Chucking buckets, Bronte

The Gilded Coast

In Autumn, the light is cleaner, a purer form of golden goodness. There’s no morning humid haze, and the beach scenes appear crisper. Typically we get a lot of offshore westerly breeze at this time of year – they help, a lot, blowing any gunky air out to sea. When the light is velvety, rich, […]

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Oh that Autumn light, so orange, so rich, so good


We’ve lost out banks but there’s plenty of swell. Yep, unfortunately, those blissful sandbanks of the past few weeks have finally eroded and shifted elsewhere. Even with the overnight swell leap, waves were breaking randomly at Bondi – around head high. It was offshore, so hopefully as the day progresses it will groom and improve. […]

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Bronte - Moments of light, this morning


The onshore was in early and we have a renewed South East swell in town. If you were up early you would have enjoyed the cleaner, SW offshore conditions (which were short-lived). I saw waves well above head high from Bronte to Bondi. Not many people out as it appeared junkie. It’s one of those […]

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It was a very moody, temperamental kind of beach morning. It wasn’t obvious how it was going to unfold. Around 6 am it was raining, just sprinkling. Around 6:30 am, there’s a glimpse of light under the curtain; north-facing beaches would have seen more – and northern beaches would have looked glamourous. South facing Bondi […]

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The Annual Pigeon Sunrise Conference at South Bondi this morning


There is lots of swell, lots of good times and lots to talk about. Let’s dive right in. It’s our 4th day of solid East swell; what a plentiful supply!  I would expect waves at most Sydneys beaches as the favourable morning wind WNW grooms those swell lines. It’s 3-4 foot at Bondi, a tad […]

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Icebergs shenanigans

Heavy Duty

It’s a kinda bizarre day out there. Very moody – sunny and warm one second – raining the next. I’ve been down a couple of times to shoot and returned with wet gear. The swell has erupted and South Bondi is being pounded by 6-8 footers. The North end is the go with rideable protected […]

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Griffin Colapinto smashing the lip


I woke to horizontal rain and howling southerlies. Oh man, it’s wild out there – not great for photography! You’ll find your rubbish bins and bbq lids down the street. We’ve even got an Eastern Suburbs COVID case roaming all of Sydney’s BBQ shops – hope you got your BBQ mate! @Bondi waves are now […]

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These are the mornings I hunt


Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I hit snooze on the alarm. Today was that day. The pitter-patter of sunrise rain reassured me I wasn’t missing out on much down the beach. There’s little swell about…but it’s brewing. Friday is the Bondi Surfaid Cup – and it will be Waimea Bay style! I’m talking bigger than […]

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Rain coming...Bondi 6:45am

The Beach People

There are no waves today. My little boy paddled in complaining the ocean was lifeless this morning (keep in mind he only weighs 28 kilos and can rip 6-inch chop). Swell is coming, and so is the rain.It will rain for days… Bondi has a great local community, especially in the mornings. Most people think […]

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I wanna ride that right! South Bondaka


It’s gone small, finally, after weeks and weeks of good waves. We’ve been getting waves even when the swell charts have been calling tiny. Give the shoulders a rest, as it’s not surfable today. (sub 1 footers) It’s an exquisite Autumn sunny day – lap it up kids – rain coming for the rest of […]

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Bondi, underneath


It’s still breaking, yeah, ah-huh, but smaller than yesterday. An excellent run of surfable days with light winds. Dreamy. Maybe this makes up for 2020 – where a wave didn’t break at South Bondi for 6 !@#!$ months! 6 months! 2 months of which we had a damn fence around a closed beach. So this […]

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Chris Prestidge dressed in morning glitter


With such comfortable morning conditions, it’s hard not to go for a swim with my camera instead of shooting from the land. The water is so clear, so warm. The vibe was very positive and busy! Waist to chest high waves continue to break on multiple banks along Bondi. The crowd is hectic, not for […]

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Last night's super moon over Ben Buckler


How’d you go with the super moon, get the shot? Loads of people down at Bondi for it. Heaps. Today: The waves are slowing, but the sunshine is baking. What a beautiful morning down at Bondi. Warm conditions with small waist to chest high waves. Perfect for beginners, groms and frothers with not much work […]

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Crew! Bondi Beach

Pump / Dump

Hey hey!  It’s just like yesterday, but bigger. We’ve had an excellent run of weather and waves over the past couple of weeks. The water remains a very comfortable 22ish degrees…the Gold Coast was 25 on the weekend! The swell is on the decline and will get smaller for the rest of the week. There’s […]

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I've never shot a spray this big at Bergs. Don't reply asking if it's real, pls.

