The Mentawais, machined to perfection

Backyard Boat Trips

Once upon a time, every June/July we would set sail on our annual boat trip to the Mentawais Islands – 150 kilometres off the coastline of Sumatra, Indonesia.  Before the Coronapocalypse I clocked up 15 trips in as many years, surfing the best waves on the planet in some of the remotest, stunning locations imaginable. Drifting amongst […]

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Nasal digits


Hey Homies. How are we all doing at home this week? Sick of watching the news? Well, I’d thought I post some light-hearted beach shots, just to keep you all distracted from case numbers, test numbers, vax numbers, Lotto numbers and the Coronapocalypse. The photos archives have been getting a work-out whilst Sydney remains in […]

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A gang of Aqua-bumps

Checking In…

How are you all doing? It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me so I thought I’d check-in. Obviously, it’s a weird time, as the NSW outbreak creates havoc wherever it pops up. So many people and businesses doing it tough, daily routines altered and everything cancelled…hang in there. This storm will pass. Just […]

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The points, a lot of fun

ISO Headlines

Keeping busy? Working? Bingeing on Netflix? Learning a new skill? A new language? You’re doing good, real good, hang in there. I try not to watch the news too much whilst in Iso. Too many headlines recently seem to be about Bondi. The Bondi Cluster, Bondi Beach Primary burning down, A Bondi guy tried to […]

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No Delta down here. The best place to be

HOME (Again)

Bummer. Here we are again, all at home. But, if it’s any consolation, it’s an ugly day outside anyway. Rain, cold, onshore. All the ingredients for a good day inside. Sydney is in a 14-day lockdown whilst attempting to put out those Delta Rona fires (for my readers outside Australia who don’t know).  In line […]

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What an impressive start to the day!


The light was impressive this morning, what a sky! A nice escape to a kinda gloomy day around Sydney. Chin up! Waves were on tune also, head high, multiple banks…lots of fun to be had. The swell is fading for the rest of the week, so I’d suggest some covidsafe exercise! Go for a paddle. […]

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Rain puddles


Congratulations, you’ve made it past 12 images to the riveting editorial that Aquabumps is famous for – typos, bad grammar and all! My high school English teacher used to read my daily rant – rolling his eyes constantly I bet. Are you still on here Mr. Whitla? I wasn’t the best student, more interested in […]

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Photographic evidence that Darren occasionally goes right. Rare, but he does


The fields are empty and rogue waves are going unridden. A storm is in town and it’s not very inviting down the beach. After a subtle sunrise colour event, it returned to greys, rain and cold. A great day to be productive at work (inside). Wait for it all to calm down a bit…I reckon. […]

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It's all about perspective. Bondi Beach 7am


I live by a simple rule – touch nature at least once a day. Feet in the sand, snooze on the grass or swim at sunrise. It’s all good. Makes you feel unreal all day, setting you up – just right. Now go do it. A brand new swell has arrived, alleluia, and it’s looking […]

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Mad Liv, diving for Crays

Bondi ØɄ₮Break

We’ve woken to BONDI BONDI BONDI all over the news. Bondi outbreak, Bondi cluster, Bondi hotspot. On the tele they’re interviewing people on the beach how they feel about The Rona running rampant around our beloved beach. Hell, even my accountant cancelled his meeting with me in Bondi Beach today! So, from what I can […]

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Golden Curves, earlier this morning

Wild Ochre

A nice and neat little morning down the beach. Clear skies are inviting the solar warmth as Bondi hosts waist-high dribblers. The beach was quiet, real quiet, and relaxing this morning. Superb colours from the sun beams. My fave. The water temp. hovers around the 19-degree mark with perfect clarity. Sound good? Dive in, and […]

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D-az, lefts, Bondi, standard

Elusive 🐋

We had a few whales in the bay this morning. I had my whale repellant cameras out, so I have virtually no photographic proof of the visit. I swear, every time I try and shoot images of whales or dolphins – they disappear into the deep abyss – they know I’m onto ’em. I’ll do better […]

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Subtle hues of this morning before the rain

Polar Blast

Sydney is being blasted by polar air, oh boy it’s cold today (max 11). We’re not used to the claws of winter digging deep, so early. It’s snowing in the highlands. You’ve probably heard that Bondi Beach Primary was on fire last night at 5 pm. Thankfully it was after school hours and no one […]

