My journey into photography began in black and white (film). Digi wasn’t dreamt up back then…

I was a kid tinkering in a makeshift home darkroom (A.K.A Mum’s laundry). Ma was stoked when I hung my prints on her line, dripping fixer chemicals all over the families clothes.

When I was 15, I found the underutilised darkroom at my school. Back then, media was a subject NO ONE did. Photography was for dorks… so this little dork found solace hammering through the schools Ilford paper stockpiles. That school darkroom is where I hid…wagging non-creative subjects and processing my rolls shot around the schoolyard.

I documented everything, fruit fights, pile-ons… obsessed with the process of creating images. That obsession continues today, daily, down at Bondi… all 20 years of it! Today’s post we’re going back to black and white – minus the stinking chemicals.

We have two footers closing out on unsurfable shallow banks this morning. Clean and cool as hints of winter start to surface.

:: uge


One on the roof and two on the ground


Art meets Icebergs


Trim and run!


Hints of light, South Bondi


6 thoughts on “Monochrome

  1. I live in NYC and look at your photos a couple of times of week. These black & whites are terrific.

  2. Loving the black and white photos – would be great to see more! Your daily dose of Bondi makes my day each day!

  3. I was so excited to visit your studio yesterday. We traveled from Texas to see your beautiful photos. I’m having a terrible time deciding which one to take home with me. It will be the perfect reminder of this beautiful trip. We loved meeting Tyson. He was so nice!! Thanks for sharing your amazing pics with us all. Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much Lara – we love that you came from so far away.
      Tyson is a legend, big part of our business. Cheers, Uge

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