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Bondi was a restless hive of mega activity this morning. The north end especially! The entire bay has the Salties spread out – like an enormous school of fish – all you can see are arms and legs firing across the entire 900 metres of Bondi. Quite a sight.

The surf is still hanging in there – overhead high and straight as an arrow. I rode to Tamarama and Bronte – nuttin’ there, either. More tide, maybe more opportunity – high at 9:40 am and low at 4:30 pm.

Tomorrow Bondi turns back into a nude beach as thousands go starkers for Spencer Tunick and the Skin Check Champions. People don’t wear much down at Bondi these days anyway – but this will take it to a new level.

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adios, ugios

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Getting buried and coming out hot, Bondi 6am today

Solid Increase

Sorry about the delayed update; sadly, it’s not because I’ve been surfing all morning. Great conditions – not good banks. It’s pretty solid out there at sunrise. Waves were breaking in the above head to double head high range – and plenty of supply. The winds look relatively light right now – similar to dawn. […]
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Wilbur Ryall, wings out, striking the sweetspot


That gusty offshore is still wreaking havoc in Sydney. Brisk, init? There’s still plenty of swell, but the banks are pretty odd and straight. Shame…as it has the makings of a cracker surf day. I saw sets overhead high, winds blowing SW 15-20 knots – sunshine 10 outa 10. It’s gonna hit 27 degrees – […]
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Daz, on a nice left - G-landesque

30 knots, 9 degrees

It’s properly windy with gusts well above 30 knots. Overnight the temperatures plummeted, and it was only 9 degrees when I rolled down for the morning rituals. Bit odd for this time of year. Fortunately, the winds will calm right down by nightfall. The swell is SW – that means it’s hooking up the coast […]
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Avalon yesterday amongst the gale


Great weather at the moment, never mind the howling winds. Even though we are getting gusts of up to 30 knots this morning, you will still be able to find the odd corner to hide from for the gale. 24 degrees max today, cooler than yesterday. Waves are slightly smaller, limping into the bay around […]
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Swell is up, some rogue chunks out there

Pool Party

South swell is up, and there’s sets that are double-head high. Unfortunately, it’s flanked by a solid southerly around 15 knots. Protected southerly corners are the GO! I see sunshine dominating the forecast for days and days now, how good is that? Sunday is going to be particularly warm with 27 degrees. The large swell […]
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Wylies Baths was awash this morning


The swell has come right up, and waves are breaking in the 4-6 plus vicinity. It’s very unsettled, random and raw…I only saw a kneelo at Coogee catch a wave all morning – and I checked most beaches. Wait for it to settle; it will be fruitful. Patience. In the meantime, watch the new season […]
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Grinding ripbowls, Bondi.


Ah, nice; nothing better than waking up to a nice little South swell pulse. There are head-high waves this morning under cooling SSW breezes (16 knots). It was junkie but pretty uncrowded and consistent. It’s much colder today, 11 degrees, when I woke. We’re only a few days off summer, so this will be the […]
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Mr. Asaf Luft (AKA Magnum Man) gliding a quiet section

Morning Calm

That sneaking NE swell pulse from yesterday has faded, and we return to 1-2ft, grovellers (with the odd random set around chest high). The winds are WSW offshore, exposing the blues in our oceans whilst making inviting conditions for a swim. A very sunny morning with showers arriving later, around dinner time. Crypto is crashing, […]
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Summer vibes, Saturday Bondi

Bondi Contrasts

Everyone thinks Bondi is a small city beach with massive crowds every day. It’s not. Lately, it has been hectic with decent weather, no covid lockdowns and multiple events…but it’s not always like that. So take this morning – the beach was empty under stormy skies. Such contrasts! The swell has dropped but would be […]
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Moon o'clock, Hotel Bondi

Free Pineapples

The weather gods have been good to us! What a cracker morning to be in Sydney. Solar is up, small waves from the East and gentle grooming offshores make it a beach day. Our beaches were packed, early – being warm and a Friday.  Max 22 degrees. FREE PINEAPPLES Like $50s? Today we kick off our […]
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Much earlier today, sunrise, Bondi Beach

Touch Wood

We’re having a mighty fine run of weather this week – how good! Touch wood. I keep looking to the horizon to see storm clouds – so far only a couple of small showers this morning. At 5:30am we had a hint of colour from the horizon – it didn’t really fire up but had […]
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100 days until Sydney hosts the Sydney WorldPride

Sydney WorldPride

With all this sunshine over the past few weeks – Bondi is back to its hay days. It’s starting to feel like summer. This morning I came across a giant rainbow sand sculpture to mark 100 days until Sydney hosts the Sydney WorldPride. As the world welcomes back events after a very quiet 2 years, […]
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