submitted 25.2.2024

If you would like to quieten your mind and feel calmer, then try Vedic Meditation. In this 4 session course, you will not only learn how to meditate deeply, but also learn skills to live a happier, more successful life.
“That was powerful! Thank you!” Dan G
“That was really something!” Olivia P
“Amazing two days!” Tabitha R
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Bringing Out the Love Inside You – Sat 2 March

submitted 20.2.2024

Workshop in Newtown, 2/03/2023 3pm-5pm. We are all fundamentally good, yet many of us are oppressed by negative emotions that lead to low self-esteem, insecurity and feeling unloved. We can begin to heal this by acknowledging and connecting with the fundamental goodness and unconditional love that we all have within us, and which Tibetan buddhist calls our buddha nature.

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Black Dog Institute Fundraiser

submitted 19.2.2024

We’re raising funds for the Black Dog Institute by driving 3500(ish)km in a rickshaw across India in just 2 weeks.

That’s further than driving across the moon! Almost as far as Sydney to Perth.

We’re hosting a fundraiser at the Beach Road Hotel on the 16th March.

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FULL MOON SOUND HEALING – Bondi, 26.02.24 | 7-8.30pm

submitted 17.2.2024

Join us in Bondi for a transformational Sound Healing event where you will be wrapped in a BLANKET OF HEALING SOUNDS and vibrations from over 50 metal and crystal singing bowls and 2 large gongs – all played live by 2 sound healers simultaneously.
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