Aerial Outtakes

Today’s not the most photogenic day.

Onshore, rainy, 1 foot slop sums up what I saw down the beach this morning.

The good news is its gonna clear, but the onshore flow will remain until at least tomorrow afternoon.

During our Covid Winter I spent quite a bit of time flying around in helicopters, shooting. I have terrabytes of images shot, but never seen. Here is a few…

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Pockets of golden light at Ross Jones Pool, Coogee


It’s been a while since we’ve had a overcast start to the day, thankfully. Today’s a bit drab as the southerly came in early, and its howling. The temperatures have dropped and it was extremely hard to find a surfable wave in the Eastern Suburbs. Warm day tomorrow (but cloudy) and rain forecasted for Sunday. […]
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North Bondi, dripping in golds. 7am this morning

Gold Plated

It was excruciating to watch a fresh batch of SE swell roll into Bondi without a single sandbank working. We have shoulder high waves this morning, but not a rideable peak on the entire beach. The morning high tide forced any wave energy into a tooobing shorey. What a shame…cheer up – breathe…breathe it’s gonna […]
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Mottled skies, Bronte


Today is not a surf day. It’s one foot (a very small person’s foot) – and onshore. Much cooler in comparison to yesterday and partly cloudy. Max land temperature 21°East swell.South wind 9 knots.Sunrise was 6:14 am I’d like to think you may be able to surf a 2 footer tomorrow. The forecast is for […]
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Burst! Bondi

Baby Oil

We have one foot of Easterly swell with barely a breath of wind this morning. Perfect, wasn’t it? Well, perfect for a swim. I reckon if we had a sand bank at south, it would have actually broke for mal riders….instead it was surging up on to the shore, and plonking. The sunshine is in […]
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Free Beach


I’m back in town. I leave Bondi for two weeks, and all hell breaks loose? There’s a media storm around a roped-off area on the sand for paying guests, a new cantilevered photography viewing platform at the South Bondi (looooove it) and the North Bondi Broadwalk works looks close to completion. But still, no sandbanks at […]
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Last light on Yamba ocean pool


What no Aquabumps for a few days? How are you coping? I’ve got heaps of messages of concern, some wondering if I’m locked up with The Rona in quarantine! All is well, (No Ronaski) just school holidays and taking time off the tools to catch a few waves rather than shooting them. Aquabumps updates will […]
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Ross Jones Memorial Pool


Sydney is flat, so I decided to visit the (typically) flat water beach of Coogee. Coogee is an Aboriginal word, but Google is telling me it has a few different meanings. 1 study on the name ‘Coogee’ refers to it as the “Smelly place” due to the rotting seaweed on the beach. Another search reveals […]
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'Bondi' - aboriginal for falling water

A Beach Day

There’s no doubt about it, today is a beach day. Exquisite conditions this morning – a warm start, no wind and invigorating cold water. Not Siberian water temps – but cool. The waves have dissipated into knee cappers. It’s probably even too small for beginners. Go swim. For the record, that wasn’t me flying in […]
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The start of today


What another magic spring day outside as the mercury creeps up to 27 degrees. The water is frigid, I got an icecream headache after my first dunk. Yesterdays howling northerlies reeking havoc with our water temps again! This morning we have grooming westerlies and a small NE swell. At East facing beaches, there are waves […]
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Oh boy, wanna be inside that thing


We’re set for a brilliantly sunny, warm, spring day as we head towards 30 degrees. It’s so nice outside, enjoy it, as winds will be stronger later and a chance of a thunderstorm tonight. The water was cold. It’s always cool after days of northerlies. We’ve got a NE swell in town, I didn’t see […]
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Tom Cole, snug inside

Fresh Coconuts

There are fresh coconuts on Bondi Beach today, all the way from an idyllic pacific island. Damn that southerly blew hard last night, nearly lost our boards as we exited the ocean. All that southerly kicked up some swell. It’s definitely not pumping, but surfable. We haven’t seen waves in ages, and ages. So I […]
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North Corner, hive of socially spaced out activity this morning

Working @ Bondi

29% of Australians have been working from home in the last quarter (Source: Roy Morgan 14+). I know many have enjoyed being out of the city; surf at lunch, run at sunrise, so much more time in their day. 2020 is going to go down for many things, it’s also the busiest I’ve seen the […]
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