Volcanic thermal springs of Ischia

Glorious Rain

So good to see a decent rain in New South Wales. Let’s hope it’s not too late for our farmer’s dust bowls. Rain isn’t so great for shooting down at Bondi. So you’ll have to take my word for it – there’s waves, head high, new south swell, junkie – but not too bad at […]

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Rowan throwing out some morning heat

Icecream Headaches

When the North winds blow the water temps plummet. My sunrise swim was very invigorating with 16-degree water. The North winds also bring NE wind swell/chop (more chop than swell). Bondi faces the wrong way for today’s conditions, regardless there was a small wedge in the corner worth a riding. Loving the banks at Bondi […]

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Ice lips


Fortunately, the water temps have propped up a bit and it’s more inviting for a swim. Suns out and there are still remnants of swell dribbling into the banks. A longboard or foamier small board would suit today’s conditions. Get in, you’ll feel great afterwards. :: uge (yooj)

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I reckon you could fit a couple more. Good to see everyone going right on a left!

Happy Mondays

Mondays are different from all the other days in the week. Everyone is serious about work so the beaches are relatively quiet. It was a chilly start to the week (only 9 degrees at sunrise). The water will be a bone-rattling 16. There is some fun (small) waves about as the weekend’s swell is on the decline. […]

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Flat light

Normally I’m not into flat, bland light – but seeing we’ve had a mostly cloudless year with stark contrasty light – it’s a refreshing change! Waves: odd grovel weak peak. Go swimming Weather: its cleared and a cracker – booya. In Aquabumps Gallery we’ve got our all-new Winter Edit 2018 hanging. All images shot on my many […]

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Today is RUOK day. Are you ok? It’s a day dedicated to reminding people to ask family, friends and colleagues the question, “R U OK?”, in a meaningful way, because connecting regularly and meaningfully is one thing everyone can do to make a difference to anyone who might be struggling. The surf isn’t OK today. […]

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Love Italy,here is good too!


The sun is rising earlier now and so are my daily emails. Bondi put on some morning colour and plenty of crew enjoying a (frosty) pre-work swim. The water is so cold for Sydney. WOW. I’d say the lowest it gets here. It’s always nice coming home to such a beautiful city. I love visiting other countries, but […]

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Italy last week, a quick tour


I’m back. Well kinda, the head is incredibly foggy with a jetlag curtain pulled down tight. I thought a Bondi swim would shake things up after a couple of days of travel. The 16-degree water sure was a shock after paddling around in The Med. Waves, yep. We got some. Waist to chest high variety […]

The hidden gems of Italy.


Buongiorno, I’m guessing you’re sick of seeing images of hot, summery waveless beaches in Europe. Well, this is my last post from Europe – promise. We’re heading home! We’re missing the groms, and I hear the weather has been amazing in Sydney. We’ve had an incredible two weeks. Europe in peak season is just so […]

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Blue Grotto, we snuck in before the lock down


We’re on the seductive island of Capri – which just hangs off the Amalfi Coast. Everyone loves this place and I find loads of Aussies here. The raw beauty of this island is breathtaking with enormous cliffs that jut directly from the sea. The water clarity is a constant ‘perfecto’ and water temp a salubrious […]

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The thermal spas in Ischia

Spinnaker Up

The Amalfi Coast is a rugged place. The volcanic stone cliffs are enormous, jutting directly from the sea – which gives the area it’s vast beauty. Sometimes you may have to climb thousands of steps with your suitcase in tow…just to get to your room or a beach club. Often you’ll arrive at dinner, huffing […]

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Busy even on a week day! Welcome to Italia

Ciao Ciao!

You all know I’m a big fan of Italy. Its coast is just so different from ours, I love shooting here. Everything just looks so good through the lens. No waves, but I enjoy focussing on different things. Within one hour of my arrival, I had a small window in good weather to shoot from […]

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I can see why The Big Blue was filmed 100kms from here!

