Swell is big today, thundering out the back. Bondi 7am

Abrupt Chills

And just like that, the switch has been flicked; we’ve got chilly mornings with large southerly winter swells. Bring out the jumpers from storage. Bondi was relatively empty compared to a few weeks ago. Two surfers were out, but there were not many people on the sand. The waves are 6 feet solid, maybe bigger, […]

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Darren Mansfield snagging a hollow one earlier

Busy Beaches

Bondi is one heck of a busy beach, particularly at sunrise. Covid lockdowns, working from home, and years of constant rain or bushfires all contribute to amassing sunrise crew nowadays…it’s a good vibe, especially when the sunshine is flooding in – smiles everywhere, everybody says g’day. Bondi is ranked the 5th busiest beach in the […]

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Bondi, not a quiet place, especially on Fridays

Like Summer*

After a night of rain, we’ve got a glamour, 10-outa-10 day. Feels like summer as Bondi fills up – the beach, right now (2pm) looks like January. Believe it or not, the weather is going to be good for a few days now – I would maximise this opportunity, as you know it can default […]

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Festive Bloom, Bondi Beach 18th Dec 2021


As we head into the final straight for Christmas, the beach starts to get quiet. This morning, the waves were tiny as a new southerly breeze was ruffling the surface. There were pockets of light as the high cloud was forever transforming. Today’s post is a collection of images taken between now and last Friday […]

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Bondi Beach - 900 metres long and one of the most popular beaches in Australia


This morning at Bondi, the light was in a constant state of flux. It would flick between overcast, flat light to uber contrasty golden rays (my favourite flavour). I feel it was leftover volatility from the rain and storms that passed through before sunrise. Right now, as I write this riveting editorial in Aquabumps headquarters, […]

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Inland dust has blown to the coast, creating the haze. Bondi 6am

Dust Haze

This morning Sydney was engulfed by dusty haze. Yesterday’s strong winds kicked up the dust inland of Sydney, then a weather trough dragged the dust east to the coast, just in time for our sunrise. It’s a little different to our recent smoke screens, and you may get a few respiratory problems! Waves – what […]

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This morning, 5:30am colour luminescence


The sun broke through the thick Ben Buckler cloud as the waves continue to break. Nice morning. It’s 2 foot, occasionally 3 foot if you’re lucky. Large crowd out enjoying the decent conditions. Swell is south and winds from the North. A mild day, 20 degrees. Enjoy it. :: uge

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Storm coming!

Where’s Uge?

Have you been missing something in your day? Is life not complete? I know, I know….it’s been far too long since you’ve received your salty fix from Aquabumps. Too long indeed. It’s me…not you. For two weeks I unplugged from all things Aquabumps and spent plenty of time in the ocean, well away from Bondi. […]

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Icebergs spurt

The Humans of Bondi

Bondi gets such a bad wrap in Summer. I post a shot of a packed Sunday and loads of crew comment saying that’s their worst beach nightmare. To be clear, it’s rammed, choccas, overflowing with humans only about 5% of the time. The rest of the time Bondi is pretty peaceful joint with a solid community […]

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Berg's sunrise, before opening and filling

Circadian Rhythm

They say getting up early and exposing yourself to first light, the warmest light of the day is good for your circadian rhythm. It kicks your body clock into gear and helps regulate your sleeping patterns. I’m actually writing about a topic I have no real knowledge of so let’s just leave it at that! I […]

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Only one of these every 45 mins, but it can get fun

Bigger better?

Does size count? Is bigger better? Would you rather surf closing out 6-8 foot or clean, 4 foot with multiple opportunities to stab a few holes in the open face. Big swells don’t seem to work well around here (in my opinion). We don’t have reefs that can hold a decent chunk, and our sand […]

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North Bondi squad reflections, Bondi 7am


Hot ain’t it? Terrific morning for a swim. The water has bumped up a couple of degrees and the water was packed with swimmers. Surfing isn’t really an option this morning. Waves are tiny as Bondi continues to neglect the dribble swell from NE. The next 3 days will be fun for surfers at exposed […]

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