Calga, Bronte Beach - 14 November

Memorable Dozen

It’s all gone whacky, again. The Northern Beaches Rona Outbreak has set us all into a bit of a spin. Chrissy plans cancelled, flights canned, borders shut. Stay positive! (and stay home if ya can).We’ll get through this, again. Today’s ‘Bumps consists of 12 photographs, shot this year that I’m proud of. I hope they […]

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Early fog, 1st light, burnt orange

The Steamroom

It’s been a steamy 24 hours in Sydney. Very muggy, and sticky. Today we woke to a thick layer of fog, blanketing most beaches. The water is fresh, and as I type this it’s just started to rain. If you didn’t get down the beach for a swim earlier, your window has now shut. Rain […]

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The Italian, edging in

Get Wet

Finally a morning without rain. Well, kinda. Sorta. It was weird, I was shooting a glorious sunrise, but it was still spitting. As I type out this riveting editorial, I can see sunshine dance through the skylight of AB-HQ. Party time! It’s been a good week of NE swell and many have filled their wave […]

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Aquabumps X Mercedes

The Aqua-Merc

My muse, the ocean, was having an “off” day with small dribbly junkie surf and rain. The early high tide wasn’t doing it any favours – pushing it right up onto the shore. It’s going to be a week of rainy days, all coming from the North. Mercedes Benz loaned us a new electric EQC SUV. […]

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On rails, Bronte


Last nights south storm was violent and abrupt. It hit hard and buggered off quick – like a flash in the pan. I wish I got some photos of that shelf cloud – but sadly, was too late for it. There’s still south onshore winds this morning, making surfing a low priority – unless you’re […]

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A favourite, Bronte Bogey Hole


A gloriously sunny morning to kick off a warm day. That 6:36am high tide flooded the tiny SE swell, making it hard to find surfable waves. Maybe better on lower tides during the day. 27 degrees forecast, only 5 days until it’s officially summer! Small surf conditions for days and days now. Good time to […]

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Stampede, North Bondi

Onshore Galore

The soothing cool breeze is in town from the south. It’s such a contrast to yesterday, where we were tapping mid-thirties and no wind. It was getting up near 40 degrees out west. Wave riders : Bondi was not surfable this morning. Rarely do I say that. The high-tide-no-bank combo is a joy killer. Add […]

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Dingy, North Bondi

True North

There are waves around head high, from the North – which is pretty much useless to us around here as we have no sand at beaches facing that way, and the high tide (7 am) was porking up anything worth slaying. South facing Bondi was tiny, muggy but good for a morning Friday swim. Forecast […]

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Elixir, Bondi Beach 11 November

Get Wet

Today’s the warmest day of the week with a muggy 28 degrees. It’s supposed to rain later tonight, but right now you’ve got an A-grade, superdeluxe morning for a swim, walk or even surf a 1 foot crumble on a mal. The combo of new north swell and high tide (H 6:29 am) hindered any […]

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Bombs away


Do you like an early Aquabumps post? (like this one) – before 9am? Or do you prefer it around 11 am, when you’re having your second coffee? The swell is on hold, as waves have dropped right back to the knee-high range. It’s not really surfable unless you’re floating on 40-50 litres of foam. Supposedly […]

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Lessons, Bondi 6:30am


I’ve been trying to write some engaging copy about today. Normally I can bang it out (typos and all) in a matter of minutes. Not today, today’s a bit harder. It’s onshore with 6 knots of easterly (straight in). That wind will kick around to the north (around 1 pm), providing cleaner conditions this afternoon […]

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Aerial Outtakes

Today’s not the most photogenic day. Onshore, rainy, 1 foot slop sums up what I saw down the beach this morning. The good news is its gonna clear, but the onshore flow will remain until at least tomorrow afternoon. During our Covid Winter I spent quite a bit of time flying around in helicopters, shooting. […]

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Pockets of golden light at Ross Jones Pool, Coogee


It’s been a while since we’ve had a overcast start to the day, thankfully. Today’s a bit drab as the southerly came in early, and its howling. The temperatures have dropped and it was extremely hard to find a surfable wave in the Eastern Suburbs. Warm day tomorrow (but cloudy) and rain forecasted for Sunday. […]

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