Uge out capturing early in the mornings

Uge out capturing early in the mornings

AG1 x Aquabumps

Millions of Mornings Made Better with Aquabumps & AG1

Next year marks 25 years of Aquabumps. That’s over 6,500 daily morning shoots, and only missing a few. Only COVID-19 (when they closed Bondi), the birth of a child or torrential flooding rains from La Nina will interrupt Uge’s daily rituals of documenting a beach with his camera.

It takes a unique human to be relentless in his craft, disciplined day after day, and there have been many a morning after a rough night with the kids that I would have gone – nah, not today, but not Uge. A few things you might not know about him – he rarely gets sick and full of energy.

Uge is an insomniac and, at times, doesn’t sleep much for days on end. No matter where we are in the world, he still gets up at sunrise and wanders off with his camera. He’s innately not a morning person – he sleeps his deepest in those early morning hours when the alarm goes off, and his natural circadian rhythm is to be a night owl.

Twenty-five years in, rarely a cracker sunrise missed – and still going strong at 49 years old! I take my hat off to him. Like your daily dose of the beach, his daily dose of AG1 is about starting your day right and millions of mornings made better! Want to know his secret weapon? – AG1 greens.

Merry Christmas from The Tans photo: Jules Adams/Downtime Agenda
Aquabumps is a family business.
Eugene Tan, in the water daily