The Cyclades

The Cyclades is probably the most famous group of islands in Greece. The Greek God Apollo was born here. The Cyclades contains islands like Mykonos, Ios, Santorini. Each island seems to have a different personality. Some mellow, some loose. Mykonos is pretty wild in parts, but there are some chilled areas. They all have fantastic […]

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Super Paradise before the music starts


In a recent Instagram poll on my feed, we asked where you’d like to see some images from if I was to shoot over to Europe in peak season. 49% said Greece. So here I am kids. Plonked myself in the eye of the storm, probably the best known Greek (party) Island of Mykonos. I know […]

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Snakeskin Narooma


After a few months of completely clear skies, I’m stoked to see some decent rain in Sydney (finally). I pray that the rain is reaching our farmers in need. You may have noticed that I’ve been on a massive shooting binge lately, hoping from aircraft to aircraft, trying to cover as much of this state as […]

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Another sunny day, Bondi 6:15am


There are still some leftovers from the recent swell breaking at Bondi. The banks don’t look as good as they have been, but there are some wedges out there. The winds will go onshore mid-morning but remain quite light. Suitable for your aerial practice. Nothing fantastic on the swell radar, just some little chest to […]

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Wolgan Valley - a really beautiful place.

Country NSW

Today’s update is a little different. It’s from out west, really west. I’m talking a few hundred km’s west around the region of Orange. They need rain out there. It’s real this drought. I flew over dried up rivers and paddocks that were like dust bowls. It looks like a little bit of rain will […]

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Only one of these every 45 mins, but it can get fun

Bigger better?

Does size count? Is bigger better? Would you rather surf closing out 6-8 foot or clean, 4 foot with multiple opportunities to stab a few holes in the open face. Big swells don’t seem to work well around here (in my opinion). We don’t have reefs that can hold a decent chunk, and our sand […]

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Big set plume, Bronte


The forecasted swell has arrived, it’s smaller than predicted, but very very south (or even Southwest). When it’s too south, it can fly straight past Sydney. Finding a decent wave to surf will be challenging. Bondi was a mess with too much going on. There is going to be waves all week long, it’s not […]

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Watch our latest short film all shot on my phone


Firstly, it’s Friday, so yes, I have a little film from Avalon for you all shot on my Google Pixel 2 phone. Watch Secondly, Bondi has waves. Yes, surfable conditions are upon us! (1 to 2 foot) A vast, frothing, wave deprived crowd are all over it as well. Even with those super cold devil […]

Bronte SLSC board paddlers lighting up at sunrise


My morning unfolded a lil’ like this: 6:00 am – Surf check at Bondi – nada, zip, flat-a-rama, pancakes. 6:30 am – Decide to wander over to Bronte, just for a change in scenery. Shoot. Nice light as the sun rose late behind some cloud. Bronte Pool back open and very empty (1 swimmer) 7:00 […]

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Great morning for us, not so great for our farmers

Corrupt Card

Every day I shoot with two or more cameras. I’m not a fan of changing lenses on the run, so I bring whole camera bodies dedicated to a particular focal length (at risk of looking like one of those sports photographers on the sidelines of the footie with four bodies dangling from the neck). Today one […]

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Morning light, little waves, coming together


The claws of winter run deep this morning. It’s that west wind. Whenever it’s around, it penetrates! When the old salty sea dogs are coming out of the water, red-faced and complaining, you know it’s cold. Waves – finally the swell drought is broken with a few head high waves. Oh boy, it’s been a while. […]

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Sun, we've seen plenty of this guy in the past few months

The Big Dry

A windy morning with frosty offshores straight off ‘dem mountains. Damn, it felt cold down there just before sunrise. Everyone was coming out of the water with bright red faces. Waves – yep, we have some. I saw the odd waist to shoulder high bump pumping into Bondi. A 9:40 am high tide was doing […]

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Whatever blows your hair back! Bondaka 6:30am


The water was chilly today. I’m calling it 17 degrees, which is pretty close to the coldest it will get for Sydney. Happy to see a brand-spankin’ new East swell start to trickle in (waist high waves). It was full as a boot with an early high tide, but the problem is it will go […]

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Wallaga Lake


It was such a nice day that I ended up shooting the Sapphire/Eurobodalla, Coast NSW, 7 hours drive south from Sydney. I’ve never been down that far – it’s halfway to Melbourne! I’ve heard stories of deserted, idyllic beaches with countless surf peaks. I was in awe of just how many beaches are down there […]

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Quite an intense sunrise this morning down at Bondi


For the third time in 7 days, the skies lit up with intensively vivid hues, like a Warhol piece. Sometimes we don’t get any colours in the skies for months. To get this many in a week is pretty cool. Makes shooting flat Bondi very interesting. It’s true. I’ve seen a helluva lot of sunrises. Thousands. […]

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Noah's, South Bondi split


The calm before the storm. All still, neat, organised at sunrise this morning. At 12 pm I write to you and it’s now hooooooowwling 30 knots of Nor-west winds. If there were swell, it would’ve been blown out to sea by now. The next time you will be surfing is this Thursday/Friday. Don’t expect stand up […]

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Well, another cracker start to the day!


