Thanks to Tonga, we have these beautiful sunrises at the moment


The sunrises and sunsets have been quite exquisite lately, don’t you agree? The skies are cloud-free, but aerosols in the atmosphere, 25 kilometres up are putting on a healthy “glow-show”. No, you haven’t been imagining it…it’s real. The aerosols originate from the plume of gas and ash that was ejected when the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai […]

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Sunrises like this are rare in 2022. What a cracker this morning

Rivers of Colour

This morning was a wild ride with vividly painted skies. At 6:10 am the reds popped, then the pinks ensued, then it went boring grey, and THEN it blew up pinks again. Wow, so far 2022 has had few sunrises like this so this was a real treat. And the swell has leapt, like the […]

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Chris always shows up at the right time. Bondi this morning was magnificent


The sunrise colours stole the show this morning. Wow, so intense, so bright. It started pink then shifted to deep golds—quite the spectacle. The waves were less impressive, knee caps to waists, peeling rights lacking grunt. Longboarding, beginners, kids – its your day. RAIN is coming and staying for most of this week. Tomorrow will […]

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It was a very moody, temperamental kind of beach morning. It wasn’t obvious how it was going to unfold. Around 6 am it was raining, just sprinkling. Around 6:30 am, there’s a glimpse of light under the curtain; north-facing beaches would have seen more – and northern beaches would have looked glamourous. South facing Bondi […]

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Striking North, last month's amazing sunrise


Pulchritudinous, yes, that’s actually a word. Its means, beautiful or good looking, a decent word to describe today. Another magnificent sunrise this morning – I’m having a good run. Typically Feb isn’t a great time of year to shoot sunrise, but this year is different in many ways: less haze, cooler, more southerlies, more rain…La […]

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An explosion of colour hovering over North Bondi this morning


This morning was an explosion of colour over Bondi Beach. Bright hues glowed from the North as we entered the first day of winter. The colours were so strong, it looked unreal. (I even pulled them back in post). It’s also the 1st day of regional travel, as our COVID19 grip loosens. Loads of people […]

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Morning glory! Bondi Beach at sunrise today

Sublime Saline +

Today’s morning swim was very fruitful. Not only did the sky spit out some pretty colours, we still have waves. I decided to shoot the middle and avoid the south end rapid/rip. Lots of crew out, pretty chaotic at sunrise. I only got run over 3 times today (which is good for me). Water temperatures […]

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This morning, 5:30am colour luminescence


The sun broke through the thick Ben Buckler cloud as the waves continue to break. Nice morning. It’s 2 foot, occasionally 3 foot if you’re lucky. Large crowd out enjoying the decent conditions. Swell is south and winds from the North. A mild day, 20 degrees. Enjoy it. :: uge

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South Bondi first light

Prodigal Son

I’m back. I’ve travelled far and wide this winter and had (and shot) so many incredible experiences. I always say this; it’s good to be home – Sydney is a fantastic place to live (especially when Spring is only 11 days away!). I’m staying put in Bondi now…until next winter. The sun is rising a […]

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Sunrise, Ben Buckler, Bondi 7am

City to Surf

We live in a great city. Sydney is surrounded by water. Most of us live close to a beach or nook in the harbour. Bondi is only 7.9 kilometres from the city and has good clean water – the amount of marine life in our ‘hood is a testament to this. Today’s photographs are a […]

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Winter Quiet

It was a tranquil morning down the beach — not many people on the sand, promenade or in the surf. It looks like the cooler temps overnight kept everyone in bed. The skies filled with colour as a thin high cloud did its thing. The swell has dropped out. I saw waist to chest high […]

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Like yesterday, another coloured sky over Icebergs


After twenty years of punching out this daily email thing, I felt the template needed a little bit of a shakedown…ya know, some design tweaks to keep it fresh. Go on, have a look around. Same morning shots just stepping it up a little. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find new features like “This […]

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The best sunrise I shot this year, May 1, 2019

Autumn Hues

Dang! Fantastic start to the day. A feast of colour above Bondi…wow! After 20 years of getting up early, stalking sunrises…today’s show ranks pretty highly. It always blows me away how short lived it was – seconds really. Surf – not great, limping 1-2 footers with a large crowd out. If winter puts a smile on your […]

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