The Fall

Autumn, ah yes, some say the best time of the year. I tend to agree. The water is still warm; the winds are calm, sunshine is in abundance and plenty of swell. It’s a little chilly when you wake, but find the sun, and you’ll be right. I saw some sets around head high this […]

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Burleigh Bakers

Goldie Four-ex

I’m in the land of the Castlemaine four-ex, the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland. Yes, I caught a plane! Borders open! It’s a glorious autumn’s day up here, barely a wave on offer. D-bah is about the only place that’s surfable and all the points are like a lake. My boys have been dreaming of […]

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Nice calm, clean shot from Icebergs


Last night there was a little spike of swell which has continued into the morning. It’s a short period bump, so it will not hang around, but there were some very fun head high waves at sunrise. I’d expect the waves to decline rapidly as the day progresses. Tomorrow will be tiny. The Autumn sunshine […]

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Special visit from Connor O'Leary at Bondi this morning

The Pro & Protégé

It’s no secret; we’ve had an incredible 5-day run of excellent surf at Bondi (whilst I’ve been dashing across to the WSL comp at Narrabeen). Day after day, multiple banks have been lighting up – which is rare for our 900 metres of south-facing sand.  Today the good times have ended, the disruptive onshores are here and […]

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@griffin_cola did a air pretty much over me today

Finals Day

I swam the Narrabeen WSL comp area at sunrise, and I liked what I saw! It was uber clean with barely a breath of wind, and the swell has gone a bit East, making it break better than other days – more consistent. It’s still only 2-3 foot but there’s plenty of waves at sunrise. […]

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Ítalo Ferreira - the man to beat. Mid rote, calm az

Swimming with giants

As the world tour rolls into town, we get a glimpse into what high-performance surfing looks like, on our dribbly Sydney beach breaks. Watch Narrabeen has sand, the river mouth is open, but the south swell direction doesn’t favour the famous lefts and puts on a very short, semi-close right. It’s small, but the worlds […]

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Crystal Holiday Cylinders

R and R

You’ve probably figured by now, due to the lack of Aquabumps updates, I’m taking some time off during the school holidays. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my holiday outtakes – my mini tykes dropping into crystallines – they’ve loving surfing – phew, what a relief! I also visited Newcastle and […]

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A tiny glimpse of sun, around 7:05am


I hope you got a surf in this morning, before the onshore. It was on the cook! My shots may not reflect what I saw, as I spent a lot of the morning dodging rainstorms (or waiting for light), but there are some good times out there. Unfortunately, around 10:30 am, the southerly has come […]

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Cracks in the sky

Beam me up, Scottie

Bondi was a little uninspiring this morning, photographically that is. Check out this IG story timelapse, it shows me sitting around waiting for it to go full-bloom pinks – as it looked to have potential around 6:30 am – before going all 50 shades of grey on me around 7:10 am. The surf was junkie, […]

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Not drowning, waving


It was a comfortable morning with a very late sunrise. If you’re wondering, we lose daylight saving hour this Sunday, 4th April, at 3:00 am. So for those early risers, you will get your hour back before work, next week. There were small waves on multiple banks this morning – waist to chest high. It’s […]

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Blake Thornton, always finds them

Murky Waters

All that recent rain has created some strange coloured ocean water in NSW. It’s currently an unattractive green-brown colour – stained from all the muddy river outflows along this state’s coast. Just imagine how much water has been flowing from the land out to sea this week – incredible. Warragamba Dam alone spewed out the […]

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The Sydney Opera house this morning


I’m a beach guy, so what am I doing in the big smoke? Lost? Haha. Yep, today is all in reverse as I woke in the city, watching the pinks blaze over the Sydney Opera House. What a cracker morning to be in Sydney – warm, windless, rainless and very good looking. Sydney’s an awesome […]

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No idea why this image looks like this, but it's catching a lot of sun

Sun Worship

I muffed up this morning. I think I got too excited about clear skies and blanket sunshine. I swam out at South Bondi at sunrise with some new gear, got sucked out to New Zealand in the most aggressive rip I’ve seen in a long time, and spent most of my morning trying to get […]

