Plain Jane

It was a very plain kinda morning…nothing really to note.

The skies were filled with morning cloud, Fluro Fridays were huddling in the corner, and the early low tide provided no joy for surfers. 1-2 footers broke inadequately on shallow, straight banks. I noticed around 9 am it was getting bigger with a higher tide. Still, nothing spesh to disrupt your Friday’s plans.

I’ve changed the gallery artworks on the Eastern wall to┬ásome new fresh prints – yep, come to have a look over the weekend. Open every day except Good Friday and Anzac Thursday. Telephone 02 9130 7788 and we’re at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW Australia.

It’s school holidays from today and my groms are demanding time at skateparks, point breaks and Easter eggs. So these updates will be a little sporadic for a coupla weeks. Hope you’re taking some time off too.


:: uge


KTA - staircase to heaven

End section boom!


Last Sunday


4 thoughts on “Plain Jane

  1. Hi from England.
    You amazing photos arrive just before I
    head off to bed.They are the last thing I lookat before I go to sleep and they just set me up for a good day a head.I just look them
    So thank you and keep on sending them.Happy Easter to you all in the Gallery…love Julie.xx

  2. Man, I live in the over worked states of America where you didn’t even get a day off for Easter. How good must it be to take 10 days off for the Easter break! You know how to live Uge, which is why I’m coming back to Oz!

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