Circadian Rhythm

They say getting up early and exposing yourself to first light, the warmest light of the day is good for your circadian rhythm. It kicks your body clock into gear and helps regulate your sleeping patterns. I’m actually writing about a topic I have no real knowledge of so let’s just leave it at that! I just needed a decent intro into my 5,645th post on Aquabumps.

Cracker morning. Very intense red beams seeping over the horizon. A few showers, but the day seems to be recovering well. Waves – si, si. 2 footers, NE swell. Few peaks working at Bondaka.

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:: uge

'Bergs painted red


Good morning Bondi!


Wouldn't be Bondi without a swimsuit shoot


Yes, bicycle lefts


I see this wild bunch every day!


And the odd right


Oh yes, we print 'em big! This is shot on a medium format 100 mega pixel camera - crisp

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