Meet the Team

The Aquabumps Team 2021
The Aquabumps Team 2021

Alotta people just think Aquabumps is one person, a lunatic with a camera, fanatically capturing sunrises at Bondi and working on his base tan down the beach. Part of that statement is true. The tanning bit.

Well, news flash, there is a whole cool gang of peeps beavering away in the background, keeping the 22-year-old Aquabumps engine well oiled.

We work out of an old mechanics yard, 100 metres from Bondi Beach on Curlewis Street. We have had a gallery for 20 years and been at the Curlewis Street location for around 14 years.

Here’s the team…they do all the real hard work around Aquabumps….

Photographer/Mascot: Eugene (Uge) Tan

Known to sleep under his desk and eat all the cookies

Time on the job: Since 1999

Not many fruit-loops wanna wake up every morning at dawn to shoot the sunrise. Takes a special kinda fanatic. He’s passionate about his work and is not slowing down. Swimming with his camera, flying helicopters, working on his tan – it’s all in a days work!

Favourite artwork: At the moment – Hole Calm.

Eugene 'Uge' Tan. The Photographer and head frother

Commercial Director and Fitness InstructorDebbie Tan (AKA BB)

Time on the job: About 12 years

First up, we’re a family business. Eugene Tan (Uge) met Debbie Tan (BB) on the gallery floor, whilst she was trying to acquire some glorious beach artwork – and she got a whole lot more than she bargained for…

Deb is from fashion and advertising. She loves meetings, collaborations and doing the deals. She’s good at it. We’ve worked with enormous brands, much bigger than us.

Favourite artwork: Italian Drift – cause it reminds me of our trip to the Italy. We were staying in Praiano at the most divine place, owned by our mates Rosa & Lewie called Casa Privata – having a romantic trip sans the kids and swimming in the bluest water with cliffs and water as warm as a bath. I think we’d just had an Aperol Spritz – dove off the edge of our private swimming ladder with not another person in sight. Heaven!

Gallery Manager/Big CheeseTyson ‘Tyler-Tyrone-Troy’

Spends his free time on the road in search of waves or wilderness

Time on the job: 10 years

No one gets his name right. It’s weird. They will name every other T name in the book – other than Tyson. He’s tall and doesn’t use ladders to hang artworks in the shop. He surfs Bondi whenever there is a bank and has rubber arms if a block of chocolate enters the gallery.

Favourite Artwork: Sunflare. A new shot that evokes the ritual of a morning swim.

Tyson 'Tyler' Millar - Gallery Manager
Marnie 'The Rock' Muir - Production Manager/Logistics Queen

Production Queen – Marnie ‘The Rock’

If you’re in need of a cocktail or some snacks, Marnie’s ya girl

Time on the job: 5 years
She prints, she ships, she’s the organizational backbone behind Aquabumps.

Favourite Artwork: Rock Bakes – I’ve never been to Italy, but I can just imagine myself laying on that rock, sippin’ an Averna Spritz, listening to a true crime podcast and watching the world go by. The dream.

Senior Artwork ConsultantJojo

Time on the job: Since 1999

Jojo – the calmest person you will ever meet – works in the gallery helping people find their beloved artwork pieces for their home.

Favourite Artwork: I love the really peaceful prints – I have both Big Red & Bleach up at home.


Our Web DeveloperStormie

Time on the job: 6 years

Web developers are rarer than Hen’s teeth. A good web developer is like a good cleaning lady – you just don’t give out their details or they will get way too engulfed with everyone else’s work to do yours… So let’s just call him Stormie. He works a lot, he loves Star Wars and we occasionally let him go outside in the sunlight (not often). The Aquabumps website is a 20-year-old work in progress, and there’s never a week where we are not improving the site somehow.

Favourite artwork: It’s a secret

Gallery Art Consultant Aimee

Our resident bookworm, if you need any recommendations – Aims has you sorted

Time on the job: 7 years

Aimee is a full-time student studying Law but works the weekends in our heavenly Bondi Gallery. A fantastic conversationalist, debater and incredibly intelligent. She knows Aquabumps inside and out, making her the right person to choose artworks for your walls.

Favourite Artwork: Aegean Blues