We are hiring…

Gallery Sales Assistant Vacancy – Applications Close 10th October 2017

Location: Aquabumps Gallery – Bondi Beach store
Track record in retail sales
Casual position, 15-30 hours per week
Weekend & Christmas availability necessary
$$$ Salary – to suit candidate experience
Minimum 2 years sales experience required (preferably in retail/gallery environment – but not essential)

At Aquabumps, we are passionate about the beach, surf and photography. Aquabumps has been in operation for 18 years and we are at the forefront of producing photographic fine-art prints. We have a high demand for our photographic artworks and deal with customers from all over the world as well as local clientele.
We are looking for a gallery sales assistant who has excellent customer service skills.
Just to be clear…this position is on the gallery floor and not on the beach taking photos all day long sipping cocktails working on your tan…that job has been taken by the owner :: uge. 
We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service…yep…good old fashion customer service where we do what we say we’re going to do…y’know…call people back (our customers like talking to humans, not computers), we carry sold artworks to their car and care that it gets home safely. We go that extra mile to make sure our customers are happy.
Are you a team player? It gets busy in our gallery (especially in summer) and working together is essential.
So if you think you can walk up to a complete stranger, light up an authentic and engaging conversation, talk them through our production process, provide interior design advice and guide them into selection one of our +1,000 range of artworks…you’re looking good…I reckon we want to speak with you.
We’d like you to be:

Passionate about the beach, surf and Aquabumps. (even if you boogie board)
Available on weekends – these are peak times for our gallery
A clear communicator in-store, on phone and over email.
Organised/multitasker – it gets busy and our customers like to gang up on us and all call/email at once.
Computer savvy. You’ll need to use PCs, Outlook, Excel and Word. Na you don’t need to be a geeky Bill Gates – but you need to how to operate all the software without a blink of an eye.
Well presented – we’re a slick gallery and you’ll be front of house. You’re representing us.

If this sounds like the type of job you would thrive in, we’d love to hear from you.
Apply with a 1-page resume and cover letter to Attn: TYSON MILLAR (Big Cheese) [email protected] to join the growing Aquabumps family.
Sorry, due to the nature of our small, close-knit team family; no travel visas.


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Jet & Spike Luurve Seating It

Air New Zealand’s Luurve Seat – A New Way To Fly

We recently flew to Hawaii with air NZ – sky couch. Having 2 small children and an overnight flight – sky couch basically turns into a mini bed whereby an adult and a child can lay next to each other across 3 seats, even 2 adults can fit side by side “also known as the Luurve seat”. Where your legs would normally reside pops up and ‘voila’ you have a couch size bed in the sky. In short – a genius offering by Air NZ for couples or families traveling long haul. You get off a flight not a complete zombie with a rested 3 and 6 year old. Yes, our youngest Spike snored the whole way, so mum maybe not so rested!
It’s a great alternative for those who can’t justify the jump to business class – and depending on how you co sleep with your little ones or your partner – there’s a good chance you will arrive to your holiday destination ready to rock! We rated it highly and you can’t beat good ol fashioned customer service that Air NZ excel at every time. Thanks to our special hostess Gail – we could have taken you home with us!

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Tamarama Ness – creative, beach lover and all round good chick

