The dozer is back! Will it bring the joy?

The dozer is back! Will it bring the joy?

Cat D10

A large Cat D10 bulldozer goes for anywhere between $400k and a mil. I reckon that’s a good investment in our mental well being. Shall we all chip in? Hear me out.

Once upon a time, there were sandy dunes that connected the Bondi Valley to Rose Bay. Those natural dunes are now tonnes of concrete and a car park, so the natural flow of sand on our beach is affected. (Well, that’s what a scientist once wrote to me explaining).

Sometimes the sand gathers up the back of Bondi Beach and needs a little hand finding its way back into the ocean, where we need it to make surfable banks.

Good news! Council has heard our cry for help, and today the sand is being pushed back in, and of course, I begged them to make one nice long spit or even just a substantial concentrated pile in the south. This is an annual event for me – where I offer bribes, cartons of beer – anything to bulldozer drivers.

Anything has to be better than what we’ve been surfing for the past six months. We’re desperado…

So I look forward to seeing how these sand movements translate in future swells.

There are waves today; it’s not pumping like yesterday. Rain is back, and it looks junkie, but I’ll probably surf it. Tomorrow the weather clears and the swell fades.

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Not pretty




Tinnies at the Boat Ramp


Surfable, not pumping


Remember, no drinking and surfing


Members only

I see piles for days, let's do this

2 thoughts on “Cat D10

  1. Bondi had great banks long before u showed up, in any event your lobbying is much appreciated. Surfers have been lobbying council for over 60 years starting with abolishing surfboard registration. But your right this has been a woeful run of terrible banks despite 2 winter big swell storms. The Lord giveth and the Lord takes away. Maybe we haven’t been good boys and girls.

  2. Get a foil and adapt to the worst banks ever, actually don’t. I hope they stay like this. Actually amazing for a foil haha #loiltodafoil

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