Christmas Cracker

Well, 2021 has been a wild ride for us all – there are positives amongst all the case numbers, lockdowns and mumbling behind masks. So after 22+ years of running Aquabumps, I had a massive break (during lockdown) from the daily routines and spent a lot of time with my monster children+wifie (and surfing!) I forgot how much I love surfing! Oh, and those kids are O-K as well. Wifie too! Haha.

BB & I must thank our team at Aquabumps for hanging in there, even whilst we had to shut the gallery door for four months. Big-T, Money, Jojo the fork thief, Joolz, Aimee, Mem, Robb, Kel – L.E.G.E.N.D.S! Thankyouse.

Also, massive thanks to you – our readers! This year, I received some pretty touching messages saying Aquabumps was their light in the lockdown hell. I learnt that the ocean and photography could bring much joy to people in times of adversity.

It still blows my mind that a bit of a side hobby I started 22 years ago has grown to what it is today. We have artworks all over the globe and readers in such faraway places. Amazing what you can achieve when you’re purely passionate about something and don’t listen to the naysayers. I’ve been told my whole career this lifestyle and work doesn’t exist. Don’t do it. Get a real job! Get a haircut.

I still love shooting daily. I do. In this post is some of my favourite images taken in 2021.

So now I’m going offline, just for a bit, not like that lockdown bit, just a bit. I’ll put the cameras down and spend time with what matters.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Posts and photos will be very sporadic and infrequent in January. Our gallery is still open right up until 6pm Xmas Eve for last-minute shopping (our holiday season hours). Gift cards are always available and issued instantaneously.

Stay safe, : : uge

Our Gallery Hours Over Festive Season

Full Bloom


Coterie, Bondi Beach








Delta Flick


Festive Bloom, Bondi Beach 18th Dec 2021


Merry Christmas from us. Avagoodone

6 thoughts on “Christmas Cracker

  1. Love all your photos,, makes us feel closer to our kiddos in Sydney, we’re in the US and haven’t been able to get Down Under for almost three years, due to the pandemic! Fingers crossed for a visit in 2022… thx for taking us there with your supreme photographs!

  2. Merry Christmas to aquabumps
    Thank you for the dailies
    Made my lock down too
    Best ocean pics ever
    Cheers and good health to the gang

  3. Thanks Uge, for all the beautiful pics I got in these hard times….Everyday joy to see my 2e home-land I miss so much……will be there when lock down is over(when ever that is….)to see my lovely family again and the ocean I love!!! Have fun and love with your family and again thank you soooo much.. Love from Holland!!!

  4. Merry Christmas Uge to you and your family from Spain. I have not been able to see my family in Australia for ages because of this nasty Covid, but your photos make me so nostalgic. You once took my photo in Bondi and published it, sent my street cred with my kids sky rocketing, for which many thanks. I wish you all the best, and Feliz Navidad, from Jan

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family and let’s hope 2022 will be kinder to us.

    You have kept us going for the last two years. Trying to leave Dubai after 12 years and finally getting home to the UK 8 weeks ago to see our daughters after a very long 2 years.

    Our life in Dubai for the last 12 years was amazing but they call “home country” for a reason.

    I was a £10 Pom back in the 1960s having grown up in Oz ….your photos will keep me going.

    Fabulous work….see you in 2022!!

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