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Crazy skies, Bondi


Where is everyone? Bondi was a ghost town this morning. It was very tranquil. The Bergs, the line up and the beach was totally empty. It’s waveless too! Interesting skies, no, not the burning reds of yesterday – that sunrise broke the internet…just different. It’s a cold day, 12 now, feels like 9, max 13. […]

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About as intense as the colours can get at Bondi. June 8, 2021 6:45am


Put your sunnies on to look at this post; it’s intense! I even knocked back some of the colours as they melted my camera sensors. It’s was pretty incredible. Worth getting up early for… The colour bloom lasted longer than usual – 20 minutes, enough time for you to sip ya coffee and pull your […]

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The Pilg, slicing the open face


Welcome to a new week and the beginning of winter. It was a cold, clear morning down at Bondi with small, weak limping waist to chest high waves (inconsistent). We’re looking at sunny weather for today and tomorrow, rain from Wednesday. The water is still kinda warm hovering around 19.5 degrees. I’ve finally gone to […]

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Water play, Bondi Beach 6:45am


The shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere is June 21, a few weeks away. That means the sunrise is late at this time of year. I sit on the beach on these cold mornings, waiting for the sun to peer over Ben Buckler, illuminating my subjects and, most importantly, making it comfortable […]

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Longboarders heaven, Bondi 7am


I’m back in Bondi and into my morning routine – surf check at dawn, shoot a sunrise, capture some surfing and then shoot something weird going on in Bondi! Done, tick! Where has all the swell gone? I’ve been watching from Queensland, and you have had one helluva run down here (Goldie was on the […]

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I bet you didn't know this was 1 hr drive from Snapper


Surf Snapper in the morning, have a rinse off under a waterfall in the Goldie Hinterland afterwards. I bet you didn’t know that just up the hill from The Gold Coast there are mountains full of rainforest delights. I didn’t… It’s so lush up here, around Tamborine. Much cooler weather than the coast. The forest […]

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It's been pumping up here on the Goldie


They’ve had an excellent run of swell up here on the Gold Coast. That enormous mongrel swell didn’t get as big as we all thought, but the sheltered points have been providing joy to waveriders all over this north coast. Everybody surfs here. Even when the sun is far from rising, the points are loaded […]

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I am gonna ride one from Snapper to Kirra (I hope).

24 Carat Gold Coast

I’m on the Goldie! The first local I chatted with said “Don’t go outside, it’s freezing” (he was wearing a singlet and thongs). It confused me. I checked my phone – 23 degrees and perfectly sunny outside. I thought he must have meant the water, which is also 23 degrees…ah, these Queenslanders have it good […]

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Last nights Blood Moon - Arroooo

Blood Moon

I’ve realised you guys really like your Moons and Dolphins. Now I just need to somehow combine the two with a single shot of Dolphins jumping over a full Moon. That’ll break the internet. Working on it… It’s been a fantastic week of natural wonders around here. I’ve been shooting a lot, filling up the […]

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Broke a fin, bust and air, Tom Cole


The 8 am Dolphin Bondi show was cancelled, not a Flipper in sight at sunrise. It was amusing how many people came down in the hope to see another Dolphin festival – doesn’t happen every day aye…I’m down there every day. This morning was quite unusual. Hear me out. In the south end, we had […]

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Party time, Dolphin style, South Bondi 7:45am

Dolphin Mania

These photos from sunrise could break the internet…what a special kinda morning as the Annual Dolphin Convention gathers at South Bondi. Every direction I looked, I could see dolphins frolicking amongst the surfers. Rarely do you see so many for so long! Remember these shots from Tamarama last year, as we were locking down for […]

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Running the gauntlet - D-zza


It was a beautiful, semi-dark, ultra glass morning down at Bondi. It was eerily quiet – where was everyone? Barely anyone surfing, swimming or exercising. Very rare to see the beach like that in our neck of the woods. A small left nugget was randomly popping up at south, with just a couple of groms […]

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The battered corner


I’m back! Back from the Whitsundays and on the tools. Not much phone reception and bad weather up north means you didn’t receive your regular daily dose from Aquabumps. Sorry about that. Small now – bigger later. A south storm has arrived in Sydney, bringing swell, onshores and showers. A good day to pump out […]

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Hill Inlet - those colours!


