Andrej Kowalski does airs on foamies, for real

Colourful Fridays

A lot was going on down at Bondi this morning. In fact that’ an understatement. It was a crazy combination of some of the best waves we’ve had all week, Friday (so everyone comes down), warm bath-like water, decent sunrise and One Wave (Fluro Fridays) 6th Birthday – busy! Good to see a little kick […]

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Luke Adam, blowing fins. Bondi 7am

Morning candy

It may be dark and occasionally rainy, but there was a left-hander worthy of a paddle at sunrise. Emphasis on the ‘was’ part. My 10:35 am surf check reveals the show is all over, for now. The SE swell from yesterday has dissipated. Do some work. KS in Sydney I can remember shooting Kelly Slater surf a Maroubra QS […]

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The Donald Trump, comb over


Oh man, it’s so dark out there. Sydney is blanketed with thick cloud so you can’t tell if it’s night or day. It’s raining off and on again. Bondi was surfable. Waist to chest high waves, clean…fat with the early morning high tide. Long period swell is in town, 13 seconds (what tha? A 1 […]

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Mystery Man


The forecast was for 90% rain this morning. I turned my dawn alarm off, thinking of a sleep in (rare for me). At 7 am, I opened the blinds expecting darkness and it was the complete opposite. A full sky of brilliant hues, clean, high head waves. Paradise! Super nice morning, a tad onshore and […]

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Luke Adam, rail slide


A lotta happy campers are rolling around Bondi at the moment. Grins ear to ear. Why? Yesterday arvo the wind blew offshore, and there were waves to be had… I couldn’t believe how quickly the ocean when from a manky mess to groomed lines, 4-5 footers. Yeeeha! Today, it’s dropped gears and the early morning […]

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Chris Prestidge, rear view


At sunrise this morning there was a small gap in the wild storms. I even experienced a moment of sunshine. It was nice and neat, glassy this morning, but since then the SE is blowing, quite strong too. It’s all junked up. Heavy rain is due for the weekend! :: uge

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'Bergs baking corner


I don’t want to hear any complaints about the current weather sitch. You’ve had more than your fair share of beaming summer’s days kids! Now it’s time to wash the salt off and knuckle down to some work. It’s raining, today, tomorrow, the weekend and into next week. Waves – small 1-2 footers at Bondi […]

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Yesterday. Tamarama. Paradise


Yesterday was quite a rare, windless, ultra-aquamarine, waveless, glamourous beach day. Today, its 3-4 foot, onshore, raining. Looks like the grey weather is forecast for quite a few days now. A great day to get stuff done. Crank it. :: uge

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I reckon you’ve got about one month left of our current salubrious conditions before it shifts. April 7 daylight savings will end, the water will cool down…the humid mornings will have a chilly bite and you’ll have to dust off the wettie. Enjoy the now. It’s so good. Even without waves, a morning swim will […]

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AQUABUMPS CF001823 Mar-11-2019


I ventured out of the Bondi bubble this morning and landed into the flat waters of Coogee. We had some light at sunrise which was then smothered but a southerly around 8am. Waves are tiny, 1 footish. It was much better on the weekend. Hope you got some! Reminder, I’m selling a large format photo […]

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Warning skies, Bondi Beach

Good times

Yesterday’s howling southerly has kicked up some decent waves – hooray! I saw some six footers out there yesterday, but today’s it half as big but double as clean. There are some great little runners on various sandbanks. It is a shame it’s so much smaller today, I’m calling it 2 to sometimes 3 foot this […]

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Thursday, pool cleaning day


It is the complete opposite of yesterday. For the first time in 6 months, I wore a jumper on my morning roam. The swell has flipped from NE to South direction – and it’s big. Some six footers out front (but mainly 3-4 foot). The beach has gone from packed to empty. It’s onshore, and […]

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Big hacks, Chris Friend


Another glorious morning with waves. After a warm night, we have 3-4 footers at exposed east beaches. The water temp. has slipped a gear…but still very inviting. Really hot day ahead, 35, with clouds coming and possible thunderstorm tonight with a flanking south change (around 6pmish). Enjoy! :: uge

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Sunrise firewalkers, Bronte pool


It’s always a bit bigger in East swells around the corner. Sets were overhead high, but the masking high tide (8:30am) was really putting some wobble, chunk, flab into them walls. A good day for the Northern Beaches! I also swam at Bronte pool this morning, maaaan – that instafamous joint is so packed these days, […]

