It looks like we’ll hit the quota of 120 millimetres of rain today! Oh man, it’s bucketing down. Think of the good side – the Bondi Parking Cops won’t be patrolling, the garden is loving it and I’ve put my car out on the street for a free wash. The downside – I just can’t shoot in these conditions – it’s just too wet (unless I walk around Bondi with my water housing). The ocean looks a mess anyway…

So here’s my recent aerial shoot around the hood from a much better looking day!

Congrats Steph Gilmore for winning her 7th world title in amazing looking surf at in Maui. More

They’re running the Big Wave Comp at Jaws, right now. Watch

:: uge

An inflatable Damien Hirst head among bakers.



Around the back side of Ben Buckler


Mahon slab rock bakers


Giles Bath entry point


Coogee Tinnies


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