North Bondi - peak summer. Ah yes, like a lake


Day two of Sydney’s storms, today’s just a bit windier. Gusts have touched 30 knots of a gale, bending the trees and lashing rain against your windows. It’s no oil painting outside, not unless you’re into Turner’s work. So I’ll take this opportunity to show you some more photographs around Bondi that haven’t seen the […]

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Regardless of today, summer is coming...

Bondi Moods

Today is definitely not a beach day. Nope, not even close. The waves looked dreary, onshore, manky, junky and brown! Rain is pouring and this will continue for a couple of days. That’s OK, I truly hope it’s helping with the northern fires and drought conditions. It’s cold, I’ve got the old puffer on. Bunker […]

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Blown! Rain coming today. Get wet right now


It’s gonna rain soon. If you haven’t been down for a swim/surf you’re running out of time. It’s going to rain for a couple of days and hopefully fill our dams. At sunrise the skies were clear, by 9am it’s greyed over. Tiny swell still producing a few fun little waves for the frothers. Wednesday […]

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Tommy Franklin's morning dance group

Bondi Randomness

Bondi is such a random place. Friday’s mornings in Bondi – even more bizarre. I don’t think many beaches in Australia would be this random, and not at 6 am. As I ride down the hill into the bay, I don’t know what to expect. Take today, for example. Bang in the middle of Queen […]

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Balayage - getting my tips done! Bondi


At first light, I swam out the back of Bondi dragging a camera. It was a mistake; I ended up swimming against a rip for an hour. So much water moving around in the bay. I would get sucked out to sea, then across to The ‘Bergs, and then back out again! After 5 laps in […]

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Tyson Millar. He's 6'5" - just so you can gauge size of the wave

Diamonds in the Rough

It’s cleaned up a lot and still pretty sizey. I saw sets in the 4-5 foot range at South Bondi. The swell is now from the SE, and we have favourable winds from the WNW direction at 8 knots. The ocean still has plenty of wonk from its recent agitation – well, it has been […]

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Launching out on Bunnies Reef, Bronte

🐇 Bunny Boilers

The swell peaked last night, and we’re now on the way down. I thought it was going to be bigger today, it was just a nice chunky swell, 4 maybe 6 foot on sets. The only surfable waves were Bronte, Coogee or Maroubra. Bondi was a pigsty.  Winds SSW 20-25 knots. Rain? yep. Intermittent. This Thursday (12th […]

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Nice peeler, Bondi

Happy Mondays

G’day. It’s backed off this morning – we anticipate the swell to come back in strong. Tonight you’ll see some monster surf out there. Unfortunately, it’s flanked with seriously strong winds around 35 knots of SSW. A few protected corners would have something for you to surf – but it’s going to be quite wild […]

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Tamarama at sunrise, 6:34am

Junk in the Trunk

Like the ocean, I’m confused. There’s swell (east), and it’s 3 foot, but it seems to be all over the shop. The ocean has a heap of junk on it. It appears to be onshore, but you can’t feel the wind. It’s still. So, once the ocean wipes off some of this morning sickness, it could […]

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Wave layers, Bondi Beach 6:30am


The current east swell has dropped a gear. An early morning low tide was closing out most waves at Bondi during sunrise. Every now and then a shoulder-high set will limp in, but it’s not unreal. Just surfable. Fantastic conditions, light offshores, perfectly sunny. Like yesterday, another cracker day to be outside in Sydney. Have […]

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Grassy set


It’s a magic day outside. 1 in 100. It’s that good I think you should all put your tools down, chuck the out-of-office on and hit the beach. The surf is about 5/10…Tamarama had a few on the lower tide but the 11:20 am high tide has engulfed any goodness – it’s now fat as. […]

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Best wave I saw all morning...


Ah…so good to have some rays back – welcome to SPRING! The ocean has calmed down and the waves cleaned up. I saw head high sets this morning breaking kinda well. It was offshore earlier, but now a gentle southerly is fluffing around. Great weather all week long before a windy, stormy Friday. Enjoy. :: […]

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Highlights film from Milos, Greece

Friday’s Show

No photos today. It’s horrible outside. Wait until Sunday when the winds, rain, storm all blow over…looking forward to Spring next week! Check out my highlights film from Milos, Greece (It’s only 2 minutes – you have time). Ciao, Ugios

Asia Bryne and that amazing back drop. West Coast Oahu - always a treat to shoot


“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” ― St Augustine The Travel Edition! Today we’re going around the world to some of my favourite places that I’ve visited this year so far. Why? Oh man, ‘ cause its THAT ugly down the beach with a 30 knot southerly, […]