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Home. new paint by Jaymeer DSm

Happy Mondays

Mondays are the best. They’re even better when it’s 30 degrees on land, 24 in the water with a generous East swell pumping into all nooks and crannies of Sydney. Today you’ll find a wave, not big, but fun. Maybe chest high ones with a lower crowd factor. In fact, most of this week should have […]

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In the blues, all day long


The main topic of conversation down the beach this morning is the water temp. It’s incredibly warm. To be more precise it’s 25 degrees. This summer we had a lot of Northerlies which revealed that icy cold current, so it’s a nice change (but…for not too long I hope). On high tide, there are some […]

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Cameron Hoy, Blue Room

Thanks Tassie

A low off Tasmania two days ago has thrown up some waves. You bewty! What a pleasant surprise to roll down and see head high sets this morning at Bondi. Combine that with 25-degree water and you’ve got yourself a top morning. Winds will blow NE later (15 knots). Not much shift in the tides […]

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Sensational morning, warm water.


Get in. Immerse yourself in the ocean, it’s deluxe, it’s 25 degrees! We’ve got tiny waves, they’re surfable around the waist to occasionally chest high freak set. The crowd was big, we’re all enjoying the conditions. Sun was out, finally after an earlier rain squall at sunrise. Nothing significant to discuss on the surf forecast. […]

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Ah yes, an offshore wind – how good is it! So good to see clean water surfaces return to Sydney after a week of onshore blasting. The clear skies aren’t too bad either. The waves dropped quite a lot overnight, but there is still a head high bump out there. Yesterday arvo was the sess, winds […]

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I see Unicorns everyday at Bondi


Had enough of watching rogue tubes in Queensland? Froth levels are at an all-time high. It looks onshore up there today, so it’s safe to turn your social media back on. The airlines must have made a killing over this TC Oma. Tickets to Goldie were soaring up into the $500-600 mark. The hellmen that locked […]

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Where's Oxford Street?


It’s not really beach weather at the moment. There are 3-4 footers out front, but the howling onshore isn’t doing it any favours. It’s super messy, junkie, manky and grovelly. I’m not that motivated to surf it… Next week the weather should improve, sit tight, do some work or binge on Dirty John Netflix series […]

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A hint of light at 6:45am this morning on Ben Buckler, Bondi


We’re all in the wrong state of Australia, this morning, we need to be in Queensland. Noosa has pumping waves right now, and I’m talking tubes. Heaps of ’em! Get in before the storm. Tomorrow, I’m happy to be down here in Sydney as TC Oma could hit the Queensland coastline with 40-50 knot winds and […]

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Sharing is caring, Waikiki

Island Recap

There’s a storm in Sydney and the beaches are ugly. I’d love to be able to get in my car and go to the west side of this big island, Australia – but I don’t have that kinda time up my sleeve. Oahu was so good for stormy alternatives, the North Shore is ALWAYS stormy, […]

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Sol, lip flicks and funny facials


So dark this morning, took ages to get any shootable light. Had a coffee and all waiting for it to poke through the clouds. Waves – yes. There’s a small waist high wave with the odd bigger set. It was blowing NE this morning earlier, but now the Southerly has hit and will increase to […]

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Little Leo navigating through the underwater turbulence


What a top morning. In fact, what an epic beach weekend. You all look a little browner and more relaxed than you did on Friday. I hope you spent the whole weekend down the beach! I did. This week looks like another good beach week with a twist. There’s a big mutha cyclone swell lurking […]

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Foaming at the mouth, Bondi Icebergs

Rock Hopping

I’m back from The Rock. It was always going to be a quick trip. Love that joint Hawaii, but love it more when the conditions are firing. Can’t score every time. Bondi had waves this morning, some four footers out there. The shallow bank at South Bondi was pounding and heaps of close outs. Not […]

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Local shoot, freediver, Asia


I’m in Hawaii, and it’s been a different kinda trip. I usually plant myself on the North Shore and only cover the golden mile. Ok, mainly I just shoot Pipeline, as the light, talent, waves are some of the best on the planet. This trip we’ve had Bodhi’s 50-year storm…and it’s blown the North Shore […]

