It’s onshore and surfable. It’s grey and warm.

Nothing special, just a stock standard Bondi morning with junkie 3 footers. Apparently, it’s gonna disappear fast, so the morning sess is best.

Born out of one man’s passion for the ocean and handmade in his garage – the perfect gift for every ocean lover. Spend more time in the sea with Garage Hand Planes.

Wanting Aquabumps artwork in time for Xmas? Sure thing. Can do. We’ve got your back. But if you’re reading this in London, you’ve got until the close of business today to get your framed orders in (unframed get turned around in a few days). Check out my updated Italian Collection for some shopping inspiration!

:: uge

Can't get much past this Peanut Gallery


South end peaks


Left drops from the middle


South corner rocks - Instagrammers capital of Australia



Lots of people up early today


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