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The mother ship laying cable


It was like waking up on the set of an alien movie this morning, an ominous giant mother ship lurking just off our shores – quietly, observing us. Will they make contact? Are they abducting surfers for biological tests? Maybe it’s a french gang of surfers who’ve heard Tamarama has a few banks, and they’re […]

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It's blowing hard early! Icebergs 7am


Similar to yesterday it’s raining, onshore and dark grey. Fortunately, there is a bit more swell today but it’s still in the two-foot range. #notpumping In a nutshell – continue to do work as you’re not missing anything down here on the beach! I’m selling some camera gear on eBay, click below:

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The albino rocks from Greece

Euro Nostalgia

It’s one of those ugly days down the beach today. It’s raining, it’s one foot, it’s onshore and there’s little or no light. I think you’ve got better things to do with your time than hang down a wintery beach today? I opted not to shoot this morning. I saw a few guys out scrapping […]

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Yes, this was Bondi today


It’s big. Massive last night but has started to taper off by the time the sun rose today. It came quickly, and now it’s leaving us fast — one-hit wonder. There is still plenty of large chunks of water crashing on our shores. It’s rare to get this big around here and still be surfable. […]

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The lone wolf picking off a non-closeout this morning, Bondi 7:30am


I thought there’d be more swell this morning. Ian Wallace reckons it will hit at 4 pm tonight. If not, call him and complain! Haha. It wasn’t that surfable. I saw one lone wolf in the middle – he only caught one wave riding a 9-foot board. It was 4-6 foot, but they reckon on sunset it […]

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South Bondi first light

Prodigal Son

I’m back. I’ve travelled far and wide this winter and had (and shot) so many incredible experiences. I always say this; it’s good to be home – Sydney is a fantastic place to live (especially when Spring is only 11 days away!). I’m staying put in Bondi now…until next winter. The sun is rising a […]

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Dubrovnik - the fortified jewel of the Adriatic

Kings Landing

Dubrovnik…it’s like going back in time. It’s a stunning fortified city in Croatia surrounded by the idyllic Adriatic islands (which we just sailed through). The centuries-old port pretty much looks the same today as it did in the 16th century. This blows my mind…the city has had a constant stream of aggressive armies trying to take […]

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Odysseus Cave, Mljet, Croatia We made it to the cave! Croatia

The Cliff Divers Club

While drifting through the Croatian islands, we got wind of a mythical sea cave on one of the larger islands. I showed an Insty pic of the cave to the Dinko (Captain) “I want to go here” he replied, “Da, da we go!” he recognised it instantly. Geeze, that was easier than I thought. Coincidentally we were not too […]

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Jamie Verco taking the plunge down the ridge line

Sublime Adriatic

I’ve spent my life chasing waves in wild oceans. The Adriatic Sea is the complete opposite. It’s super calm with barely a ripple most of the time. It’s very different… Its calmness does create ridiculous underwater clarity and opportunities to swim in caves, crevices and cliffs that would not usually be achievable with swell. Think […]

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Stevinia beach, Island of Vis is pretty busy today!

The Dalmatian Coast

Our European tour continues on the spectacular Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. We are sailing from Split to Dubrovnik, poking the boat into all the best beaches and ancient towns. Firstly, this area has so much tumultuous history I couldn’t possibly discuss it here on my morning Aquabumps rambles…but I had did have dinner in a […]

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Milos. The blue of the water is pretty insane

The Island of Caves

Milos is like a chunk of swiss cheese poking out of the Aegean Sea. It’s full of holes, caves, tunnels and even Catacombs. For such a small island there’s plenty to discover – and by boat is best, many caves and beaches don’t have roads. Pirates used to love this island as they could hide their […]

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The most famous beach on the island, Sarakíniko - Σαρακίνικο

Ela – ela!

Little Milos has had a rough history. Milos was forged from ancient volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. Its coastline is super unique. Nothing quite like what I’ve seen before. Sarakíniko Beach (Σαρακίνικο) is like landing on a white moon that has a bright green inlet feeding into it. Underneath Sarakíniko there’s a warren of abandoned […]

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A protected cove - Tsigrado Beach, Milos

🇬🇷 Milos – Μήλος

Crazy, I know, but I am back in Europe (Part II). This time, in the Aegean Sea on a tiny volcanic paradise island called Milos. Unlike its neighbouring islands of the Cyclades (Mykonos, Santorini), Milos isn’t all about partying. It’s mellow…no $500 lobster pastas on the menu, few superyachts and less bling. The beaches here aren’t […]

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Angles, foam, light. Bondi

Yeah nah?