Meet Ness, master creator – wizard of food and effortless style in presentation both with her meal creations and fashion street sense. Possibly one of the only people that can pull off sneakers with a runway dress. Mother to two beautiful girls Sophia and Bianaca, wife to Brainiac Timbo and one of the originals to our Aquabumps family.
We caught up with Ness to take a peak in her newly built home in Tamarama and spent the morning shooting the breeze about her loves, life and even got to sit in her new Mustang. She’s one cool chick and we love her…
Tell us a little bit about you Ness. What do you do when you’re not running after your two beautiful girls – projects past and new…
I’m a creator of things. Whether it’s photographs, brands, books or food – I love being a part of the creative journey, whatever form it takes. I’ve worked on photo shoots (food and kids – but not at the same time), corporate design and tech projects in the big smoke, a food blog, a cookbook , was a restaurant pianist for a brief period (we’re talking the 80’s), lots of print design (the 90’s) and have designed all sorts of logos and brands and things. But my best creation is our two girls.
What do you love about living in Tama?
I’ve lived in Tama or close by for most of my 17 years in Sydney. It felt like home the moment I arrived. There’s a great energy in the area, and it feels like being on holidays all year round. It also helps that we have the best neighbours ever. It reminds me of growing up in Perth – where we knew everyone on the street and hung outside to chat. Summer is magnificent – evening swims on a balmy night are the best. Winter is equally beautiful – watching the wild seas and storms roll in is addictive.
Describe your style in 3 words
Creative, eclectic and random!
When it comes to your home – what do you love to surround yourself with. How would you describe the aesthetic of your space/home.
I have an equal love for old crumbling heritage houses, and streamlined modern structures. Our house is new, and the architectural brief was modern Greek island. So there’s a lot of white going on, different textures and strong rectangular spaces. I like clean lines and contemporary design. Equally, if my house resembled an ancient ruin with a moat I’d love that too.
In terms of what’s in my home – it’s a bit like filling a big white box, slowly gathering pieces that we love. We have a beautiful painting in the main living area of our house, by a very talented artist – James Ettelson. It’s very detailed, and I often catch myself staring into the detail and vagueing out – like a form of meditation. It’s called The Life Aquatic, and James painted it whilst living in Tamarama for a short period. In front of James’s painting are some very delicate Bocci white pendant lights, made of porcelain. They look like big shells and were actually modeled on barnacles. Books – we’ve got a lot of them – fiction, non-fiction and cookbooks. I love being surrounded by them – lots of good memories in that bookshelf. Some of my books have been with me on my travels to different cities and countries. They are slightly colour coded – a Virgo OCD thing. I love our Aquabumps pieces – we have a big collection from the early years through to today. I always feel like going for a swim when I look at them. My husband is in one of them which is special. We have some special sculptural ceramic works from my brother Bruce, who has Anchor Ceramics. These sit on our front entry cabinetry, where I can see them everyday. They are beautiful natural colours – terracottas and off whites. It’s like having little houses inside your house. My daughter’s drawings are also dotted throughout our house.
Your top 5 Aquabumps images of the moment.
Choosing 5 is very hard. But if I have to:
Peppermint fresh: Italian beach style at it’s finest. Crystal waters and candy colours. Fresh and cool.
Whitey: Bondi Icebergs – one of my favourite places. So favourite that we got married there. I love the clean black and white lines and the roar of the sea in this piece.
She floats: we bought this recently to complete a little house in our garden. It’s deeply moody and tranquil, and goes perfectly in the very white little A frame room. Perfect to have above a bed.
Magic: I spend many sunrise mornings down at Bondi. And they are most definitely magic. This piece captures that magic so well – stunning colours and a peaceful vibe.
The Pass: I love the vastness of the ocean and shore in this piece.
Photography: Rachel Dray

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La Spiaggia at Icebergs

All in the name of art – special thanks to Canon for making this dream come alive. Oh and our Italian buddies at Santa Vittoria

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Ben Buckler at Sunset

Well that was a big weekend at Sydney’s beaches wasn’t it? Huge crowds, small waves and little wind.

Flat Rock Bondi Beach 4th Feb 2017 from Aquabumps on Vimeo.

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Margaret River Gourmet Escape with Damon Eastaugh and Taj Burrow

Shot in the beautiful Margaret River of WA – Aquabumps takes you on a road trip with Damon Eastaugh and Taj Burrow as they show us the simple pleasures of sunrise surfs & deserted beaches.
Damon’s passion for wine making for Flying Fish cove and spoilt by choice for good food and wine in celebration of the Margaret River Gourmet Escape – presented annually by Audi.
Production: CryBaby Productions

