Bronte - Moments of light, this morning


The onshore was in early and we have a renewed South East swell in town. If you were up early you would have enjoyed the cleaner, SW offshore conditions (which were short-lived).

I saw waves well above head high from Bronte to Bondi. Not many people out as it appeared junkie.

It’s one of those surfable days, just if you wanted to get wet – but you’re not missing out on much if you’re chained to the desk.

It’s been very consistent run of swell lately…good time of year.

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It was a very moody, temperamental kind of beach morning. It wasn’t obvious how it was going to unfold. Around 6 am it was raining, just sprinkling. Around 6:30 am, there’s a glimpse of light under the curtain; north-facing beaches would have seen more – and northern beaches would have looked glamourous. South facing Bondi […]
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The Annual Pigeon Sunrise Conference at South Bondi this morning


There is lots of swell, lots of good times and lots to talk about. Let’s dive right in. It’s our 4th day of solid East swell; what a plentiful supply!  I would expect waves at most Sydneys beaches as the favourable morning wind WNW grooms those swell lines. It’s 3-4 foot at Bondi, a tad […]
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Icebergs shenanigans

Heavy Duty

It’s a kinda bizarre day out there. Very moody – sunny and warm one second – raining the next. I’ve been down a couple of times to shoot and returned with wet gear. The swell has erupted and South Bondi is being pounded by 6-8 footers. The North end is the go with rideable protected […]
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Griffin Colapinto smashing the lip


I woke to horizontal rain and howling southerlies. Oh man, it’s wild out there – not great for photography! You’ll find your rubbish bins and bbq lids down the street. We’ve even got an Eastern Suburbs COVID case roaming all of Sydney’s BBQ shops – hope you got your BBQ mate! @Bondi waves are now […]
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These are the mornings I hunt


Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I hit snooze on the alarm. Today was that day. The pitter-patter of sunrise rain reassured me I wasn’t missing out on much down the beach. There’s little swell about…but it’s brewing. Friday is the Bondi Surfaid Cup – and it will be Waimea Bay style! I’m talking bigger than […]
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Rain coming...Bondi 6:45am

The Beach People

There are no waves today. My little boy paddled in complaining the ocean was lifeless this morning (keep in mind he only weighs 28 kilos and can rip 6-inch chop). Swell is coming, and so is the rain.It will rain for days… Bondi has a great local community, especially in the mornings. Most people think […]
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I wanna ride that right! South Bondaka


It’s gone small, finally, after weeks and weeks of good waves. We’ve been getting waves even when the swell charts have been calling tiny. Give the shoulders a rest, as it’s not surfable today. (sub 1 footers) It’s an exquisite Autumn sunny day – lap it up kids – rain coming for the rest of […]
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Bondi, underneath


It’s still breaking, yeah, ah-huh, but smaller than yesterday. An excellent run of surfable days with light winds. Dreamy. Maybe this makes up for 2020 – where a wave didn’t break at South Bondi for 6 !@#!$ months! 6 months! 2 months of which we had a damn fence around a closed beach. So this […]
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Chris Prestidge dressed in morning glitter


With such comfortable morning conditions, it’s hard not to go for a swim with my camera instead of shooting from the land. The water is so clear, so warm. The vibe was very positive and busy! Waist to chest high waves continue to break on multiple banks along Bondi. The crowd is hectic, not for […]
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Last night's super moon over Ben Buckler


How’d you go with the super moon, get the shot? Loads of people down at Bondi for it. Heaps. Today: The waves are slowing, but the sunshine is baking. What a beautiful morning down at Bondi. Warm conditions with small waist to chest high waves. Perfect for beginners, groms and frothers with not much work […]
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Crew! Bondi Beach

Pump / Dump

Hey hey!  It’s just like yesterday, but bigger. We’ve had an excellent run of weather and waves over the past couple of weeks. The water remains a very comfortable 22ish degrees…the Gold Coast was 25 on the weekend! The swell is on the decline and will get smaller for the rest of the week. There’s […]
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I've never shot a spray this big at Bergs. Don't reply asking if it's real, pls.

The Fall

Autumn, ah yes, some say the best time of the year. I tend to agree. The water is still warm; the winds are calm, sunshine is in abundance and plenty of swell. It’s a little chilly when you wake, but find the sun, and you’ll be right. I saw some sets around head high this […]
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