Blown Out

Today is an absolutely perfect day for…for…online Christmas shopping! The beach has transformed from yesterday’s baking sunshine into onshore, rain and emptiness. The beach is all yours.

Look at the bright side – the water temp will finally bounce from the frosty 15 degrees. How damn cold was it yesterday – coldest water of the entire year. Also, this south storm has brought heaps of swell. Junkie as hell, but at least you can ride it. Winds may go offshore on dark tonight, so you might find some diamonds in the rough after work.

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Do you know Bondi Beach is now a National Surfing reserve? More

:: uge

Spillage, Bondi Icebergs


The sun trying to poke through


Shot this pool over 100,000 times, but haven't shot this corner yet!


Mirror Mirror, Saltiest mirrors of them all


Chris Little. Rough riding. Back to bed


One thought on “Blown Out

  1. What!? When is it EVER not amazing to be in the sea at Bondi!? (Just resubscribed to AquaBumps have years of absence in London… Now living in Ibiza, Spain). Not much swell here in the Mediterranean, bloody gorgeous. So thrilled to have my Sydney injection – Thank You AquaBumps!! cheers Kath

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