Inland dust has blown to the coast, creating the haze. Bondi 6am

Dust Haze

This morning Sydney was engulfed by dusty haze. Yesterday’s strong winds kicked up the dust inland of Sydney, then a weather trough dragged the dust east to the coast, just in time for our sunrise. It’s a little different to our recent smoke screens, and you may get a few respiratory problems! Waves – what […]

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Pretty aggressive new "No Surfboards" signs


!@#$$%%@!## What? No Aquabumps photos for a whole week? Are you OK? Breath…breath. You probably already figured… I took a few days off last week to hang with my frothing groms. All back to normal now, phew. This morning Bondi was cloudy, calm and with waist-high surf. Very quiet morning as I think most of […]

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Regardless of today, summer is coming...

Bondi Moods

Today is definitely not a beach day. Nope, not even close. The waves looked dreary, onshore, manky, junky and brown! Rain is pouring and this will continue for a couple of days. That’s OK, I truly hope it’s helping with the northern fires and drought conditions. It’s cold, I’ve got the old puffer on. Bunker […]

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Late sunrise over Ben Buckler


Oh SNAP! Just like that the Summer dream ends and the Autumn cooling cycle kicks in. On Saturday it was 31 degrees around lunchtime, then by dinner time, it plummeted to 14. Fortunately, the water temperatures remain decent. Autumn time is good for surfing around here. Typically Autumn brings plenty of SW offshores and rogue southern […]

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Andrew Weetman pushing that odd looking board to the limits

Wind Switch

It was onshore early but looks cleaner now. I think the winds are switching. The forecasted swell has arrived and waves are in the 2-sort-of-3 foot. It’s surfable, contestable, semi-enjoyable. Definitely not pumping. Maybe if this wind continues to drift to the North it will get cleaner and have more potential. I need your help. […]

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A hint of light at 6:45am this morning on Ben Buckler, Bondi


We’re all in the wrong state of Australia, this morning, we need to be in Queensland. Noosa has pumping waves right now, and I’m talking tubes. Heaps of ’em! Get in before the storm. Tomorrow, I’m happy to be down here in Sydney as TC Oma could hit the Queensland coastline with 40-50 knot winds and […]

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This is how it started today

Sky Cracks

After our brief intermission with wintery conditions, we’re back on track with a warm summery morning. It’s still a bit onshore and a tad junkie, but the shorey had some fun punchy little wedges around shoulder high. Uncrowded as well. Today I’m heading to Teahupoo as a small swell is about to hit there. No, […]

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Marooned on a remote island called Ben Buckler


Hello. Hola. Bom Dia. Ciao. I hope you’re loving this exquisite weather. Delightful ain’t it? Bondi stepped up a gear this morning…it was crazy packed at sunrise. We have visitors from all over the globe ducking down the beach to get a glimpse of our famous sunrises. Ok, some were still out from the night […]

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Good morning from Bondi

Summer in August

I’ve returned from Hawaii, all rugged up, and whaaaatt? It’s summer in August.  Bit spooky. Far too warm for this time of year. It was 22 degrees this morning at sunrise, typically the coldest part of the day. Especially weird as we head for a top of 23 degrees – just 1 degree warmer all […]

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Dad's Army, returning from battle

Mellow Yellow

After last night’s storms lashed Sydney with heavy rain we’ve woken up to a junkie, quiet Bondi Beach. It’s onshore, mushy, random but who cares! There are waves that are breaking above head high. We haven’t had swell is ages so it was a pleasant sight. Love a bit of chunk to the bump. As […]

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I wasn’t sure if it would be pouring with rain or deeply overcast this morning. Surprisingly…it was neither. Golden hues welcomed the day after a steamy night…felt just like Singapore. By 8am the cloud cover won the battle and is here to stay. Waves – nothing of significance to discuss. I saw weak waist high […]

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Let’s Get High

There’s no better day to get high together. Classic Bondi today – 28 degrees, little wind and the magic water temperature of 22 degrees. Shame the surf is barely breaking above your knee caps. An early flight and here’s what Bondi looks like when its waking up, from above. My mate Rupert Murdoch reckons the […]

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Flame Up

After a week of rogue waves, you can finally return to the water as the ocean has settled down. It’s head high at Bondi now, clean and looking quite good. Wow, what an excellent sunrise, one of Sydney’s finest. A perfect thin ceiling of cloud hovering above Ben Buckler, lit up from the bottom as […]

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