the Harbour

It’s very soggy outside…not the most photogenic day. I’m keeping the cameras dry and staying inside – for now. Hopefully, this wild east coast low will stir up the swell and tomorrow will be on. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been enjoying time at home, re-exploring Sydney. Usually, I’m on beaches with waves – […]
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Feeling nasally? Get tested. Bondi 7am

Friday Thrills

Make sure you enjoy today – because the weather is about to turn. Yep, another violent low will arrive over the weekend, bringing rain, wind and big destructive waves. How big? Big. Tuesday expect 10-12 footers at exposed beaches. But this monster swell is a little different to last weeks version – it’s got a […]
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North Cronulla


Today’s fresh serve of Aquabumps comes from high in the sky, around the southern shire district – Cronulla.  The ‘Nulla is one of Australia’s surfing reserves. The reefs around the Shire have a lot to offer, from psycho slabs to cruisy mal points to easy beachies. Famous surfers come from this coastal haven – Occy, […]
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Connor, the new kid, smashing the lip

Weedy Brine

There was a lot of frothing going on down at Bondi this morning. That new south swell has settled in, sets are in the 4-foot range and peaking across the bay. A left, close to shore, was bowly and puttin’ out a bit of fruit – out the back in no-mans-land was burgers-galore. A violent […]
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Christopher Chicken Little


What a nice morning in Sydney. Perfectly sunny, chilly and a new south swell to boot! Bondi was attracting waves over head-high this morning, and it looked like it was growing. The swell should peak today. A bulldozer has started work on the north end, moving sand back into the ocean from the recent swell […]
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Corner hollows, Bronte


Last week sounded quite exciting around Sydney (Coastalwise). So many pics circulating on the net of giant tubes and brave hellmen. Well, today it’s 1-2 foot! Most beaches have erosion from the recent storm. Enormous rocks are being revealed and bulldozers are trying to even out the movements of sand. Perfectly sunny weather. In fact, […]
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