We're going back to Greece today!

Fitness First

You can leave your house if you’re going to work, seeing the Doc, food shopping, visiting your romantic partner(s) (a few of my mates making a few stops) OR EXERCISE. Oh boy, people are hitting the outdoor exercise hard and for hours and hours – we’re gonna be a nation of ripped, tanned, fit rigs. […]

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"Whitey" Icebergs, Bondi

Free Ship

I’ve received a few emails saying why don’t I post some of my favourite images of all time. So bang! Here they are…12 images I’m proud of. (Really hard to narrow it down). Free ship? Nah I am not talking about Ruby Princess (what a debacle that has ended up being). Crazy times call for […]

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Autumn mornings, the best


We’ve all been inside, in iso for a while now. You’re all doing great. Really. The news tells me we are showing early signs of a flattening curve. Keep up the good work. Speaking of curves, there are not many waves today as we have a NE wind swell (1-2ft) and trailing NE wind. It’s […]

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Ouvea has amazing water clarity!


How we all going with this new ‘working-from-home’ thing? Mastered it yet? Our internet connection NBN keeps crappin’ out, for days at a time, so that makes online homeschooling/working interesting. In fact, nothing in our house works without the internet – including me! You know when a slow cooker Carbonara recipe goes viral that we’re […]

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Bondi, morning split show


Today’s pictorial essay is a little reminder of what life was like before The Rona. Ya know, when we all hit the beach before work, caught a few waves, had a coffee with mates and then squeezed into public transport to go to work. Life’s not going to be the same, but we’ll adapt and […]

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The Telo Islands, Indonesia

Cabin Fever

How are you all doing out there? Strange times, and it seems to be only getting stranger. We now live in a world of homeschooling, quarantine cops, face masks, cabin-fever and closed beaches. It’s flat out weird (I know), but we will get through it, together. You’re probably not surfing, but it’s something we can […]

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Sarakiniko beach scene


We’re going on a holiday today, yep, you deserve it. Most of you have made it through a week, inside, isolating…well done! Today we’re visiting the beautiful island of Milos, Greece. It’s peak summer, windy…baking hot. The only place to be is swimming in the pristine waters that surround the island. There are sea caves […]

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Holidays Aquabumps s1a4341


How are we all doing out there? Isolating? We are… That brings us to today’s pictorial theme – isolation, separating us all until this thing blows over. Trump reckons 9:16 am Easter Sunday it’s all over, but hey, I reckon he may be telling the porky pies (again). Lonely?Have you heard of the app “Houseparty“? […]

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Winters coming, big swells soon pounding the pool


Since my last post things got a little heavy…borders closed, infected numbers increased, CES queues grew, lots of businesses shut and the general population are now sensibly bunkering down indoors – avoiding The ‘Rona. It’s getting serious, we all know that, but let’s look at the positives. What better time to spend with the tykes? […]

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Empty Bondi


I never thought I’d write these words, but Bondi Beach is closed to the public. All the ramps have large fences erected, surfers are being called out of the water and there’s a large police presence. I was getting worried on Friday afternoon when 25,000 people came down to Bondi – disregarding the social distancing […]

Seeking shelter, Tamarama

In Iso

Good morning, how are we all? Working from home, ah-huh? Welcome to your Friday cheer up where we deliver the beach to wherever you are, locked inside, left town, in the supermarket queue for dunny roll. Yesterday’s Dolphin shot is breaking the internet. I’ve never had such a strong response to an image in my […]

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"Spirituality" Tamarama. March 19, 2020


I was shooting Bronte, the mood was OK, people are still going about their morning rituals with a sense of caution. Around 7:45 am an enormous pod of dolphins darted around the point from Bondi – thrusting in the air, bombarding the lineup. They put on the most incredible show – it was kinda like […]

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Maroubra, lucky timing with the backwash and light

Social Distancing

Since the invention of the smartphone we’ve been practising ‘social distancing’. We’re experts at it. Need food? Get Deliveroo to your sofa. Feeling lonely? DM a friend. Waiting for your coffee? scroll Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp and email – simultaneously of course – don’t look up, ever. Walking to work? Put those dorky white airpod things […]

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Social distancing, Bondi


I realise everything in your life has been cancelled, work, projects, meetings, hugging, holidays, toilet paper…but don’t worry, old mate Aquabumps is still gonna pump out the beach vibes daily. Waves are still breaking and the sun is seeping over the hill, right on time… Some great uncrowded waves at sunrise – head high. Clouds […]

