12.11.21 – Palindrome
In between rainstorms, I managed to rattle off a few frames. They’re not pretty, and you probably won’t frame them, but at least you get a little window to the beach.

The surf is relatively clean as SSW winds blow. Waves are around the waist to a small persons chest high. There are around five guys out this morning, if you dislike crowds today is for you!

Rain rain rain…that’s the forecast. There will be flooding in some areas of the state today. It’s spring, and we’ve got heaps of precipitation – the plants love it!

In the Aquabumps Gallery, we’ve launched a new enormous size artwork 225cm x 151cm, which is borderless and looks fantastic. I’ve hand-selected some suitable high-resolution images that will transform a boring white wall into an oceanfront view. We call these large frames “Megalodons” – the biggest fish to ever swim our oceans. Pop into the Bondi gallery, and we have one on the wall.

adios, ugios

Size matters! Check out our largest frames (new)

Few little mini runners in the south end


Barely anyone in the water this morning

Da Bergs


Lost of defense craft around


Middle Bondaka


Ian from Drake (I think)




Our new giant frames, the Megalodons! 225cm x 151cm

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