Nuggety wobble

Prodigal Bank

I’m not saying it’s completely back, but there’s some sand now at South Bondi. Well at least water is breaking there, and the gaping hole has been (kinda) filled in. Waves are around head high this morning. Clean conditions. Sunshine was out and we’re looking at a comfortable 22 degrees. Rain coming tomorrow, so enjoy […]

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On your marks

Home Sweet Home

I know, you’re sick of being home and want your old life back. We all do, you’re not alone. What a great time to learn something new! Every day I am trying to learn a new skill, mainly through Youtube. Just google anything, and I bet there’s a “How to…” video on it. Learn the […]

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Morning mood

Rip Currents

We are experiencing a good little run of small waves in Sydney. It’s surfable every day – no – not cranking, but you can get wet. As the rips turned on – the bowls started to flow. (I’m sure my Mum will call me later asking what that means in English). The micro-groms were out […]

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The rip bowls had some lip, Bondi


The swell has backed off overnight and multiple banks had some rip bowls at Bondaka. It looked fun, lots of paddling against strong rips. A good looking day outside, 25 degrees on the forecast. Winds will swing from NW to NE later. Have a great day, :: uge

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Blown! Rain coming today. Get wet right now


It’s gonna rain soon. If you haven’t been down for a swim/surf you’re running out of time. It’s going to rain for a couple of days and hopefully fill our dams. At sunrise the skies were clear, by 9am it’s greyed over. Tiny swell still producing a few fun little waves for the frothers. Wednesday […]

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Rowan round house


The waves pulsed a little this morning. At sunrise it looked tiny, but as the morning progressed the waves picked up – maybe even a head high set! NE winds are going to increase. The gale will flatten the swell and bring an NE wind swell. I’d expect 25 knots later. North Bondi will be […]

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Oh Lordy, hows that sky? Bondi


We’re pretty lucky. Some of the stuff I see down the end of the road is amazing – like this mornings sunrise at Bondi. Just the right amount of thin cloud created a beautiful little colour curtain around Ben Buckler this morning. Hope you took a few minutes to watch the day unfold. Waves – […]

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Pacifico + Pav


Best morning of the week so far. The weather was deluxe, water warm, waves small but piping… I swam for 1’n’half hours with my camera in hand. I do love my job. Feel alive today. Recently I’ve been commenting on those new rent-a-bikes. Just to clarify, I am ALL FOR bike sharing 100% (I ride a […]

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