Well didn't you wake up on the right side of the bed this morning?


This morning was one of those jaw-dropping, all-inspiring, stop-what-ya-doing, have-a-good-gork sunrises. One of those vivid colour sprays that make the images look PhotoChopped. I hope you saw it. The surf wasn’t half bad either folks. I saw plenty of head high glory out there. It looked clean and more from the East. Yes, south facing Bondi […]

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Rotto, those blues.


I was gonna work up some elaborate, convoluted story as to why I haven’t been shooting these past two days in Sydney – especially when it’s been pumping in parts….well…ahem…the truth of the matter is that I’ve got a sick little fella at home and a wifie on tour. This time of year our kids […]

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Really dark and gloomy morning, with a sprinkle of rain


Damn dark and gloomy down the beach this morning. #nonevent We’ve got junkie swells flanked with a southerly. Bondi look pretty wild with random, twisted, buckled peaks. Surfable…debatable. As I write this a ray of sunshine, 1st for the day has struck my keyboard. Alleluia. 1st bit of vitamin D I’ve seen since the Ments. : […]

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A bomb, deep inside

Last Dance

I’ve been waiting for an ugly Bondi morning to showcase our last hurrah in Mentawais. Today’s it! After an unimpressive 10 seconds down at Bondi Beach this morning I resorted to a coffee and direct route to the gallery. In my quick beach scan, I saw a super junkie 3-foot rainy mess out there. Really not […]

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Fresh little peak getting tweaked

Well hello.

Coupla little waves on offer this morning. It ain’t pumping, but it’s contestable. A bit of junk in the morning sess, maybe that’ll get ironed out as the day progresses. Swell will go tiny tomorrow before rocking back up on Tuesday. Whilst were we scoring 8 foot plus in Mentawais last week Taj and a […]

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From the heavens


Today, I thought you might like something different. Maybe a 1-minute video version of my morning swim? All filmed this morning and edited in 17.5 mins. Watch now Good to see a little increase in swell around Sydney. It’s coming in from the South and around shoulder high. The incoming tide will push in head […]

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All yours


We’re moving into that winter phase where the beaches are empty in the mornings. It’s like a ghost town. Especially after a sunrise rain squall, everyone just goes directly to work and skips their morning beach visit. The surf is quite lame. A flimsy 1-2 foot suitable for the beginners. Tomorrow afternoon there is a […]

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Andrew Weetman, morning speed blurs


I’m back in Bondi. Missed me huh? People often ask why I go to Indonesia so much. I made a rough little video that might shed some light on my attraction to the islands. Grab a cuppa and WATCH NOW (all shot and edited by a stills guy – so go easy!). The recent trip […]

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Adrian Shortland snug inside, Mentawais

Indo Magic

I won’t mess with words, Indonesia has been pumping this week. Why so good? Well, there’s been a constant supply of swell. Nice long period stuff all the way from the roaring forties down near Antarctica. Most days are 4 foot plus with a few beefy 8-10 foot days this week. Broke 2 boards in […]

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Paradise found, plenty of these empty beaches still here

Tick Tock

Wind and waves are going to be at their best in The Mentawais this week (so I’ve been told). We’ve been in a holding pattern for a couple of days waiting for the new swells to fill in. Still surfing daily, just not much over 3-4 foot. Still, plenty to do outside surfing around here. […]

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The Comb Over, Mentawai sunset magic last night


Most nights in Mentawais it glasses off. Pure silk. Best time to surf. The land cools down and the coastal convection relaxes. Last night was pretty special…awesome colours and 4-6 foot waves. We surfed a break in the main part of Mentawais – in the Playgrounds region. I won’t lie – it’s busy. Land camps are […]

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Mentawai hollows, falling straight into a pit.


The winds have gone light, and swell magnets are starting to fire. (In Mentawai Islands that is). Mentawais are an archipelago of surf rich islands that hug the south coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The area is famous for its barrels, as nearly all waves are on shallow coral reefs. People come from all over the globe […]

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Cameron Hoy, our duck diving specialist. Mentawais


Our Mentawai voyage is off to a slow start this year. That’s cool; it can’t pump every day here. An off day in The Ments is head high anyway…that eases the jolt from our training grounds; the Bondi Beach rip bowls to these hollow coral reef breaks. There is still plenty of other things to do […]

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Twinkle toes with Livvy Phyland, Bondi 7:30am

Shorey Frolic

I’m back in Bondi today after my brief fling with W.A. Damn the weather is mighty fine back here. It may be a little chilly in the wind and shade, but the water is amazing. We’re lucky to be swimming at this time of year. The waves are not so fortunate. It’s tiny and slapping […]

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Rotto Box, Luke Wyllie, living it up in WA today.