To go or not to go? Whilst the surf has tapered off, the winds are not blowing and there’s a clean head high wave on offer. With morning higher tides it definitely got some wonk on it. Surf now or on the lower tides? Will the wind come in? Dunno. I do know there’s a larger, […]

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Prickly Silver-back, Bondi


The moons have aligned, the winds have calmed, the seas have settled. Bondi was looking pretty tasty at sunrise with hollow opportunities running on multiple banks. But…as the tide flooded in, quality dropped and it looks very straight now. (Which is confusing as normally high tide has better waves). So there was a little window […]

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Collapse, Bondi

Moving Water

“Bondi” or “Boondi” is an Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks. Lots of noise from breaking water this morning as the swell has spiked into the 4-5 foot region. Even a few bay closeouts. But…it’s not lining up well at all and our delicate sand banks don’t […]

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A day at Deia, Mallorca


Today, well, today wasn’t much of a beach day. Yes, there’s more swell and it’s around 4 foot, but it’s rained a helluva lot and pretty ugly with onshore winds. I checked Bondi a few times, it’s surfable, but tomorrow morning should be cleaner. And so… I’ve travelled a lot in the past two months, […]

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Watch highlights from our recent WA trip


Good start to the week. Head high, clean, closing out, chilly air temp but warm in. Morning’s low tide is making spectacular closeouts – more water – more fun. Ok next…grab a coffee and watch the highlights from our recent trip to WA on the Coral Coast (which includes Ningaloo + Exmouth + Whale Sharks). […]

Sunrise, Ben Buckler, Bondi 7am

City to Surf

We live in a great city. Sydney is surrounded by water. Most of us live close to a beach or nook in the harbour. Bondi is only 7.9 kilometres from the city and has good clean water – the amount of marine life in our ‘hood is a testament to this. Today’s photographs are a […]

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A Leopard Seal schlepped up from Antarctica, Bondi Beach

Leopard Seal

It’s a frigid morning down there, so cold we’re attracting animal life from Antarctica! Yes, at 1:30 pm yesterday a Leopard Seal rolled up onto the beach at North Bondi for a look around, checking up on the councils’ progress of the North Bondi renovations and posed for a few cameras. Mr Seal has some mighty […]

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Isaac, ridding a 12 foot log, cruising, Bondi


Really nice, neat morning. Small waves, but peeling beautifully. 1 foot. No wind, glassy as. Clear underwater and reasonably warm for this time of year. Swell coming later today. Pray that comes to fruition, I am foaming for a surf. Happy Birthday Joely! :: uge  

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Chilling, Bondi Icebergs


Blow open the curtains – it’s a glorious day outside in Sydney! Toot toot. It’s the middle of winter and we’re looking at a beefy 23 degrees today. It’s warm enough to hit the beach. Leave the boards at home, ’cause there’s nothing going on in that department. Crisp, clean air. The colours are perfect […]

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Ang Thong National Marine Park, Thailand

Full Moon

After a whirlwind of planes and airports this month’s we’ve landed in Koh Samui, the third biggest island of Thailand. We’re officially avoiding a Sydney winter and chasing the summer around the globe. Even though our trip coincides with the famous full moon parties on neighbouring island Koh Pha-ngan, that’s not why we are here! […]

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Check out some of Mallorca's top beaches

Friday Entertainment

It’s Friday and an early morning appointment didn’t allow me to shoot at sunrise – so I snapped a few during the middle of the day. Icebergs was sparkling clean and producing some serious blues. The surf is flat anyway… And so…let’s watch a 2-minute movie from my recent trip to Mallorca hey? Some incredible […]


Winter Quiet

It was a tranquil morning down the beach — not many people on the sand, promenade or in the surf. It looks like the cooler temps overnight kept everyone in bed. The skies filled with colour as a thin high cloud did its thing. The swell has dropped out. I saw waist to chest high […]

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Winter warmth coming over Ben Buckler. Bondi.

Clean Closeouts

It was a shame the tide was so low for my photos this morning (0.5m at 8:40 am). The conditions were clean, crisp, offshore and head high. It will improve a lot when the tide kicks back in…I hope. It is offshore all day long, so plenty of time. Have a coffee, and enjoy the […]

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