I’m in the dreamy Whitsundays, land of the white sandy beaches and coral reefs. 74 islands hang 55 kilometres off the Queensland coast, inside the Great Barrier Reef. The best way to see the archipelago is definitely by boat weaving in and out of the islands, hiding from the wind. It kinda reminds me a […]

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Chucking buckets, Bronte

The Gilded Coast

In Autumn, the light is cleaner, a purer form of golden goodness. There’s no morning humid haze, and the beach scenes appear crisper. Typically we get a lot of offshore westerly breeze at this time of year – they help, a lot, blowing any gunky air out to sea. When the light is velvety, rich, […]

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Oh that Autumn light, so orange, so rich, so good


We’ve lost out banks but there’s plenty of swell. Yep, unfortunately, those blissful sandbanks of the past few weeks have finally eroded and shifted elsewhere. Even with the overnight swell leap, waves were breaking randomly at Bondi – around head high. It was offshore, so hopefully as the day progresses it will groom and improve. […]

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Bronte - Moments of light, this morning


The onshore was in early and we have a renewed South East swell in town. If you were up early you would have enjoyed the cleaner, SW offshore conditions (which were short-lived). I saw waves well above head high from Bronte to Bondi. Not many people out as it appeared junkie. It’s one of those […]

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It was a very moody, temperamental kind of beach morning. It wasn’t obvious how it was going to unfold. Around 6 am it was raining, just sprinkling. Around 6:30 am, there’s a glimpse of light under the curtain; north-facing beaches would have seen more – and northern beaches would have looked glamourous. South facing Bondi […]

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The Annual Pigeon Sunrise Conference at South Bondi this morning


There is lots of swell, lots of good times and lots to talk about. Let’s dive right in. It’s our 4th day of solid East swell; what a plentiful supply!  I would expect waves at most Sydneys beaches as the favourable morning wind WNW grooms those swell lines. It’s 3-4 foot at Bondi, a tad […]

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Icebergs shenanigans

Heavy Duty

It’s a kinda bizarre day out there. Very moody – sunny and warm one second – raining the next. I’ve been down a couple of times to shoot and returned with wet gear. The swell has erupted and South Bondi is being pounded by 6-8 footers. The North end is the go with rideable protected […]

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Griffin Colapinto smashing the lip


I woke to horizontal rain and howling southerlies. Oh man, it’s wild out there – not great for photography! You’ll find your rubbish bins and bbq lids down the street. We’ve even got an Eastern Suburbs COVID case roaming all of Sydney’s BBQ shops – hope you got your BBQ mate! @Bondi waves are now […]

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These are the mornings I hunt


Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I hit snooze on the alarm. Today was that day. The pitter-patter of sunrise rain reassured me I wasn’t missing out on much down the beach. There’s little swell about…but it’s brewing. Friday is the Bondi Surfaid Cup – and it will be Waimea Bay style! I’m talking bigger than […]

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Rain coming...Bondi 6:45am

The Beach People

There are no waves today. My little boy paddled in complaining the ocean was lifeless this morning (keep in mind he only weighs 28 kilos and can rip 6-inch chop). Swell is coming, and so is the rain.It will rain for days… Bondi has a great local community, especially in the mornings. Most people think […]

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I wanna ride that right! South Bondaka


It’s gone small, finally, after weeks and weeks of good waves. We’ve been getting waves even when the swell charts have been calling tiny. Give the shoulders a rest, as it’s not surfable today. (sub 1 footers) It’s an exquisite Autumn sunny day – lap it up kids – rain coming for the rest of […]

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Bondi, underneath


It’s still breaking, yeah, ah-huh, but smaller than yesterday. An excellent run of surfable days with light winds. Dreamy. Maybe this makes up for 2020 – where a wave didn’t break at South Bondi for 6 !@#!$ months! 6 months! 2 months of which we had a damn fence around a closed beach. So this […]

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Chris Prestidge dressed in morning glitter


With such comfortable morning conditions, it’s hard not to go for a swim with my camera instead of shooting from the land. The water is so clear, so warm. The vibe was very positive and busy! Waist to chest high waves continue to break on multiple banks along Bondi. The crowd is hectic, not for […]

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Last night's super moon over Ben Buckler


How’d you go with the super moon, get the shot? Loads of people down at Bondi for it. Heaps. Today: The waves are slowing, but the sunshine is baking. What a beautiful morning down at Bondi. Warm conditions with small waist to chest high waves. Perfect for beginners, groms and frothers with not much work […]

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