If you ventured down the beach this morning in hopes of slaying some moving water, you were probably very disappointed. Last night’s spike in swell was a rare window, a one-hit-wonder…a flash in the pan. It’s gone from head high to ankle-biters – at best! Blink and you missed it!

Sadly, I don’t think there will be much to surf until next Tuesday. Yeah, that’s right, 6 days of one footers. There’s going to be some grumpy people around town with such a lack of decent swell.

Living outside of Australia? I have some great news if you want to shop with us:

a) we have slashed our shipping prices to other continents. In some cases 75% less. We’ve also capped shipping…say for example the USA – it’s now capped at $110USD for anything and everything! Yes, get 3 giant framed prints, now $110USD – capped! Crazy I know.

b) It’s 5 weeks until Christmas, so there’s still time to ship overseas in time for the big day. London – sure thing, NYC – can do. Singapore – ah-huh.

Ok, all public announcements are over. Keep yourself busy in these surf-less times. Stay positive/test negative.

:: uge

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Keep the board on the roof


Friendy on this foil contraption


The Ravesis Corner


This is not really surfing


Mottled light on the Bergs


North Bondi

Icebergs, not from a drone, so can blow it up big!


3 thoughts on “Goof

  1. Ravesi family who ran a fruit shop in the Ravesi building originated from Santa Marina, Salina an island which is part of the Eolian Islands off the coast of Sicily. Other families from the Eolian Islands that had shops and many properties in and around Bondi include Santamaria, Rando, Tesorierio, Sarcosmo, Russo, Donato, Virgona, LoBlanco and Bonica families to mention a few. The Eolian Islands consist of Lipari, Salina, Stromboli (famous for its active volcano), Panarea, Vulcano, Filicudi and Alicudi.
    The Rando family still own one of the 2 remaining houses on the beach front. The blue building at the terminus was built by my wifes’ grandfather Bartolo Donato. Your photos while interesting give no indication of Bondi’s history and history is what stimulates interest. You are quite welcome to visit Filicudi where my family is still very active with restaurants, bars, boats, motor scooters etc.

  2. Hey,
    You’ve gotta hang around a little longer and watch us play Wednesday morning “altinha” Brazilian beach juggling.
    I saw you watching us warm up, but it’s cool once we start playing and you see all the Brazilian girls with some serious skills wearing bikinis and playing on the shores!

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