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A very dry looking Heffron Park, Maroubra

Sydney’s Drought

Working from home today? Ah-huh. Thinking about a lunchtime surf? Probably not. It was a 1/10 down there this morning with an onshore mess, rain and deserted beach. Pass… Sydney’s DroughtI’m a water guy, shoot in the water, surf, swim – hover above it in a chopper – it’s been my way to make a […]

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Golden light this morning at 7am

Let’s talk…

We’ve got a lot to talk about today. Listen up. There’s a little wave on, it’s only waist high+ but it’s an exquisite autumn sunny day. Rain coming tomorrow, so enjoy today. The WSL just postponed all pro-surfing events for March because of the virus. Wow. Over in Manly they’re gonna complete the Sydney Surf […]

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Morning mood

Rip Currents

We are experiencing a good little run of small waves in Sydney. It’s surfable every day – no – not cranking, but you can get wet. As the rips turned on – the bowls started to flow. (I’m sure my Mum will call me later asking what that means in English). The micro-groms were out […]

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Sage Gubbay, one of Bondi's finest


Still plenty of swell loitering around Sydney today. Bondi had waves in the chest high + range on sets. A rip-bowl bank in the middle had some waves, but it was impossible to sit on it – constantly getting sucked out to sea. Quite tricky. Not much wind around this morning and the sun was […]

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World Champion Adriano de Souza from Brazil

Sydney Surf Pro

Professional surfing rolls into Sydney – The Sydney Surf Pro. Fortunately Manly really turned on this morning as waves broke around head high – it was kinda pumping! I wish I had my board on me. As the tide filled in the lulls lengthened – shame for the first few heats of the day which […]

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The full moon, tonight


It’s a full moon tonight. It’s when weird stuff happens. Arrroooooo. You know…like two women brawling over toilet paper at your local supermarket (have you seen this?). That’s weird. Weird stuff is happening around us. Yeah, blame it on the moon. It will pass. Breathe. Stay calm. Bondi’s got a few waves this morning under […]

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Da Bra hacks, 7:30am


We’ve got a break in the rain, the suns out and the NE swell is on the pump. It’s solid, 4-5 foot and consistent. Pretty wild though, exposed beaches had plenty of randomnesses. So if you have your 4 packs of loo paper quota, paddle out. Lower tides will be fruitful at East facing beaches […]

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Dec 19, 2019 Those smokey mornings sure looked pretty (sometimes)

Loo Paper

The beach was deserted today. It was kinda weird as I saw waves in the waist to chest high range that were surfable/contestable. Not a soul from The Tower to Icebergs…hmmm. Did the rain scare everyone off? ‘Cause it’s been steadily coming down all morning OR are you all queuing up for dunny paper at […]

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Bronte after a good pool clean in Feb


How good is the rain! Glorious rain! It is bucketing as I write this post. Not great for my morning photos though… Spike, my 6-year-old, sat in Bondi car park with me this morning, wind wipers blazing, cameras at the ready, 1-2 foot dribblers “Daaada, I want to take over Aquabumps…I wanna take photos…” (music […]

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North Bondi Flags


The weather has done a 180 from yesterday and now we have cooling south winds, onshore mank, and an empty beach. Good day to get some work done. You’re not missing much down here on the beach. Rain coming… I’m selling some of my Canon cameras on eBay. A 1dXMkII for someone who wants to […]

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Tyson, our gallery manager, at it again


Today’s the first post from Autumn, yep, summers’s over. A sigh of relief throughout the rural areas with a bushfire threat. It’s still pretty hot as we climb to 32 degrees today. Sensational Bondi morning with gentle West offshores and a new south groundswell. I think the winds will go onshore around 3pm, so an […]

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Sunny morning, 1-2 footers


At sunrise, there was a little pocket of clean conditions. It’s small, mid-Bondi had a left worth riding in the 1-2 foot range. The SE onshore winds are in now and will blow…promoting more swell energy for the weekend. (fingers crossed) I had all manner of technical problems shooting in the water today! A full […]

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Rain coming...

