Surfable 300

I reckon Bondi is probably one of the most consistently surfable beaches in Australia – if not the world. Surfable doesn’t mean the best or pumping, just meaning you can paddle out, a wave will push you and maybe the opportunity to lay a hack will present itself.

Bondi faces South, which is the dominant swell direction in Sydney – especially in winter. This means it’s a swell magnet for most of the year and out of the trade NE winds. North swells still break at Bondi, they’re not ideal though and you’ll find it weak and more up towards North Bondi. Good for the kids on foamies.

I’ll have a guess at how many surfable days a year at Bondi – say 300 days a year you could surf Bondi? Would you agree? If someone has loads of time, you can see all my archives here and you’d be able to work out the exact number – as I feel Aquabumps probably has the only recording of weather and waves at Bondi for 18 years (with visual references).

Bondi’s consistency is why I’ve based my blog here. Always something to shoot every day (and it’s home!). Nah, it’s not ‘Chopes, but hey, 1-2 foot days are plentiful!

It’s a shame we don’t have consistent sandbanks to match our swells (or a reef). We rarely get good banks and rely a lot on rip bowls to provide waves good for surfing. Therefore it’s rare for Bondi to get epic. 90% of the time it’s either closing out or too fat to do anything substantial on it.

To answer your final question – yes – today IS surfable at Bondi, no it’s not pumping but you could get wet if you were highly motivated. It’s howling cross shore and 2 foot, but there’s a little shorey¬†action in the corner.

:: uge

Icebergs wind ripples


Ripping the top off


Seagulls on the green


Kathy Allam's 'Plastic Paradise'

Andrew Weetman in the middles




MIchael Beame (I think?)


Mick Marj, haven't seen him surf in ages


Clyde Yee's April Pine - I'm a fan of this one

4 thoughts on “Surfable 300

  1. Thank-you – I’m an indentured cubicle farm worker and your daily emails are my virtual window on the beach and waves.

    Today’s article says “I feel Aquabumps probably has the only recording of weather and waves at Bondi for 18 years (with visual references).” but there’s gaps on the days you’re sharing awesome travel photos or enjoying well deserved rest.

    I recommend that you add a “Daily Bondi” photo to the email. It could be done by one of your aspiring gallery staff on their way to work so there’s ALWAYS a Bondi photo for those of with nothing but concrete and asphalt as a view.


    1. True George, true..thanks for commenting.
      I do miss days and I do travel. I don’t have a record of EVERY day.
      But over 18 years I reckon we would have enough information to calculate the percentage of surfable days in a year at Bondi, which would be an interesting stat (well, I reckon)
      I could get the gallery staff to shoot on weekends and when I am overseas, true…it’s not entirely feesible though and not really our hobby/business model.
      Have a great day. uge

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