The Aqua-Merc

My muse, the ocean, was having an “off” day with small dribbly junkie surf and rain.

The early high tide wasn’t doing it any favours – pushing it right up onto the shore.

It’s going to be a week of rainy days, all coming from the North.

Mercedes Benz loaned us a new electric EQC SUV. For a bit of fun, we thought we’d send it back a looking a little different, wrapping it one of my metallic prints! Can I tell you, that car is one of the fastest whips I’ve ever driven (and quietest).

Read our full feature or watch a little video on what went down.

Watch Aquabumps X Mercedes

Our Aquabumps Mercedes at Clovelly

Merceds loaned us a car, and we Aquabumps'ified it a little


The new electric Mercedes EQC

Urban Camo

Clovelly light!

Before sunrise


Surfing, today, 7am, with full tide.


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