Da Bergs

Late sun

Lots of waiting around for the sun to rise at this time of year. You know I love it when the light strikes across the bay, turning everything into gold. The swell is dying, waist to should high waves this morning. It’s sunny clean and offshore (West). Glorious conditions if you don’t mind a chilly […]

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Bronte baths, since 1883 standing strong


22.2.2022 it’s a palindrome date today – lots of 2’s. Go for a surf at 2:22pm and magic will happen, waves will clean up and barrel, the sun will shine, 2-second tubes to the beach in 22-degree water – and 2 unicorns will wander down the prom. Right now – it sure is ugly down […]

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Icebergs, 9am


No need to visit the Maldives or The Caribbean; it’s on your doorstep. There are so many good features of today – the windless turquoise oceans even had a head-high wave for you to slay. The water must be 24 degrees – leave the wetsuit at home and plunge yourself into this salubrious Thursday. It’s […]

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The Great Barrier Reef in Icebergs

Bondi Activations

It’s one helluva day outside; I am not sure if it looks so good because we’ve persisted with endless days of La Nina drizzle and grey skies – but it’s a day to be outside! Do it. Icebergs have a reef in the pool! Well kinda. Snapchat is trying to raise the awareness of The Great Barrier […]

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Our local clubs were very active this morning #clubbylife


I was so happy to see sunshine this morning, even though it was only a brief gap in the clouds. I can do onshore, but onshore AND dark is hard to polish up. The nemesis 10 knot ESE winds affect all Sydney’s beaches. The beaches are junkie. You cannot hide from this wind – it’s […]

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How it all started today @ Bondi

Bondi Active

Bondi sure is a busy place, especially in the mornings. The prom is choccas, every day. I get it, no better place to see the sun come up, grab a java, have a chill before diving into your day. It’s what I’ve done for 22 years! Today started with bland light under a thick cloud. […]

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Bondi Beach - 900 metres long and one of the most popular beaches in Australia


This morning at Bondi, the light was in a constant state of flux. It would flick between overcast, flat light to uber contrasty golden rays (my favourite flavour). I feel it was leftover volatility from the rain and storms that passed through before sunrise. Right now, as I write this riveting editorial in Aquabumps headquarters, […]

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Longboarders heaven, Bondi 7am


I’m back in Bondi and into my morning routine – surf check at dawn, shoot a sunrise, capture some surfing and then shoot something weird going on in Bondi! Done, tick! Where has all the swell gone? I’ve been watching from Queensland, and you have had one helluva run down here (Goldie was on the […]

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Oh that Autumn light, so orange, so rich, so good


We’ve lost out banks but there’s plenty of swell. Yep, unfortunately, those blissful sandbanks of the past few weeks have finally eroded and shifted elsewhere. Even with the overnight swell leap, waves were breaking randomly at Bondi – around head high. It was offshore, so hopefully as the day progresses it will groom and improve. […]

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It was a very moody, temperamental kind of beach morning. It wasn’t obvious how it was going to unfold. Around 6 am it was raining, just sprinkling. Around 6:30 am, there’s a glimpse of light under the curtain; north-facing beaches would have seen more – and northern beaches would have looked glamourous. South facing Bondi […]

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Icebergs shenanigans

Heavy Duty

It’s a kinda bizarre day out there. Very moody – sunny and warm one second – raining the next. I’ve been down a couple of times to shoot and returned with wet gear. The swell has erupted and South Bondi is being pounded by 6-8 footers. The North end is the go with rideable protected […]

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Nice calm, clean shot from Icebergs


Last night there was a little spike of swell which has continued into the morning. It’s a short period bump, so it will not hang around, but there were some very fun head high waves at sunrise. I’d expect the waves to decline rapidly as the day progresses. Tomorrow will be tiny. The Autumn sunshine […]

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When all else fails, head to the Bergs for a shot


These days are the hard ones. Trying to find inspiration in a dark, rainy, onshore, closeout day ain’t easy. It takes me ages to find something interesting in the mundane – and I’m not sure I found anything at all! I visited the beach three times this morning, in hope of someone catching a wave. […]

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