A Day in the Bay

Cheer up. Slow down. Chill out. Yes, I’m in the herbal regions of Byron Bay today. The most ironic thing about Byron is that it’s manic – it’s busier than Bondi!

The most easterly point of Australia juts out into the Pacific – with an enormous bay on one side (Byron Bay). This unique setup is excellent for surfing in a howling southerly (today), as you can surf the Northern side – hidden from the breeze.

Bryon is so popular. It’s got nightlife, beaches for miles and people from all over the globe. Town is hectic – but some of the nearby beaches are insanely beautiful – and deserted.

:: uge

The most easterly point of Australia


Little Wategoes

The Cape in all it's morning glory

Imagine the storms this lighthouse has seen over the decades


Tallows, broken lines. Byron Bay


Earlybirds, Byron Bay


Totally protected from the Southerlies, The Pass, Byron Bay


Country waves


Heading out, Byron


5 thoughts on “A Day in the Bay

  1. Hey Uge,

    Simple typo in todays post “Bryon is so popular. It’s got nightlife, beaches”

    I would not normally complain about typo’s, however my name is Byron also, on a daily basis people type my name incorrectly. Bryon…

    I thought people love the place Byron but always seem to be talking about some guy place call Bryon/Brian.

    I’ve been a subscriber for well over a decade and have loved your stuff immensely. Just did a search in my old mail and could see one back from 28/3/2006 ::Mammoth – Spectacular. I’ll forward the email back to you so you can remind yourself of how our amazing/massive Sydney beaches can get.

    Thanks for the memories and daily updates. – Keep living the dream (Well from what us readers see).

    Wishing you and the Aquabumps team and awesome Friday/weekend.


  2. Since we’re talking about typos, please remove the apostrophe from ‘typo’s’. It isn’t necessary. Typo plural is just typos.


  3. Hi Uge,

    If you are sticking around in Byron, please visit the CoastSnap station on Cape Byron. It’s a citizen science project allowing people to submit their smartphone photos for coastal researchers to monitor the beach width over time. It’s organised by UNSW’s Water Research Laboratory at Manly Vale.


    Ian Coghlan
    Senior Coastal Engineer
    UNSW Water Research Laboratory
    110 King Street
    Manly Vale NSW 2093

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