Joccy right in the pocket, Bondi 7am

Lil’ Bumps

Our fantastic run of swell has come to an end, and today’s swell is smaller yet still surfable. Clean conditions at sunrise under very dark, cloudy skies. A massive pack of hungry 20-30 kilo groms out, feasting on anything moving into the bay. The little ones have such a good time in the water – […]

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One of Bondi's most underrated slayers, Luke Adam


Nothing is worse than donning a wet wettie in the dark before sunrise. This persistent nemesis onshore rain pattern seems stuck over Sydney – and won’t push offshore. Nonetheless, there are plenty of waves this morning in the chest to occasionally head wide variety. Huge pack of groms up early, feasting before school. Currently, the wind is holding off […]

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Luke Adam, blasting

South Chump Change

As I write this, a south change is moving from stage right. It’s bringing wind and waves – lots of wind. Tonight expect SSW 30 knots plus. The wave energy will ramp, and tomorrow, you’ll see conditions similar to last Saturday’s 8-footers. It will be very messy with all that wind, but interesting nonetheless. Have […]

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Bondi breakthrough. 6:30am,

Last day of Summer

It’s the last day of summer (boo!), and we’re finishing it in stereotypical fashion – NE winds, 35 degrees and a tiny swell. It was a super warm morning with a MASSIVE sunrise crowd. So many people from overseas enjoying the morning vibes. Morning low tides created a little exposed sandbar, good for swimmers and […]

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Nice clean, busy Bondi sunrise around 6:15am


It’s one helluva beautiful day outside in Sydney. The sun rose, unhindered by horizon cloud, and blanketed Bondi all morning. Vast numbers of people were up early, enjoying sunrise – it was crazy. Today’s ENE swell is small and mainly missing Bondi. Spike reckons it was 1-2 feet, which is practically overhead high for the […]

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Jetty, all fired up this morning. Bondi 7:15am

Back in the hood!

Bondi’s an intense joint, so I love stepping away from it for a few weeks over the summer. I put the cameras & phones away and then focus on my forehand grinds (and family time). As of today – I AM BACK. Fresh eyes on a familiar subject, crazy Bondi. My 25th year. What a […]

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Is J.O.B in town?

The Skanky Port

A port is a part of my water housing that allows me to shoot in the brine. You have different ports to match your lenses. Over the years, I’ve shot with dozens of lenses whilst swimming. Today, I swam out with an old port from the back of the cupboard, and it had all kinds […]

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Lip strike, 6:20am


I took the mini-froth-lords on an excursion to an east-facing beach – hoping for bigger waves and less crowd. We weren’t the only ones with that idea! We discovered 3-4 foot bowls amongst an early (chaotic) crowd. I always thought Bondi was the pinnacle of surfing chaos – we’re not alone! NW winds and plenty […]

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Speed lines, Bondi 7am

Grom Fodder

The groms rated today a 2 out of 10 but still paddled out. I love their positive attitudes. They always come in saying “got barrelled”, even when it’s barely breaking. So good. I saw waves break around head-high with onshore junk. East winds are no good around here. It’s going to rain over the next […]

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The little creeps were all over it this morning. Jetty pocket snap


It’s quite tiny but surfable. A shallow bank was putting on some pockets for the mini-humans to stab. Not much above chest high. It was clean, dark and cloudy earlier, but that cleared by around 7ish. 27 degrees today, yeah! The Australian Open of Surfing – Better Beer Open: Grand Finals are being held on our […]

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Spikey deep diving. 6:15am

Wide in the Brine

Go for a swim, surf, before your Cup lunch. It’s sublime down the beach. Currently, light winds, glassy conditions and a forecast of 25 on the mercury. Waves are bigger than yesterday, yet still small. (1-2 ft). There’s something special when your family is out in the water with you, sharing the ocean. When these […]

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Daz, torpedo down the line


The swell spiked up strong this morning from the east, just in time for Halloween. I was surprised to see the odd four-footer out there; nonetheless, it was offshore earlier & fun! Bondi had a few peaks running. The recent big swell pounding didn’t ruin our banks – good. Early strong SW wind will swing […]

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Sculptures is back! Wang Shugang's (I think) work.

Groms and Sculptures

I don’t recall a time in my decades of shooting Bondi that so many youngsters are going hard, day in and day out. Not just saying that as a couple of them are mine. A few years ago, I’d struggle to find anyone surfing Bondi that wasn’t on a 100-litre softie going dead straight on […]

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