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Christmas Deadlines

Christmas creeps up so fast, doesn’t it? Aquabumps artworks, books, and things make great gifts. It’s our busiest time of year.
What a lot of people don’t realise is that we’re predominantly a MADE-TO-ORDER business. As in, we don’t have every image, all 1,100 options in the gallery, in stock, in every size and framed. It would be impossible. So, you have to give us time to hand-make our artworks. Yes, our artworks are handmade 100% in Australia.
Pick up from Bondi
Deadlines below apply to custom order artworks that you’ll need to pick up from our Bondi Gallery (We do keep stock of popular items in smaller sizes which are ready to go call 02 9130 7788 or contact us):

Order Deadline
(Bondi Pickup)
When you need it by & can pick up from Bondi Gallery

11th December
 20th-24th December

18th December *Last Chance*
 24th December

Shipping Custom Order Deadlines
If you’re overseas, here is a guide to your deadlines if you want us to deliver it. (And ignore the delivery dates in our automated shopping cart). Please note overseas timeframes can vary due to duties and customs. Below is just a guide/estimation. Unframed prints are our fastest turnaround made-to-order item:
For a delivery on 22nd/23rd December, order before these dates:

Sydney Metro

Unframed Prints 
21 Dec
21 Dec
16 Dec
15 Dec
15 Dec
15 Dec
15 Dec

Framed Prints 
14 Dec
14 Dec
14 Dec
12 Dec
10 Dec
10 Dec
10 Dec

Shipping Timeframes
We ship globally using air couriers (not sea for greater speed). You will be able to track your package during the entire journey via online. These timeframes are only estimates only.

Sydney Metro

1-2 working days
2-4 working days
4-6 working days
4-6 working days
4-6 working days
4-6 working days

Please keep in mind we have plenty of IN-STOCK items, ready to go, like books, gift cards and plenty of pre-made artwork. Contact us or call 02 9130 7788 to see what we have ready to go.
Our address is:
Aquabumps Gallery
151 Curlewis Street
Telephone 02 9130 7788

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Eugene Tan at Home in Bondi

Eugene’s top 10 for 2016

I’ve seen a lot of artwork in my time. We’ve had a gallery for 14 years now and I’ve seen thousands of pieces go through our factory. I sign every piece, so I get a good chance to have a good look at what looks good after framing. I’d thought I’d share some of my favourite artworks, as every piece looks different framed and suits a different space. I hope this helps you in your decision-making process. If you ever get stuck, just call us 02 9130 7788 or hit the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner of this website. We have a small team of artwork specialists to help you out.

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Jason Grant at Home in Bondi

Choosing artwork tips with Jason Grant

If you don’t know Jason Grant from your strolls around Bondi – or live vicariously through him and his travels between Bondi, Byron and Palm Springs on Instagram @mr_jason_grant, let us introduce you.
He’s originally from magazine land but today has carved himself a piece of his own pie as a Stylist, Author and creative director of his own homewares brand MJG.
We had a morning with him at his eclectic, unbridled and stylish Bondi pad to talk to him about style, his love of Aquabumps and what advice he’ll give you all for free when creating your own space:
So how would you describe the style of your home Jason?
Relaxed, laid back, casual – not too over styled, I think comfort – it’s my own sanctuary
What do you love to surround yourself with?
I have stripped things back – less is more, my home is filled with things I love, it’s a collection of my journey
What can’t you live without?
My Boston terrier Sophia of course and probably coffee!
Tell us your 5 favourite Aquabumps images and why you love em?
Kombi (my first Aquabumps) I love the calmness of this, it’s really peaceful a real magic moment

Empty Icebergs – icebergs is just as beautiful empty as it is full – I love the texture and tones in this
Beach Calm (my second Aquabumps at home) another calm print – I always love shades of blue and the ocean – my happy place
Sea Love Collab – well you gotta love it when some of your favourite people work together right!
Waterfront – I styled/featured this print in one of my all time favourite merchandise room sets for Inside Out – it was the starting point for the room

Best style advice you would give to someone who is contemplating a new Aquabumps artwork.
I say think big – it’s a common mistake to put one small print of a big wall – your walls are bigger than you think they are – so choose a bigger print.
We agree Jason Grant – bigger is better (when it comes to artwork that is).
Photography: Rachel Dray

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