Surf checks have never been so fun!

Surf checks have never been so fun!


On our recent Easter break to country NSW, the family got to test out the robust Defender, a dreamy off-roader in a unique Grassmere green with matching rims, paying homage to its 75-year origins.

Naturally, as we’re all beach freaks, the Defender spent more time on the sand than on the bitumen – searching for uncrowded peaks. (I bet you didn’t know you could fit nine boards in the back). True story.

The car returned to Sydney in one piece and was displayed at Bondi Pavilion this morning. Australia has 75 of these limited-edition Defenders available so that you can take part in this historic celebration. More info.

The car indeed championed our love of adventure but in complete luxury. Considered design and intuitive technology that meant cruising off-road was even more of a pleasure. It even has a fridge to keep my Primes chilled!
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Nah, not Bondi. Deb seems to always be checking the surf

Grassmere greens from the 1940's model

75 years of Defender