The good old Bergs


It’s onshore and surfable. It’s grey and warm. Nothing special, just a stock standard Bondi morning with junkie 3 footers. Apparently, it’s gonna disappear fast, so the morning sess is best. Born out of one man’s passion for the ocean and handmade in his garage – the perfect gift for every ocean lover. Spend more […]

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Bondi - very busy yesterday


Oh boy, that was a big weekend around Bondi. Whenever the hot westerlies blow off the desert it feels like the whole of Sydney hits the coast. 35 degrees yesterday – and then POW! – the flanking violent southerly hit town with a bang. Fortunately, it’s gone back offshore and it kicked up some 3-4 […]

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1st light peelers, Bondi Beach


Fantastic morning down the beach with plenty of sunshine, 2-3 footers and clean surfaces. The skies are cloudless and the water temp. has bumped back up (say 19-20?). I hope you got down there for a piece of the action. There was a fire blaze on Hall Street Bondi Beach last night. My sources tell […]

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