Nemesis East Breeze

If there’s one wind that frustrates me, it’s the East wind. It’s such a kill-joy. It’s the one wind direction that makes a mess of everywhere, no matter which way your beach faces.

Today we have strong East winds, straight up. Bondi was a grovelly head high mess at sunrise.

The nemesis east winds also bring in the Blue Bottles, by the thousands. Bondi has been a Bluey minefield. Surfing without a wetsuit is like skateboarding down Bondi Rd hill, without shoes or pads hoping you make it to the bottom with all your skin intact.

I do believe the swell will get bigger today, but that damn wind will stay the same all day. No rain until tonight. Well, actually – no one really seems to know what’s happening with the rain…

Avagreatdayy’all. :: uge

Wanna see pics from Italy?

Junkie head high wave today



Not busy in the water 'cause everyone is on the promenade


Start the day upside down

24 carat gold


Picking pockets, South Bondi


This is how today begun, cool aye?


New angle on Icebergs, everything is so green with all the rain


Lining up a section


Getting ready to shred

'Baptism' a cracker from last week (Feb 10, 2021)


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