G’day from W.A.! The mining boom might be over, and sleepy old Perth has quietened down, but the place still blows my mind for raw beauty. I was born here…but spent most of my life on the East Coast. I haven’t returned home for many, many years, so I went and checked out some of […]

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Yesterdays bay closeouts have gone, and it's a manageable 4 foot.

8 -> 4

It may not be 8 foot out there, like yesterday, but there is still waves to be surfed. I reckon it’s only 3-4 foot now, from the south. The NW winds are cleaning up everything – this morning is ideal for a session. Paddle out if you can. The next 7 days look small. Today […]

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Bondi beach, 7am today, 1st light and 1st wave I saw

The Big Boys

There is a new long period south swell rocking Sydney as I write this. Oh boy, it’s big! On paper, it was hard to determine what actually would happen this morning. 2-metre swell, 15 second period. It’s the period that was the X factor. I knew it would be good, but I didn’t realise it would […]

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Today, Bondi, in between the rain. Not very exciting I know.


Excitement levels are extremely low today down the beach. The swell has gone, the clear skies are now full of dark rain clouds. It’s a day to do some work. It will rain from now until Sunday night. Binge out on Netflix this weekend. There will be surfable waves all weekend with a new swell. […]

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Ex-Bondi, Brett Anderson kicking into the morning sun. Maroubra 7am

Golden Treats

What a fantastic day to be in Sydney. Superb weather, offshore winds and 3-4 foot waves. Swell is now coming from the SE, lighting up most beaches. I bet your local had something… If you can’t get down the beach today, don’t stress. The forecast looks quite healthy for the next week. More 3 foot/offshore […]

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Andrew Weetman, bottom arcs, Bondi Beach


It might be cold out, but it’s very warm in. You should get wet. The swell has come to the party, and we now have waves around head high. Winds are SW, that’s offshore – which is great. But I reckon by the time you read this email it will swing around to the SSE […]

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Bondi Beach 7am this morning not looking great!


Bondi this morning was kinda bland. I rode around looking for something interesting to shoot…but ended up returning home to continue rock’n’roll wrestling part IV with the maniac tykes. The waves looked small and full, barely anyone out. Even the shore was empty as it began to spit. Not really a beach day at all. […]

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Chris Friend, bucket chucking


After a sensational week of weather (and some waves) things have changed. Bondi put on some grovelly 2 footers. Winds were ideal from the Sou-West, soon to be East. Huge crowd out early. Nothing special, don’t worry, you’re not missing out. Small waves tomorrow and really small waves for Mother’s Day Sunday. Spend all day […]

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Hyams colour patches

Paradise Found

I travel the world in search of perfect waves and idyllic empty beaches….sometimes you’ve just gotta look in your own backyard. Check out Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay. The Guinness Book of Records rates this beach as having the whitest sand in the world…and some pretty insanely blue water to match. What treat! Jervis is […]

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Tubes so big you can drive a car through them. Sea Cliff Bridge, Clifton

The Gong!

There is no doubting it, New South Wales is such a diverse and naturally gifted state. We have countless beaches with clear, warm, surfable water. I want to shoot them all. A helicopter helps with this mission. This morning I was flying around Wollongong, taking in all the nooks and crannies of the beachside haven. […]

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Wild horses at Bondi Beach Australia!


The swell has finally kicked and the winds are a gentle SW offshore. Bingo! It’s starting to get a bit big for our fickle Bondi sand banks, but there’s a few worth riding earlier today. Out the back is quite fat, shoreys looked super hollow and fun. Waves in the 4-5 foot range (10am). It […]

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Pink thongs, Icebergs


Brrr, what a cold morning. My phone said it was 11 degrees before the sun rose, but the wind chill was much, much less. My guess, 8 degrees. At precisely 4:30 pm last night the swell leapt from flat to 3 foot. Today it’s smaller, mainly concealed by a 6:31 am high tide. Our little sand bank […]

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Shacked, this is what you see. Bondi Beach 7am


