Those rights look doable. Bondi 7:20am this morning

Ocean Energy

It’s been the talk of the town over the long weekend – we’ve got an oversized, long-period ground swell pummelling our coastline at present. They even closed Bondi to the public over the weekend. Today it appears to be winding down, finally, after days of pounding. Combined with tonight’s super moon and super tides there’s […]

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Hi Wendy, I see you! South Bondi


Swimming with my camera is my favourite form of photography. It’s how Aquabumps began (1999) and something I think I will always do. Swimming on days like today is a real treat; even though the mercury on land is plummeting, it’s pretty fantastic underwater – hidden from the winter’s breeze. It’s all quiet underneath the […]

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Dribbles, limping into Bondi Bay

The Big Chill

It is nice to check the weather forecast and see days and days of sunshine. I don’t mind the polar temperatures, as long as we have solar. Waves have gone flat and surfing is off the cards. The water still remains warm but the dash up to the carpark will rattle you into gear. The […]

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Sculptured curves, Bondi this morning


Before the sun rose, it was a little chilly. The last thing you felt like doing was dunking in the ocean, but if you did, you’d agree that it was well worth it! Super warm in, cold out…take advantage of the salubrious water temperature before it drops. The swell has dropped a few gears and […]

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Struggling to even make Icebergs look good this morning


Bondi has returned back to its La Nina grey self, unfortunately. This morning it was still drizzling and the skies were dark. A few little waves for the groms but nothing spectacular. You’re not missing much today…yawn. Tomorrow, well, tomorrow I’m expecting glorious sunshine and grooming offshores. Now ya torkin! Tomorrow you REALLY should pop […]

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Bondi - breaking straight and shutting you out


When it comes to closing out, section-less waves – you won’t find better than Bondi. So when Bondi is straight it’s pretty much unsurfable – you won’t even have time to get to your feet (as many found out this morning).  There’s a decent supply of 2-4 foot South swell, you need to go for […]

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Sizeable chunks off Deadmans, Manly on Saturday


Well, it’s been a rather exciting couple of days. I am not sure where to begin. We’ve gone from dull rainy days to non-stop action in the ocean. It all began late Friday when a gale force wind hit Sydney. It rattled my house all night, and on Saturday, we woke to an enormous, unprecedented, […]

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What? It cannot be - solar! Bondi this morning


Remember the movie Bladerunner? In every scene, it’s raining. A bit like Sydney. Everywhere I go, I’m wet – soggy. I’ve even stopped wearing shoes in big downpours – and just roll around bare feet. Fun, isn’t it? The postie rocked in with knee-high gumboots – that’s the ticket, clever. There’s a rumour people are […]

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Spin cycle, North Bondi last night


The storms are here, and Sydney has crawled back indoors. Earlier today, we had moments of sunshine, but now it’s set in and could dump 20mm of rain on us. The winds were south early, making for semi-clean cross shores at Bondi, but now it’s full onshore with more east in it. A small 1-2 […]

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Shorey curls, Bondi


After a very grey start, we now have clearer skies (10am) and howling onshore/cross-shore winds. It’s 25 knots of southerly! The swell has dropped a lot, and there’s a very lame grovel at Bondi on the nearing high tide (I wouldn’t get getting too excited about it). About three people are surfing it on the […]

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Tricky high tide reflections, Bondi Beach 7am

Hazy Doozie

These are the days – a complete doozie! I like many facets of today as the sun is out, the temps are up, a new east swell is rideable, and the winds are gentle—what a glorious beach morning. I hope you’re reading this update on your phone whilst lying on a beach towel. Bondi wave heights […]

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Our local clubs were very active this morning #clubbylife


I was so happy to see sunshine this morning, even though it was only a brief gap in the clouds. I can do onshore, but onshore AND dark is hard to polish up. The nemesis 10 knot ESE winds affect all Sydney’s beaches. The beaches are junkie. You cannot hide from this wind – it’s […]

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It's the weekend!

Free Pineapples

It was a tough morning to shine up the overcast mundane conditions into a series of riveting images. Sluggish one footers broke on a couple of peaks, best suited to 20-kilo groms. The skies are dark, and we’ve had patchy rain already as the mercury creeps to a balmy 25 degrees. Winds are north and […]

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