The Great Barrier Reef in Icebergs

The Great Barrier Reef in Icebergs

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It’s one helluva day outside; I am not sure if it looks so good because we’ve persisted with endless days of La Nina drizzle and grey skies – but it’s a day to be outside! Do it.

Icebergs have a reef in the pool! Well kinda. Snapchat is trying to raise the awareness of The Great Barrier Reef Foundation and its quest to help save the world’s largest living coral reef systems from the threat of climate change. @greatbarrierreeffoundation 

You may have noticed enormous sculptures of famous cricketers being installed in the sand also – no, we’re not in Mount Rushmore, it’s to celebrate the start of Summer Cricket season. So now you’ll be surfing the rights behind a giant Shane Warne, Isa Guha and Adam Gilchrist head!

Only in Bondi. So much going on today down there. Not much in the surf department as 1 footers limp to the beach. Enjoy 26 degrees today. 

Have a great day, uge

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Cracker morning - so glad it wasn't a La Nina drizzle


Few big heads rolling around Bondi this morning

There's a reef growing in the pool!

Joel making his pilgrimage to Bondi for sunrise sess


Get in. It's good. South Bondi


Alex Kiss on the edge

South Corner

Good conditions for the SUP



Icebergs x Snapchat

Save The Great Barrier Reef

Shane Warne, Isa Guha and Adam Gilchrist - Summer Cricket is on




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