Tyson Millar, throwing the big frame around at South

Dawn Currents

Our constant supply of East swell got a spruce up this morning. I saw waves over head high at Bondi, but around the corner at exposed beaches will be much, much bigger. Nice! I choose to swim with my camera, which proved difficult as the rip currents were on turbo, not allowing me to connect […]

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Da Bergs!


There’s actually plenty of swell but the flanking onshore wind wasn’t being kind. I saw waves above head high, junkie ones. There were a few waves that ran well on the bank, not all. It’s a bit of a lucky draw. This onshore pattern will continue for days and days, insert yawn…just like the on […]

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One way to wake up, a splash at Icebergs


I was just about to write “An abundance of sunshine this morning – how good – as the forecast was for rain rain rain” – and then, it poured. Bucketed. Only for a minute. Enough for you to rethink your outdoor plan for today. It’s going to be a fickle week, mostly wet and onshore. […]

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This is Bondi!


I’m back on. No more lazy sleep-ins, no more arvo naps, no more 4 hours surfs (ok, maybe if it pumps). It’s good to be back in the ‘hood and shooting again. It’s been great to have a reset and come back with fresh eyes on a subject I know all too well. Bondi this […]

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On rails, Bronte


Last nights south storm was violent and abrupt. It hit hard and buggered off quick – like a flash in the pan. I wish I got some photos of that shelf cloud – but sadly, was too late for it. There’s still south onshore winds this morning, making surfing a low priority – unless you’re […]

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A favourite, Bronte Bogey Hole


A gloriously sunny morning to kick off a warm day. That 6:36am high tide flooded the tiny SE swell, making it hard to find surfable waves. Maybe better on lower tides during the day. 27 degrees forecast, only 5 days until it’s officially summer! Small surf conditions for days and days now. Good time to […]

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The family dropping into my office this morning

Lake Bondi

Probably the first real summery vibing morning of the season – warm, muggy, waveless and a gang still partying from last night trying to swim in their jeans. Ah yes, the real Bondi silly season is back! What a cracker of a weekend huh? Spectacular weather. Bondi was virtually flat this morning. It’s gonna hit […]

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Swim squad, South Bondi

Bondi Fire

Anything goes at Bondi; you never know what you’ll wake up to. Today’s entertainment wasn’t the ocean, but a gang of fire twirlers, spinning into the sunrise. Must be a fire circle convention or sumpin’. Just lucky it isn’t January when a fire was the last thing we wanted to see! The surf is dismal. […]

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On your marks

Home Sweet Home

I know, you’re sick of being home and want your old life back. We all do, you’re not alone. What a great time to learn something new! Every day I am trying to learn a new skill, mainly through Youtube. Just google anything, and I bet there’s a “How to…” video on it. Learn the […]

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Soon, soon she'll be full of water again and you'll be immersed

Free hugs?

Hi party people, after a few weeks of social dancing distancing, hiding in our homes, we could all do with a hug. Well, it’s illegal to hug anyone outside your family right now (!@#$ who’d thought I’d ever write those words). Usually, a hug fixes everything in the world! Remember Juan Mann?Back in 2004 hugging […]

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Icebergs under a slight northerly surface blow

Ocean Pools

New South Wales is the home of Australia’s unique ocean pools. There are over 100 salty, seaside pools built into rocky points and nooks in this state. Most of them built over 100 years ago. They were originally set up to provide safe swimming havens from our wild oceans and waves, maybe a bit of […]

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Golden light this morning at 7am

Let’s talk…

We’ve got a lot to talk about today. Listen up. There’s a little wave on, it’s only waist high+ but it’s an exquisite autumn sunny day. Rain coming tomorrow, so enjoy today. The WSL just postponed all pro-surfing events for March because of the virus. Wow. Over in Manly they’re gonna complete the Sydney Surf […]

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North Bondi Flags


The weather has done a 180 from yesterday and now we have cooling south winds, onshore mank, and an empty beach. Good day to get some work done. You’re not missing much down here on the beach. Rain coming… I’m selling some of my Canon cameras on eBay. A 1dXMkII for someone who wants to […]

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