Road Kill

I nearly got run over by a car twice this morning on my way to the Aquabumps HQ. That’s not a bad morning really, sometimes it’s more. The first time was someone running a stop sign on Gould, the other was 100 metres on…where crosswalks seem to mean floor it and try to collect something […]

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Loggin' in for the morning, Bondi


It was another calm, warm, sunny morning down at Bondi. Waves are limping in around 1-2 foot with a few banks putting on a mal wave. The beach was packed before sunrise, which is now rising late (6:40am). Some decent colour patches in the skies as many grabbed a coffee and watched the new day […]

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Bondi 8am

Mega Good Vibes

This morning was a treat. The waves are tiny but the water is so warm and comfortable. Multiple banks were putting on a little peak and kids, mums, dads, uncles, and grandpas were out enjoying the salubrious conditions. Everybody had a smile. It’s a cracker, go for a swim. Cape Mentelle X AquabumpsLate last year […]

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Nils just hanging in there


After days and days of swell, it’s gone small. Shows over. We’ve all had such a good time out there recently, the shoulders are sore and the work is piling up. Of course, Bondi is still surfable with chest-high sets limping into the bay. Winds are currently 12 knots from the north and the swell […]

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Weeties, from the middle. Some good looking lefts


Good morning folks. Decent morning for a surf, even with a bit of randomness on it. Decent waves along the entire beach, bit of junk, but waves are head high and sometimes above. Late sunrise today as morning cloud smothered it for a bit. Small south swell all weekend, some rain, tad onshore. As you […]

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Brock Jeffery-Warren Sky high! #sorryforgotyourname


It got real big, real quick this morning. It’s now 6-8 foot and onshore, but at sunrise there was a little window for surfers. I saw a nice right way up North before the flags opened for the day. We’re having a spectacular run of swell this week. Just need to hang until the onshores […]

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Blake Thornton, in the back of the bat cave

It’s on.

I have to confess, standing on the beach shooting can be torturous when your mates are scoring barrels out front. Today’s got waves, real good ones. It’s offshore all-day and a salubriously sunny, exquisite summer’s day. Swell is fading, and will be much smaller on dark. But…boom! There’s a fresh swell arriving tomorrow flanked with […]

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There's a few waves today rattling down the banks


What a day! A cracker…weatherwise, surfwise, windwise, beachwise…everything wise. Turn your phone off, screens down – hit the beach. The water is warm, the surf is picking up into the 4-6 foot range and the winds are light. It looks like we’re not done with Cyclone Uesi which is sitting south of New Zealand and […]

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Bondi this morning, lighting up for a brief moment


Incredibly sad news from the weekend, a Russian man drowned off Flat Rock, North Bondi, after his partner was rescued. ⁠⁠I was down there moments before the incident, shooting and having a surf with my grom. ⁠I was watching the people on the point thinking that is extremely dangerous in a huge (unpredictable) north swell. […]

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We've got a big tree washed up at Bondi today


Bondi is a mess in and out of the water. There’s heaps of storm debris littered along our shoreline. A huge tree also washed up yesterday, haven’t seen that before. I visited a few of my regular Eastern Suburbs beaches this morning, the surf looked very messy, onshore and uninviting. Since my morning shoot, it […]

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Bronte reef, at the base of the cliffs


The original forecasts were for another super-soaker, like last weekend, from approaching Tropical Cyclone Uesi. I was expecting 50mm of rain today and another 50 tomorrow (Sydney). It’s recently changed… Uesi’s path looks like it’s going out to sea towards Lord Howe as it comes down from Queensland, so it won’t get too close to […]

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Bondi - fog clearing

Raw Elements

Fire, flood, smoke…and now fog. What next? Tropical Cyclones? (more on that in a bit). Sydney’s beaches were shrouded in thick fog this morning. I couldn’t see the surf or surfers let alone shoot it. The word on the street is that there are great waves, but wobbly, in particular exposed breaks like Maroubra/Tamarama/Manly. Bondi […]

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Blake Thornton, all powered up and chucking buckets, Maroubra


The moment you’ve been waiting for, winds have gone calm, the rain has stopped – it’s here! The storm has passed and left us a chunky ENE swell. Toot toot! The Maroubra crew were putting on a clinic amongst solid 4-6 foot waves. It was quite unruly, but there’s certainly diamonds out there. I imagine […]

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What? Good waves in the harbour? Yes, yesterday!

Harbour Surfing

Wow, that was a wild weekend! That rain dance worked, ’cause torrential rain floods our dry town. Combine the wet with gale-force winds and 10-foot waves you’ve got some interesting conditions. Yesterday: totally howling onshore at Bondi, if you sought refuge in the harbour you would have scored offshore, good overhead waves with 1,000 others. […]

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