I coulda swore the forecast was for small waves this morning. What a nice surprise to see 3-4 footers at Bondi – YES! It was a different kinda morning. Water moving around everywhere, dragging me with it. I shot the left that turned into a right. Rights that turned into burgers. Then a few lefts […]

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Bondi Beach, this morning, subtle hues


There was a little bump to surf this morning. It’s definitely not pumping. Let’s just call it surfable. Surfable with a very hungry pack on it. I have to admit, I thought it was going to be a hell of a lot better today than what I am seeing. On paper, it looked the goods. […]

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Suitable sport for today! Bondi Beach 7am

Onshore Galore

It’s howling…onshore. 20 knots of southerly tearing it up. It will calm down around 7 pm tonight. I hope it brings swell. I saw waves around 3ft, but very messy. Very very messy. My suggestion is windsurfing today! Warren Miller’s 67th snow film and 30th year of touring Aus. If you have never been, this […]

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Autumn golden light, Bondi Beach this morning


What great conditions we have in town at the moment. Pretty much offshore winds all day long. We could do with a bit more swell though. Fortunately tomorrow the swell will leap up into the surfable to good range. Be patient and get some work done today. It’s 1 month out for the Bondi SurfAid […]

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Andrew, dead float, Bondi


Beautiful, damn fine, salubrious morning down at Bondi Beach today. The type of morning that’s it’s such a pleasure to do my job – swim. There are remnants of the weekend’s swell, clear blue water, clear skies and a positive vibe. New big swell arriving Wednesday/Thursday this week. We are getting a swell once a […]

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Gorillas in the mist, Bronte

Good on Paper

Today looks great on paper, offshore SSW winds with 4-6 foot south swell. Call me fussy…something is missing. The swell lines appear broken and random. The morning high tides are putting plenty of wobble in the faces and I didn’t see anyone catch fun waves. Maybe when the tide drops out, it will improve. I […]

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The Big Boys

Right on time. The south swell machine has kicked up a few gears and is now producing 4-6 foot chunks. Bondi looked wild! Too much hard work paddling around on the high tide. There’s lots of water moving. Bronte seemed a little bit more in control, 4-5 guys out, but didn’t see anyone surf good […]

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Coogee baths, sunrise this morning


Well, well…I’m back in town, and the incredible Autumn conditions prevail. How nice! We’re talking perfect NW offshores, building east swells and glorious sunshine. This morning I left the postcode to wander through 2034 and 2035, (that’s Coogee and Maroubra’s postcode). Everyone is up early and enjoy the good run of warm weather and water. […]

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The lone peak before a storm


Something is missing in your life. Your morning rituals have been disrupted. Where has your daily morning Aquabumps photo slice gone? One word – schoolies. Now that we’ve got a school kid we’re conforming to the regular term breaks to spend time with our tykes. It’s been awesome! How good are the weather and waves? […]

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Pama Davies, fly boy

Rip Bowls

Oh man, what a morning huh? If I had a button that would make this day the default settings…and replay it over and over…I would. What’s not to like….? Sunshine – plenty.  Heading to 23 degrees Waves – superb rip bowls out front of skate ramps. Hours of fun! Winds – none really. Water – […]

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Max Coleman, dusting off


It’s offshore and the crowd goes wild! Everyone has hit the beach this morning to get involved. I drove past most of the beaches in the East, and there was a pack of wolves, hunting the morning swells. I hope you got some. Summary – it’s 3-4 foot, swell direction is ESE so plenty of […]

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DK, reef huggers


It was so good to see some sunshine this morning. Celebrate it! It wasn’t so good to have onshore SSE winds. The 4-5 footers are looking pretty rough, windblown, and random. At 4 am tomorrow it will swing offshore to SW though…now that’s exciting, I would expect tomorrow to be fun. Bondi SurfAid Cup On […]

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North Bondi sleds


It’s pretty wild and wedgey out there at Bondi Beach. There are some chunks breaking above your head and you’ve got the entire paddock to yourself. Hell, even the sun has busted out this morning after a night of rain – toot toot! Do you remember Mr. Beautiful (Beautiful All is his official name in […]

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Matty Gilsenan frontside tweaks


With an early SW wind, the beaches cleaned up a little. Not a bad morning to surf. The forecasted SE winds will return early, though…and corrupt the goodness. Rain. Well, still raining. Dum de dum. I reckon it bucketed on me multiple times this morning whilst I was trying to nail some sort of a […]

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