On the weekend someone accidentally super glued my right eye shut. No bull. My right is my viewfinder eye – that you all see-through, as well, with my photographs.

After a ruthless Bondi drop-in, the violator flicked their board up, splitting open my forehead. No big deal, 2nd injury from reckless surfing for 2020, pretty routine stuff living around here.

At the medical centre, I think I must have got the work experience kid doctor, as they not only did they super-glued my wound shut, but they poured it into my right eye – sealing it shut. !@#!@#$! We eventually got it open and it’s all going to be fine, just pretty uncomfortable – I can see, I can shoot.

The moral of the story a) Don’t drop in b) If anyone is working on you with superglue, be careful, mask up, lie down and don’t let it dribble into your eyes!

Northern Beaches:
I get asked every day for more North Beaches shots – so here goes. Lap it up Manly folk – wasn’t it one helluva day yesterday! We popped over there for a few waves and rays.


Fairy Bower Sea Pool, Sunday in the heat


Pole dancing, North Steyne


Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve


Facial, Manly


Looks like Italy


My little fella enjoying time away from Bondi - Jet

Queenscliff Rockpool


Marine Parade, Manly


4 thoughts on “Superglue

  1. Sorry to hear of the injury and botched medical experience Uge, nightmare. This mean your out of the water for a while?

  2. Oh man, that sucks, uge. Get well soon. Lucky they didn’t try to put titanium into the eye like they did when some dude broke my arm with his out-of-control softboard. Wishing you quick healing.

  3. Happened to me! 8 stitches after being smashed in the eye by a board! It sucks .. but what is cool is wearing an eye patch .. makes you look like a pirate πŸ˜‰

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