The waves pulsed a little this morning. At sunrise it looked tiny, but as the morning progressed the waves picked up – maybe even a head high set! NE winds are going to increase. The gale will flatten the swell and bring an NE wind swell. I’d expect 25 knots later. North Bondi will be protected from this blow if you’re looking for an after-work swim.

I know I know, it was a mega sunrise, I was 5 minutes late today. Gosh, it’s cranking the colours early these days! Need to get down there at 5 am to set up.

The water is getting warmer, and I’ve got my new summer wetsuits from NCHE (and love em). If you’re looking for some new rubber, shop here and use your exclusive Aquabumps discount code “NCHEBUMPS” to get 15% off.

:: uge

Busy northern corner


20 degrees in, but after the Nor easterly blows, it will drop

Just a bit late for this one


Bronte, last light


2 thoughts on “Pulse

  1. Hey uge…thx for the pic …I luv it !!! I needed all the foam I could get to steal a wave from that wolf pack this morning !!!

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