Yesterday, a doozie, a magnificent day.


Firstly, how good was yesterday? It is a freak combo of stunning water clarity, watercolour, perfect sunshine, and flat like a lake, making it look like an idyllic postcard from the south pacific. As I took a few shots, people walked by, frothing about how spectacular it looked – the colours popped. Today we finally have […]

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@picumania reflections

Soggy Bones

It’s not pretty out there with dark grey skies, intermittent showers, and cooler temps. The promised batch of ESE swell hasn’t arrived just yet…and it’s still pretty tiny in the surf. Hopefully soon, real soon (said whilst tapping my desk). Winds are NNE 8 knots, so that’s clean at Bondi. Tomorrow looks like a decent […]

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First light, Bondi


It’s a cracker of a day in Sydney. Go outside—glorious spring sunny skies with gentle breezes. The leftover SE swell is limping into Bondi, occasionally breaking around the shoulders, more often around your waistline. It’s very infrequent and best suited to the groms. No shortage of frothing groms around Bondi these days! Just like the skatepark. […]

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This mornings sunrise


I was a little late to the party this morning as the skies blew up hues of pinks.  5:45 am I was pedalling ferociously towards the beach; I could see a thin cloud off Benny Buckler putting on a colour show…bugger! I’m still slapping myself as I write this riveting editorial. The first light is […]

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Bondi this morning


Today is a big day in Sydney, SCHOOL IS BACK. After drop punting the ferals over the school gate, I’ve painted my face blue and white, screaming FREEEEDOM! FREEEEDOM on the streets of Bondi. Parents are high-fiving, parents are in the surf, parents are drinking champers in the bars – we’ve got our lives back! […]

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Training group, first light

High Key

Velvety gold rays strung out across the bay this morning; the kinda light I love to shoot. Everything looks good, draped in gold. It’s even more of a treat when I was expecting a fully clouded sky and junkie ocean this morning. It’s clean and head-high, that howling southerly has passed on by. Both sandbanks were […]

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Icebergs had a lotta water moving in the pool today


Sydney is feeling semi-normal as we open up a bit more. A delightful weekend of spring weather and a thundering south swell that arrived on Sunday morning and continues today. It is fools gold out there; you probably ran down with your board thinking you’re going to score some four-footers…if you like close outs and surfing straight, […]

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Gee, it's busy in the water


We’ve had another morning of sunshine, north winds and north swell. Everyone was up early, hitting the beach… it was busy. Walkers, surfers, people carry rocks, boot camps, outdoor gyms, doof doof…a hive of activity in the wee hours. The surf looks much cleaner than in previous days. The water is SUPER CHILLY after the […]

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It's all about perspective. Bondi Beach 7am


I live by a simple rule – touch nature at least once a day. Feet in the sand, snooze on the grass or swim at sunrise. It’s all good. Makes you feel unreal all day, setting you up – just right. Now go do it. A brand new swell has arrived, alleluia, and it’s looking […]

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Mad Liv, diving for Crays

Bondi ØɄ₮Break

We’ve woken to BONDI BONDI BONDI all over the news. Bondi outbreak, Bondi cluster, Bondi hotspot. On the tele they’re interviewing people on the beach how they feel about The Rona running rampant around our beloved beach. Hell, even my accountant cancelled his meeting with me in Bondi Beach today! So, from what I can […]

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The Pilg, slicing the open face


Welcome to a new week and the beginning of winter. It was a cold, clear morning down at Bondi with small, weak limping waist to chest high waves (inconsistent). We’re looking at sunny weather for today and tomorrow, rain from Wednesday. The water is still kinda warm hovering around 19.5 degrees. I’ve finally gone to […]

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Water play, Bondi Beach 6:45am


The shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere is June 21, a few weeks away. That means the sunrise is late at this time of year. I sit on the beach on these cold mornings, waiting for the sun to peer over Ben Buckler, illuminating my subjects and, most importantly, making it comfortable […]

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Longboarders heaven, Bondi 7am


I’m back in Bondi and into my morning routine – surf check at dawn, shoot a sunrise, capture some surfing and then shoot something weird going on in Bondi! Done, tick! Where has all the swell gone? I’ve been watching from Queensland, and you have had one helluva run down here (Goldie was on the […]

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