Built in the 1930's Mahon is all action with a bit of swell


For something different, I ventured south today to Maroubra. The waves were smaller as it’s very south and missing the bay, but Mahon Pool at the North End was a buzz with morning swimmers. Mahon Pool was originally a naturally formed rock pool along the cliffs to Coogee. During the Great Depression, the public requested […]

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Coogee, cooling off after a very hot night

Peaky Windswell

After a restless, hot night, many were up for the early as the NE wind swell continued to deliver. At exposed East facing beaches, waves broke in the head-high vicinity. South-facing Bondi had fat shoulder high waves amongst a very full morning high tide. It’s cloudy now and reasonably cool compared with yesterday. The sunshine […]

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Wylies Baths was awash this morning


The swell has come right up, and waves are breaking in the 4-6 plus vicinity. It’s very unsettled, random and raw…I only saw a kneelo at Coogee catch a wave all morning – and I checked most beaches. Wait for it to settle; it will be fruitful. Patience. In the meantime, watch the new season […]

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Sunrise paddle, Bondi

Flat az.

Strong 23-knot westerlies are dropping the temperatures this morning, chilly ain’t it? Flat too. It’s not often Sydney isn’t surfable – but today is one of those days – she’s pretty much flat…for now…but tonight, it should come up. Go for an invigorating morning swim. You’ll feel alive. Until tomorrow… :: uge

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The french express, South Bondaka 8:20am

Extra Effort*

I hope you like today’s batch of photos. I put a lotta effort into ’em. Extra effort. In very chilly pre-sunrise conditions, I buzzed all the way to Maroubra on the scootie…eyes watering, knuckles numb (no medal required). I stopped at the usual spots – snapping away a few. Most locations were deserted due to […]

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Big boys rolling into the bay at sunset. Bondi

Monster Chunx

Photos of the beach today aren’t gonna do it – it’s an ugly day. The winds are up, the rain interminable and flooding has returned. My shoes have been soggy wet for days. (Life tip get a shoe drying rack for your dryer) For entertainment purposes, I’m showcasing images shot on “Super Saturday” – the […]

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Wylie's Baths, Coogee from above

Default settings

And just like that, the weather defaults back to a dark rainy morning in Sydney. Surely those clouds are depleted! At 7:30 am it was so dark you’d be convinced it was still nighttime. There’s a little grovelly wave on offer, south end. Looked a little junkie for my liking. The water remains a warm […]

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Bronte lines, 7:30am this morning


The ocean is clean again! No more gagging on the pooey browns from recent floodwaters – I see mighty-fine blue-greens once again. The sunshine was blanketing the beaches as the swell produced head high peaks. Gentle winds, currently 7 knots from the north. High tide midday, low was 6am. Lots of people up early this […]

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Spin cycle, North Bondi last night


The storms are here, and Sydney has crawled back indoors. Earlier today, we had moments of sunshine, but now it’s set in and could dump 20mm of rain on us. The winds were south early, making for semi-clean cross shores at Bondi, but now it’s full onshore with more east in it. A small 1-2 […]

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North Bondi Boat Ramp, a hive of dogs, bakers and boats


In stark contrast to yesterday, Sydney is now soaked with rain.┬áSince sunrise, we’ve been lashed with constant showers and now 22 knots of SSE onshore winds. The beach is deserted, and everybody is back to school/work. The Beach party is over! Oh boy, it’s been busy on our beaches lately – here are some pics […]

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Ross Jones Pool, Coogee

Flat Earth.

It’s flat az. It’s a lake. It’s so flat you could mistakenly think that you just woke up in The Med. It’s rare to see our ocean this flat and energyless. Surfing – ha!Swimming – ah-huh! It was a glorious spring morning with a chill in the air. The west winds always bite deep. Those […]

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The family dropping into my office this morning

Lake Bondi

Probably the first real summery vibing morning of the season – warm, muggy, waveless and a gang still partying from last night trying to swim in their jeans. Ah yes, the real Bondi silly season is back! What a cracker of a weekend huh? Spectacular weather. Bondi was virtually flat this morning. It’s gonna hit […]

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Pockets of golden light at Ross Jones Pool, Coogee


It’s been a while since we’ve had a overcast start to the day, thankfully. Today’s a bit drab as the southerly came in early, and its howling. The temperatures have dropped and it was extremely hard to find a surfable wave in the Eastern Suburbs. Warm day tomorrow (but cloudy) and rain forecasted for Sunday. […]

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