Pass jiving. Byron

Double Demerits

Hey, happy new year! 2019 is your year – I know it. Like many people from Sydney, in particular Bondi-ites, we made the summer pilgrimage to the magical Cape Byron. It’s a decent drive and the major A1 upgrade is only half finished – I still can’t believe all that traffic funnels through 50km/hr zones and tiny single lanes. Hectic. […]

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Log-heaven, The Pass, Byron Bay

A Day in the Bay

Cheer up. Slow down. Chill out. Yes, I’m in the herbal regions of Byron Bay today. The most ironic thing about Byron is that it’s manic – it’s busier than Bondi! The most easterly point of Australia juts out into the Pacific – with an enormous bay on one side (Byron Bay). This unique setup […]

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The south storm has arrived in Byron Bay, blackening the skies and bringing a new wind. Quite the contrast to the impeccable last 7 days. I’m hoping it kicks up a bit of swell as it’s been small. Today is the last update from Byron. Hope you’ve enjoyed something a little different. Cheers, :: Uge […]

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North Coast

Byron Bay is the most easterly point of Australia. It juts right out. Good for surfing as it catches most swells and has protected corners on all conditions. About 9,000 people live in Byron, plenty doing the sea or tree change from Bondi. This little town attracts 1.5 million visitors a year – yes – […]

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Byron Bay

Last week when I mentioned to people I was going up to Byron Bay their first reaction was a puzzled look…then the standard response “Hope you’re not going in the water…it’s too sharky” Yes, they’ve had a bad run up here with big fish coming in close. There are so many theories why. Everyone has […]

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So they’re calling Anzac day the best day of surfing in Sydney for 2009.Everywhere seemed to be firing and now you’re probably wondering where my shots are? Well…um…er…I ended up in Byron Bay…the only area of NSW that was an onshore mess that day…the first bad day in Byron for 6 weeks (locals up here […]

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