Last light glows on Uluru

Tans Take NT

Nothing can quite prepare you for the awe of Uluru – no pictures no stories of other people’s experiences, until you see it in real life for yourself. The sounds, the light as it dances across its surface – as the day parts drag a shadow and the clouds change throughout the day, the dramatic […]

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Karels T-Bar under a Tongan glow. Thredbo last Friday

Tans Take Thredbo

There’s something about driving towards the snowy mountains – the way the terrain changes and becomes flat and spacious and sparse and then it becomes rugged and picturesque and mountainous that makes you feel as though you are somewhere else. I like that.

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Marra Marra Lodge NSW

The Hawkesbury

A short 1-hour drive from Sydney will land you in the picturesque Hawkesbury. By the time you reach Peats Ferry Bridge, it’s like taking a long exhale…it’s quiet and you are surrounded by water and native bushland – some of Australia’s finest national parks. We were lucky enough to experience Marramarra Lodge – a luxury […]

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lululemon X Aquabumps

6 years ago I was embraced by the community that is lululemon – onboarded as an ambassador, but more importantly inducted into a world of lovely, warm passionate, health and wellness gurus who truly live by all that lululemon stand for.

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Google Pixel 6: Motion Mode and Magic Eraser

In 2022 I will reveal more BTS tips and tricks whilst on my photographic journey.That’s a promise! I’ve been using Google Pixel phones for years now. I love the photos that they take.Two features I’ve been loving are the ‘Motion Mode’ to make creamy motion blur shots, & ‘Magic Eraser’ – which allows you to […]

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Near Bermagui & Grotta d'Opertuso

Perfect Pairs

Meet our perfect pairs – A curated selection of artworks by beach lifestyle photographer Eugene Tan. These fine art pieces have been paired, some by location – others purely to pay homage to the ocean, light, water, colour palette or a contrast of composition. Harmonious rhythms, a shared story to tell – allow our Gallery […]

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Aquabumps x Wisemans

Like most women – I’m sure you can relate to the surf widow analogy – I was one until we had our two boys and I realised I didn’t want to miss out on a thing. “When we had the opportunity to get involved with Wisemans – a wave pool in nature, with luxury accommodation, […]

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Tans Take Gold Coast – Follow The Sun

We spent 6 days and 5 nights on the Goldie, and the first thing you notice when you step off your REX flight is just how much warmer it is. But firstly back to REX – we were upgraded to business and what a treat that was. A meal worthy of talking about, exceptionally friendly […]

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Spotlight on: Tom Adair

Meet Tom Adair – one of our favourite artists of 2021. With deep roots as a creative talent in both fashion & furniture design – he made the leap of faith to go out on his own in 2018 with his first ever solo exhibition, leaving behind his job that he loved at Jardan in […]

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Merceds loaned us a car, and we Aquabumps'ified it a little

Aquabumps x Mercedes Benz

We had the pleasure of experiencing the newest addition to the Mercedes-Benz family, the new electric EQC Mercedes-Benz has a long relationship with the art world In 1977, the parent company Daimler established the Daimler art collection now comprising more than 3000 works by 650 international artists, so employees would be inspired by their daily […]

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