We’re having a fantastic run of colour in the mornings. Looking out the window right now, staring at dark grey clouds and rain, you probably wouldn’t believe me! Lucky I nailed some photographic evidence. The colour didn’t hang around long though…blink and you’d miss this one. Our Underwater Dance series featuring The Australian Ballet in […]

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Oh Lordy, hows that sky? Bondi


We’re pretty lucky. Some of the stuff I see down the end of the road is amazing – like this mornings sunrise at Bondi. Just the right amount of thin cloud created a beautiful little colour curtain around Ben Buckler this morning. Hope you took a few minutes to watch the day unfold. Waves – […]

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The story behind our latest collection

Underwater Dance

Today I have something a little different for you, a unique series of images shot underwater, of The Australian Ballet, wearing custom Dion Lee. We’ve called this project the ‘Underwater Dance’. We used the new Paper platform on Dropbox to all work together online, as all the parties involved live outside Sydney. Read more about this here […]

Kowalski's wake from a turn

Early swims

It’s sometimes hard to get into the ocean before the sun’s warmth has risen over Ben Buckler. In the depths of winter, I force myself to swim early because I know how good it feels afterwards – sets you up for the day! (And it’s kinda my job) Tiny waves, still surfable. Waist high sets. […]

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South Bondi, all coloured up for us this morning

Colour Run

A little bump in swell provided some rideable surf this morning. It’s no Nias 20 foot right-hander with boats going over the falls, but it’s contestable. Calling it waist to shoulder high at Bondi. The main attraction of the morning was the sunrise – wow – what colours! After weeks of clear mornings, we finally […]

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They say it's coming, really? Not showing much


Good morning crew. The beach is all quiet, no waves, clouds or people this morning at sunrise. They say swell is coming, but the forecasts lately have been very inaccurate. I wanna see it before I call it. Yesterday they couldn’t run Boardriders due to lack of waves. This video is funny, commenting on the […]

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My latest film, all shot on my Google Pixel 2 phone


Hurro, It’s Friday so let’s kick off with a short film, from last month’s boat trip in the salubrious Mentawais, all shot on my phone (Google Pixel 2). Secondly, I owe you an apology. Up until today, you’ve been viewing my images in low-res, lo-def, 1990’s blurry resolution. So if you have a fancy Retina, […]

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Young Shredder


There’s still a wave on this morning; it’s around shoulder high but a little inconsistent. The winds are WNW, and the swell is from the south benefiting Bondi frothers. The left near 2nd ramp had some excellent little runners – but the morning crowds were keen! Busy. Glorious sunny day, again. Go outside for lunch. […]

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Watch a 1 minute tour of Orpheus Island

Return to the South

I’ve returned to the south hopefully in sync with a new SE swell which is overdue. This morning was showing promise of a 2-3 foot set, but the 6:40 am high tide was concealing any decent bumps. Wait for lower tides and I reckon there will be something. Clear skies. Colder in the water (or […]

The jaw dropping Great Barrier Reef

Orpheus Island

Normally I chase reefs with 200-metre piping right-handers and no crowds…however, this reef is just as spectacular without a single wave breaking – The Great Barrier Reef (the largest reef system in the world!). Even Astronauts can see The Great Barrier Reef from space as it’s 2300 kilometres long, containing 2900 reefs and around 900 […]

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South Bondi dressed up in pinks this morning

Bondi Pigment

It was a reverse Bondi sunrise today, all the colours glowing on the opposite side of the bay. Very pink one! I was surprised to see decent waves this morning (Maximum shoulder high). I think I arrived in sync with a small swell pulse. The left bank was spitting out some trimmable, hackable lefts. I […]

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Lone Fisherman at the heads of Forster-Tuncurry

The Great Lakes

I spend a lot of time overseas but have found some of the best beaches are right here in New South Wales. We’re lucky to have countless bays and clear blue water (sans humans). Today’s images are shot from a short hike to the Great Lakes of NSW – up on the Mid-North Coast, only […]

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