Young Tommy Mackay tail burn 7:00am

Bondi Bowls

I’m back in Bondi and acclimatising to the cold. Brisk. Hard to believe it will top 23 degrees today after such a chilly start. Bondi had a little left, bowling on the rip. It was empty too, which is rare for here, so the groms took it on. Today is your last day to support […]

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Bondi - moving water

Daily Contrasts

What a contrasty day – weatherwise. This morning was dark with a ceiling of thick cloud; now…well, it’s spring paradise. Toot toot! It was a clean morning, small waist-to-chest high surf – large crowds.Winds are barely blowing from the north at only 2 knots. I was on one of the banks up north with the […]

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From big snow slopes to little aqua slopes, Bondi this morning 7am


Big slopes to little slopes. Low tide killing it this morning. It’s tiny and sunny, very different to what you’ll see for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, the rain will dominate from tonight as a larger swell pummells town. Wind will howl (offshore) with that stiff mountain air…FRESH! How’s yesterday though – kinda warm, […]

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Jesse Botella, scoring gold this morning at Bondi


These autumn mornings are like a magnet to ocean lovers, especially after our dud summer of unending rain. Scores of frothers (including my whole family) snuck down in the darkness to immerse in the sublime autumn conditions. Strangely there are waves – I must be looking at the wrong swell charts ’cause I swear the […]

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Bondi traffic, this morning 6:55am

Below Sea Level

Another sublime start to the day as waves continue to dribble into the Bondi Bay under a sunny sky. The surf appeared a little bigger than yesterday, surprised as I thought the charts said smaller today. A welcome treat for those that wandered down. Offshore breezes really cleaning up the water, dive right in! :: […]

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Babs cooling off this morning. South Bondeye


Submerge yourself in 23-degree water today. What a terrific way to start the day! That’s getting close to as warm as it gets around here. Shed the rubber and dive in… Not many waves around, kneeish high dribbles. It doesn’t matter; everybody is swimming anyway. On holiday yet? Soon I am guessing. Drive safe if […]

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Bondi puddles


FINALLY, it’s stopped raining, and the sunshine has broken through. Nice to see everybody out and about, doing their morning rituals. Waves were breaking on two sandbanks, a left and a right, but only around waist high and very fat. You need a high volume surf vehicle today and plenty of patience. With the North […]

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Cloudy skies, wolf pack waiting. Bondi Beach


Even though the surf was dribbly and without push, it was a fun vibe in the water.  Firstly, it’s warm in the brine – 23+ degrees. The warmest time of year to swim, so get into it. Secondly, there’s good banks and the odd 1-2 foot had a loggers wall spilling to the beach. I […]

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Digits on the nose, Bondi

Last Day of Winter

It’s pretty puuuuuurfect right now – especially for the last day of winter. Sunshine for days, winds are non-existent, water is glassy and there’s a tiny 1 footer up north for beginners, longboarders and groms. It’s a family affair today – by that I mean my whole family was out there getting their wave quotas […]

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An explosion of colour hovering over North Bondi this morning


This morning was an explosion of colour over Bondi Beach. Bright hues glowed from the North as we entered the first day of winter. The colours were so strong, it looked unreal. (I even pulled them back in post). It’s also the 1st day of regional travel, as our COVID19 grip loosens. Loads of people […]

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Loggin' in for the morning, Bondi


It was another calm, warm, sunny morning down at Bondi. Waves are limping in around 1-2 foot with a few banks putting on a mal wave. The beach was packed before sunrise, which is now rising late (6:40am). Some decent colour patches in the skies as many grabbed a coffee and watched the new day […]

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Bondi 8am

Mega Good Vibes

This morning was a treat. The waves are tiny but the water is so warm and comfortable. Multiple banks were putting on a little peak and kids, mums, dads, uncles, and grandpas were out enjoying the salubrious conditions. Everybody had a smile. It’s a cracker, go for a swim. Cape Mentelle X AquabumpsLate last year […]

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Squad rush, North Bondi


Yep, it’s gonna be a hot one. I’m talking a big thirty-3. It’s Friday and the beach was pretty crowded at sunrise. Smiles everywhere, but the water is still chilly. Waves have plummeted to only 1 foot, and the morning high tide was concealing any goodness. It’s a NE windswell from the recent blowing. Go […]

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