Hot hot hot

Flick the out-of-office on; you’re done for the day. It’s too hot not to go to the beach. There’s a huge mass of hot air creeping into Sydney from inland Australia. It’s gonna hit 37 degrees today. Yep, you read it right, 37.

Waves – yeah, there’s some for the logs. 1-2 foot, peeling at 6 am today. Tomorrow and Sunday look more promising.

Believe it or not, I’m not a morning person. I struggle to peel out of bed – mainly ’cause I’m a terrible sleeper. I know, 20 years of sunrises you’d think I’ve switched modes…but nah. This morning we had a cracker sunrise, and I was late to the party, so I only caught the tail end. Instagram is filled with bright pink puffs in the sky. Hope you saw it. Bummed I wasn’t there for the early.

There are only eight weeks until Christmas. Freaky, I know. Xmas present orders are starting to flow into our Aquabumps Gallery. If you want to give some 100% Australian made, glorious beach inspired artworks to your loved ones; we need 2-3 weeks to hand make it, then a week to ship it, anywhere in the globe. So chop-chop, check out our online catalogue and don’t leave it to the last minute. Our staff are online to answer any of your questions right now. (Click the chat box, bottom right-hand corner of the browser). I’m on there now…let’s talk!

Ciao, uge

Logging in for the day


Even da Bergs got a tint done


Shorey runners, contestable


Summer vibes


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