Ultimate island waterman experience Cook Islands

submitted 15.7.2019

Surf untouched barrels with the locals; Enjoy sparefishing + dive adventures ; Eat fresh fish and plant based food daily; Practice yoga and meditation daily. Experience the magic of SUPyoga. Explore the island by paddleboards. Swim with turtles and Eagle rays. Learn how to husk a coconut. Award winning retreats. Everyday is the best day of your life. Aug 23-29 or Sept 13-19

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Free health coaching

submitted 15.7.2019

Hi! I am a recently graduated/certified health coach and I’m looking for a 2 people who are interested in improving their overall health through a 12 week program. The program is a holistic one where we get clarity on/work towards your goals while expanding your tool kit of health promoting strategies. Looking for people open to change & committed to growth. Via Skype.

phone: 0414433160

Sound Healing Event – 17.07.2019, Bondi

submitted 12.7.2019

Join us this Full Moon for a 90-minute Sound Healing journey to experience the amazing healing waves of our antique Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, and Nepalese gongs. Immerse yourself in the sound and vibrations of our healing instruments as we facilitate your travel into a deep state of relaxation, calmness and bliss.
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phone: 0413525864