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Makapuu nuggets, Hawaii


The 30-foot waves and 90-knot gusts have faded, and all is slowly returning back to normal on Oahu, Hawaii. Hell, we might even get a trade wind tomorrow. The island is in clean-up mode as they repair from one of the most ferocious storms I’ve witnessed. Some beaches will need time for the sand to […]

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Stormy on one side, clear on the other. Oahu is one helluva pretty island

Aloha Storm

Welcome back to Hawaii, the land of Aloha. The best thing about being on an island during a 50-year storm is that you can always escape to another side for protection from the gale force winds and 30-foot surf. Volcanes work well as a shield! At 5 pm today the swell buoys registered 38.4 feet (@17 […]

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Noah, tucking in.


Everything has been washed with a pink tint this morning due to some cloud colours over the horizon. Like most days of this week, it’s warm, surfable, inviting, crowded. Hot weather will continue until a cooling southerly arrives Sunday. I’m heading to Hawaii today with the Aquatech crew, there’s a huge swell forecast for Sunday […]

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Matt Pearson, stabbing through a close out

ESE fetch

From my bank I can check the surf, that’s important to me when selecting a bank. Yesterday I was punching out some boring admin, banking, walking around with bits of paper etc…and I saw the swell leap from 1 foot to 3 foot, in a matter of minutes. It was biblical; it was beautiful, it was […]

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Onboard cam, Bondi


Very still conditions at Bondi this morning. The water surface was like a sheet of glass. Tiny waves, but still contestable. 2nd Ramps had a waist high wave that looked kinda rippable. High volume boards would perform best. Heaps of traffic in the water so be patient. Hot day ahead again, 31. A beach day, hit […]

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Best option - swim today, Bondi 6:30am

South Change

A micro NE swell with fresh southerlies. Things have cooled down… The beach was still relatively busy this morning after a balmy night’s sleep. Not much else to do down there other than a swim. In fact, for most of this week, I don’t reckon you’ll be surfing much. Friday looks okay…ish. SurFebruary: get on […]

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I’ve been shooting a lot in the last 24 hours. Other than pumping waves, everything else was spot on. Sensational weather, warm water, big crowds, amazing sunrises and crystal clear blue water. The beach has been a hive of activity. There’s an east swell in town, small (2ft at the Bra) but the Northerlies were […]

Unknown, piercing the lip, Bondi

Gentleman’s Hours

The beach is a different place after 9 am. The crowds thin after the 333 drops everyone into the city. Out come the die-hard locals who enjoy a bit of space and fewer drop-ins. Today we’ve finally got some waves to shoot – head high on sets and looking decent. The winds are kicking around […]

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Weeties, tickling the peel and gliding down the line, Bondi

Salty Fix

The water has chilled back down. I wore rubber this morning. Damn those NE can make a difference to water temps, even when they blow for one day. Chilled water is what you will need today – ’cause it’s going to be ROASTING hot. At 3 pm today we should strike 36-38 degrees! Boooya! Take […]

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Da Bergs currents


It’s a cloudy, hazy day today in Sydney. We’ve got light North winds with a 2 foot NE swell. More exposed beaches (not Bondi) would attract greater swell energy. Head to Manly, Maroubra or Tamarama if you’re not shackled to the office desk. Another warm one, 30. Tomorrow though, wow, 35! Hot hot hot! And […]

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Nuggets for Breakfast, Bondi

modus operandi

Ok…back to my Bondi M.O after a few weeks of road trips, frothing groms and a reprieve from social media/shooting – feeling fresh and ready to take on 2019! It was a treat to capture Bondi today in 22-degree water – that’s about as warm as it will get. Feb is typically the warmest water of […]

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Icebergs spurt

The Humans of Bondi

Bondi gets such a bad wrap in Summer. I post a shot of a packed Sunday and loads of crew comment saying that’s their worst beach nightmare. To be clear, it’s rammed, choccas, overflowing with humans only about 5% of the time. The rest of the time Bondi is pretty peaceful joint with a solid community […]

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Bondi, sunrise, with the dark curtain semi closed

The Curtain

A large, thick curtain of cloud blanketed most of the morning light. A tiny gap in the clouds along the horizon is all we had to work with. Waves are small at Bondi, but pleasurable. NE swells better suit beaches around the corner like Tamarama on the low, or Da Bra. A 21-year-old man was pulled […]

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