The Mentawais, machined to perfection

Backyard Boat Trips

Once upon a time, every June/July we would set sail on our annual boat trip to the Mentawais Islands – 150 kilometres off the coastline of Sumatra, Indonesia. 

Before the Coronapocalypse I clocked up 15 trips in as many years, surfing the best waves on the planet in some of the remotest, stunning locations imaginable.

Drifting amongst 70 islands, we’d surf 2-3 different breaks per day. Lefts, rights, slabs…it’s all there. It’s a surfers paradise, a surfers Mecca…

Overseas trips may be off the cards, but there’s new light at the end of the tunnel for surf travellers, or should I say at a bend in the river – the Hawkesbury River to be precise. Wiseman’s Ferry, on the Hawkesbury, is the designated site for the world’s most incredible surf park and resort – for people like you and me. Think of it as a boat trip in your backyard – just 60 minutes drive from Sydney’s CBD. 

Set up on a 45 – acre site, the main attraction will be the enormous wave pool using the Surf Loch technology – capable of putting out 2.5 metre A-frame peaks in the largest pool imaginable. 

Fewer surfers, lefts or rights, four-to-five turn rides, a barrel the entire way – whatever you choose, on a powerful, long-period swell every 17-20 seconds. Sit poolside and froth over your mates waves, have a quick hit of golf before your next session, chase the kids around the playground – Wiseman’s Surf Lodge may tick a few of your boxes.

If you like our Bondi Aquabumps Gallery aesthetic, you’ll probably be into Wiseman’s Surf Lodge vibe too as it’s the same team of talented Bondi designers including Kelvin Ho (Akin), Will Dangar (Dangar Barin Smith).

Got your attention? Click here to be one of the first to register your interest in Wiseman’s Surf Lodge now.

Stay safe, test negative, stay at home…
I know it’s all a bit worrying out there at the moment. This storm WILL pass.

:: uge

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Nasal digits


Hey Homies. How are we all doing at home this week? Sick of watching the news? Well, I’d thought I post some light-hearted beach shots, just to keep you all distracted from case numbers, test numbers, vax numbers, Lotto numbers and the Coronapocalypse. The photos archives have been getting a work-out whilst Sydney remains in […]
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A gang of Aqua-bumps

Checking In…

How are you all doing? It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me so I thought I’d check-in. Obviously, it’s a weird time, as the NSW outbreak creates havoc wherever it pops up. So many people and businesses doing it tough, daily routines altered and everything cancelled…hang in there. This storm will pass. Just […]
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The points, a lot of fun

ISO Headlines

Keeping busy? Working? Bingeing on Netflix? Learning a new skill? A new language? You’re doing good, real good, hang in there. I try not to watch the news too much whilst in Iso. Too many headlines recently seem to be about Bondi. The Bondi Cluster, Bondi Beach Primary burning down, A Bondi guy tried to […]
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No Delta down here. The best place to be

HOME (Again)

Bummer. Here we are again, all at home. But, if it’s any consolation, it’s an ugly day outside anyway. Rain, cold, onshore. All the ingredients for a good day inside. Sydney is in a 14-day lockdown whilst attempting to put out those Delta Rona fires (for my readers outside Australia who don’t know).  In line […]
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What an impressive start to the day!


The light was impressive this morning, what a sky! A nice escape to a kinda gloomy day around Sydney. Chin up! Waves were on tune also, head high, multiple banks…lots of fun to be had. The swell is fading for the rest of the week, so I’d suggest some covidsafe exercise! Go for a paddle. […]
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Rain puddles


Congratulations, you’ve made it past 12 images to the riveting editorial that Aquabumps is famous for – typos, bad grammar and all! My high school English teacher used to read my daily rant – rolling his eyes constantly I bet. Are you still on here Mr. Whitla? I wasn’t the best student, more interested in […]
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Photographic evidence that Darren occasionally goes right. Rare, but he does


The fields are empty and rogue waves are going unridden. A storm is in town and it’s not very inviting down the beach. After a subtle sunrise colour event, it returned to greys, rain and cold. A great day to be productive at work (inside). Wait for it all to calm down a bit…I reckon. […]
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It's all about perspective. Bondi Beach 7am


I live by a simple rule – touch nature at least once a day. Feet in the sand, snooze on the grass or swim at sunrise. It’s all good. Makes you feel unreal all day, setting you up – just right. Now go do it. A brand new swell has arrived, alleluia, and it’s looking […]
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Mad Liv, diving for Crays

Bondi ØɄ₮Break

We’ve woken to BONDI BONDI BONDI all over the news. Bondi outbreak, Bondi cluster, Bondi hotspot. On the tele they’re interviewing people on the beach how they feel about The Rona running rampant around our beloved beach. Hell, even my accountant cancelled his meeting with me in Bondi Beach today! So, from what I can […]
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Golden Curves, earlier this morning

Wild Ochre

A nice and neat little morning down the beach. Clear skies are inviting the solar warmth as Bondi hosts waist-high dribblers. The beach was quiet, real quiet, and relaxing this morning. Superb colours from the sun beams. My fave. The water temp. hovers around the 19-degree mark with perfect clarity. Sound good? Dive in, and […]
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D-az, lefts, Bondi, standard

Elusive 🐋

We had a few whales in the bay this morning. I had my whale repellant cameras out, so I have virtually no photographic proof of the visit. I swear, every time I try and shoot images of whales or dolphins – they disappear into the deep abyss – they know I’m onto ’em. I’ll do better […]
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Subtle hues of this morning before the rain

Polar Blast

Sydney is being blasted by polar air, oh boy it’s cold today (max 11). We’re not used to the claws of winter digging deep, so early. It’s snowing in the highlands. You’ve probably heard that Bondi Beach Primary was on fire last night at 5 pm. Thankfully it was after school hours and no one […]
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