Where’s Uge?

Have you been missing something in your day? Is life not complete?

I know, I know….it’s been far too long since you’ve received your salty fix from Aquabumps. Too long indeed. It’s me…not you.

For two weeks I unplugged from all things Aquabumps and spent plenty of time in the ocean, well away from Bondi. It’s a good feeling! Easter and the ANZAC weekend were filled with warm water, epic swells and sunny warm weather. It was a gift…just too good…my shoulders are sore, my eyes bright red from the brine and I’m a darker shade of latte.

Ok, now I am back in 2026 and ready to shoot. Here are a few snippets, random moments from my recent travels.

Adios, Ugios

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Water clarity was in the ridiculous range over the break


We had plenty of swell over the break. Hope you got some

Marshies on the fire

Head rinse


Everyday started like this




So much swell!

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