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It all began here, just trying to make my mates jealous of the waves

22 Years

I don’t wanna make a big deal of it, but this week Aquabumps celebrates 22 years of existence. So you’re thinking, I started this website when I was ten years old? Correct. For those that don’t know the journey, I was a frustrated creative director/office jockey – spending all day in CBD office boardrooms dreaming […]

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North Bondi Density

Deluge Reprieve

NSW has been hit with a prolonged storm weather event – and it’ll continue for a couple of days. Unfortunately, we’ve got flash flooding, houses going downstream, damns overflowing, evacuations, school closures, road closures…it’s crazy. Thoughts go out to all the communities that have been cut off, lost homes and overwhelmed by the rain. Some […]

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One Wave turns 8!


MMMMM, don’t ya just love it, howling onshore dark mornings at Bondi? Autumn is typically a surfers paradise with grooming offshores and fresh southerly swells – nah not this Autumn. There are waves in the 3-4 foot range (no one out), but that nemesis East wind has gotta go. It’s rattling all of us, even […]

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This morning's colour flash.


You probably missed today’s decent sunrise colours – it was quick, blink and you’d miss it. The storm/rain clouds dominated the morning, and now we’ve got pouring rain for a while. Settle in, get some work done, be production – rack up the brownie points. Today’s pictorial adventure depicts one sunrise shot from today; the rest […]

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When all else fails, head to the Bergs for a shot


These days are the hard ones. Trying to find inspiration in a dark, rainy, onshore, closeout day ain’t easy. It takes me ages to find something interesting in the mundane – and I’m not sure I found anything at all! I visited the beach three times this morning, in hope of someone catching a wave. […]

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Junior Propulsion


It was a dim, overcast morning down the beach. Lots of crew sleeping in, probably because of the darkness or cooler weather. The sun is rising so late, makes it a bit harder for work crew to squeeze in activities before diving into their day. There’s a little bump, knee to chest high waves. It […]

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Take-off, Bronte


It was the first cool start to the year; you probably wore an extra layer. Thankfully all that !@#!$ rain has subsided, giving way to some glorious sunshine. Clear skies will be shortlived before diving back into rainy days for the rest of the week. Yeah, more rain. Can you believe it? There were junkie […]

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Cloudy skies, wolf pack waiting. Bondi Beach


Even though the surf was dribbly and without push, it was a fun vibe in the water.  Firstly, it’s warm in the brine – 23+ degrees. The warmest time of year to swim, so get into it. Secondly, there’s good banks and the odd 1-2 foot had a loggers wall spilling to the beach. I […]

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Water is still warm - get in! Bondi 7:40am


A pretty stock standard morning down at Bondi. I’ve seen plenty like this, subtle colours at sunrise, slight onshore, 2-foot waves and a busy beach full of exercise maniacs. After writing approximately 6,000 of these posts, sometimes I get a bit stumped. Today is one of those days! The next time you’ll find waves is […]

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Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club training at sunrise

Funny Farm

It’s wild out there, chaos. Boards flying in all directions, rights on lefts, lefts on rights, 5 per wave. Wear your Stackhat and dodge the torpedos – it’s 2 foot and packed! Its incredible how much the surf dropped out overnight, slipping three gears and idling at sunrise. Clean morning, glorious conditions brought out the […]

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The North Bondi Hook, Sunday 7th March 2021


We are now on the tail end of a solid SSE swell. Yesterday was real big; I saw sets in the 8-10 foot range. Now it’s a more manageable 3-4 foot, and most of the beach is surfable, whereas yesterday was just the North Corner or Benny Buckler Novelty waves. I can imagine there would […]

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Big crowds, big swells and big offshore winds

Viva La Bondi

The 24 hours that preluded this mornings windy southerly was epic. It was paradise; the waves were great – winds gentle, and the sun was in great abundance. Yesterday and part of this morning were mega beach days… At about 9 am this morning, a 20-knot southerly hit, ruining all the fun, but it’s not […]

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Bronte Pool, into the sunrise


There’s fruit on the trees, and finally, the onshores have subsided. The sunshine has come back, and it’s one helluva day outside. Let’s party. It’s easily 4 foot, and from the South, so Bondi is milky every bit of energy from the ocean. It’s too big for beginners and other flotsam jetsam. For the frothers, […]

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