Bronte. This is how today begun

il Bronte

Bronte, that little cove bay around the corner where plenty amass before work. It’s always good when the southerly is howling, having a big protecting cliff face on the south side. Bogey Hole, the rock pool next to the ocean pool, is one of Sydney’s busiest little water patches. It’s always a good angle on […]

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Go that inside bowl


It was a dreamy morning with solid wave options. A mixture of swells provided clean waves at most Sydney beaches – some sets in the 4-5ft range! It’s about to flip as the encroaching southerly makes its way up the coast to us…my prediction is that between 3-4 pm today, it will be all over […]

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Hello Bondi! Sunrise this morning.

Good morning

It was a sensational morning in Sydney, with pink bits scattered across our dawn skies. The water was warm as two footers broke straight. Under the surface, the clarity was decent – recently, the northerlies have brought an unwelcome green-brown murk. Winds are currently very gentle and from the west. The southerly will arrive any […]

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Boom. Just like that the sky caught on fire. Phase 2, circa 6:30am

Crop Dusting

Hi. Hello. How are you? Remember me? I know, I know. This ‘daily’ photo email thing seems to be a little erratic, a little irregular and a whole lot not daily. I can explain… As of today, I can officially pilot an under 25-kilo RPA (remotely piloted aircraft). It took me all week to get […]

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The pinks were so intense this morning


Wow, what a crazy morning! The sky was a blaze, and an odd coloured rainbow decorated our skies. I’m told we’ve got VIRGA to blame. Virga refers to a meteorological phenomenon that occurs when precipitation falls from a cloud but evaporates before reaching the ground. It appears as streaks or wisps of precipitation hanging from […]

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Icebergs under decent sky


Bondi put on its best colours for sunrise, a cracker, wasn’t it? Looking north resembled a postcard from Sydney with dreamy reds and pink dancing above Benny Buckler. The ocean is clean with gentle offshores. A small south swell was putting out the odd shoulder-high wave, but it was closing out a lot. Winds should […]

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Nice little patch of colour this morning pre-sunrise

Dawn Patrol

The clouds parted for the sunrise – very pleasant down there today. Did you get down? Most Sydney beaches would have waves today from this little East swell. Bondi had the odd shoulder-high set but closed out a lot until high tide. It’s uber-clean with little wind. The water is bath-like and salubrious. OneWave is […]

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Wow, some wild red light last night on sunset and a MASSIVE crowd


La Nina is over. Yep, over. Let’s party. Wow, now that the weather has been unlocked, hasn’t it rebounded in a big way? Hot-hot-hot. Mid-to-high thirties for most of yesterday – and it remained thirty degrees overnight.  The beaches have been rammed with humans seeking a reprieve from the heat. At sunrise this morning, there […]

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Turbo clouds, Bondi 7:30am

Gusty Artificial Intelligence

I’m addicted to Chat-gpt. It’s fun and new.Today’s update is written entirely by the artificial intelligence robots: Based on the given information, it seems that the conditions at Bondi Beach are not suitable for surfing today. The onshore winds have made the waves messy and difficult to ride, and the cloudy sunrise may not provide […]

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Morning dance in the light, Bondi 7am

Before the Southerly

Earlier today, it was super clean, warm and inviting. A refreshing swim was ideal. If you had a surf craft of hefty volume, you’d have fun surfing among the waist to belly-high waves. The morning high tide was really porking up most rideable waves. The southerly has arrived now (12:01pm) – it won’t be as […]

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Ibiza beach dance party? Nah, just Bondi at 6am


There are many benefits to waking early; research from the University of Toronto found that people who wake up earlier are generally happier and have a better outlook on life. Mix that wake-up with a morning swim, surf, or run on a warm summer’s morning – and you’re set for the day! Today we have […]

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Bronte, sizeable waves clipping the corner


After a week of school holidays (where I rarely picked up a camera) I’m baaack! The daily fix should flow from here… A nice morning to kick off this working week (well, there are still plenty of school holidays). A sprinkle of colour at sunrise, light winds and a consistently breaking 3-foot ESE swell. All […]

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Thank you Tonga for the morning colours!

Winter solstice

Today is the winter solstice, also called the hibernal solstice, which occurs when either of Earth’s poles reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun. This happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere. So what? Basically, today is the shortest day of the year (9hrs 53min) and from here on the days get longer as […]

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