Family swim, Clovelly

Sans Sand

A beach without sand (sans sand) is Clovelly Beach! Clovelly is a narrow bay situated North of Coogee. It was actually called Little Coogee until 1913.  During The Great Depression, Randwick Council filled it up with concrete to make it more accessible for swimmers – and – provide work for the unemployed in dire economic times. If […]

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Berg's sunrise, before opening and filling

Circadian Rhythm

They say getting up early and exposing yourself to first light, the warmest light of the day is good for your circadian rhythm. It kicks your body clock into gear and helps regulate your sleeping patterns. I’m actually writing about a topic I have no real knowledge of so let’s just leave it at that! I […]

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North Bondi gold plated

Golden Fridays

G’day. What a day! The surf and weather have aligned to give you a great excuse to get down the beach. I kinda blew it though, I didn’t realise the swell was so East and Bondi isn’t cranking, like other exposed east facing beaches. Bra, Manly, Whale, Narra, gosh…the list goes on, should all be proper […]

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Home. Looking at this, a lotta people live here!


It looks like we’ll hit the quota of 120 millimetres of rain today! Oh man, it’s bucketing down. Think of the good side – the Bondi Parking Cops won’t be patrolling, the garden is loving it and I’ve put my car out on the street for a free wash. The downside – I just can’t […]

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Tough day to keep the pool clean at high tide, Icebergs


I spent the morning chasing light rays around Bondi. From 7 am we were morphing from a grey, multi-layered, dark cloudy morning to brilliant sunshine. Some spectacular moments so I cranked up the medium format 100-megapixel bad boy and shot some slow shutters. There is plenty of new swell. Waves are breaking in the 3-5 […]

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Marie Lebourgeois


After a hot night sometimes it’s tough dragging yourself down the beach in the morning. You’re half asleep, meandering down to the water’s edge – then Boom! Once you’re underwater you feel like a million bucks. Studies show that a swim in cool water can give you mental clarity. (Yes, I do believe it needs […]

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Morning rituals, Icebergs, Bondi Beach


The mornings are getting warmer and the crowds growing as we slide in summer. Bondi is nuts in summer. Just watch the TV show! To my surprise, we have half decent waves in Bondi this morning. Its a junkie confused ocean, a lil’ onshore, with swell coming in from all directions, but there’s a head high […]

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Weetman puttin' the foot down

The Slow Shutter

Good to see some fruit in the bowls at Bondi this morning. Pumping? Sadly not. Surfable – correct. After a few days of slim pickings, we have surfable 1-3 footers. Clean at high tide this morning, but the onshore has always begun its disturbance. Do you know I’ve got 14 years of Aquabumps daily archives […]

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Ishod Wair flying high in the Bondi Bowls this week


It’s windy as hell and blowing in from the South. The swell hasn’t really kicked so there is only a small 1-2 foot shore break at high tide. Patches of sunshine but a much, much cooler day than glamourous yesterday. Possibly more swell as the day progresses. :: uge

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Probably one of the most photographed pool corners in the world


No Royal couples, no wind (yet), not really any waves…but yes, we have sunshine! Ah yes, Bondi’s back to its usual spring pattern. The 7:30am high tide was killing it for surfers. Waves limped into the south facing Bondi whilst it was waaaay too full for Tama. Lower tides will be more promising. If you’re coming to […]

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Grant and Sammy showing The Royals around South Bondi

The Royals get Shacked!

Breaking News: Prince Harry and Meghan visit Bondi Beach this morning to surf our world famous closeouts! Harry was a little disappointed it wasn’t pumping out there, he said it was a tad small for him and he prefers hollow reef breaks and warmer water. Looks like Harry forgot his wetsuit anyway. The glamorous couple […]

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Go North - look at that thing rattle off!


These Nor-East conditions continue in Sydney. It’s pretty blowy but find some protected nooks, and you’ll have a little wave to surf. My pick – North Bondi looked good but exposed Nor-East beaches will be a coupla feet bigger. I wasn’t joking about Prince Harry coming to Bondi on Friday for a surf with the […]

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Raking the leaves off the bottom on the right

Sun Worship

G’day.  Ah…finally a morning with some raw sunlight to shoot – bonus! Sensational warm morning – and everyone was up early to welcome it. Waves – we’ve got some. Tamarama and Bronte looked pretty wild while Bondi had some OKish fat 3ft runners in the southern corner. It’s not pumping, but worthy of a paddle. […]

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